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Caught on GoPro: Man jumps off cliff landing next to a Great White shark.

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posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 07:54 PM
a reply to: Rob48

It's because they just watched this film and forgot basic details:

Either way it's a shock clip on the first round and they did a pretty good job. Most of Youtube is just junk like this anyway. Reminds me of that fake documentary about real mermaids being found and everyone believed it.

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 08:07 PM
This dude is crazy! That shark was scoping him out big time! He panicked and made himself look like prey....not saying that isn't what id also do, but I don't go cliff diving where voracious carnivores quite a bit larger than myself tend to reside....not to mention all of the other super deadly wildlife in the ocean in Australia! Or anywhere in Australia for that matter!

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 09:40 PM
Yep, it's a fake.

Tufferson’s video shows a man, leaping off Jump Rock at Collins Beach, a notorious jumping spot in Manly, with a GoPro camera strapped to his head.
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As he comes to the surface he hears his friends shouting ‘shark’, before coming face-to-face with a great white.
The video footage of a man’s legs kicking away from a white shark is the same in both videos.
The creator of the Newport video, Scott Mitchell, commented on the video saying “this video is to take the piss, and reel in ‘believers’.”

s ource

posted on Jun, 12 2014 @ 10:17 PM
My heart just came out my ass.....fake or not, it's by far the scariest video I have ever seen. Makes my heart pound.
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posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 12:44 AM
a reply to: theantediluvian

And here is the video referred to in that article:

Both videos were uploaded on the same day. Is there any way of telling which one was first?
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posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 02:34 AM
Yeah that would suck! ...he's luck the shark was more curious then hungry!

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