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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 11:53 PM
On the 4'thDec in Rome, Italy, - The rally to defend the rights and freedom of immigrants will be held on the 4th December in Rome. The event, promoted by several social and political sides, asks that all temporary shelter centres be closed, that the Bossi-Fini law be removed, without going back to the Turco-Napolitano law, the removal of the nexus between residence permit and job contract, a specific law on political asylum to truly safeguard refugees, citizenship and right to vote, free circulation and permanent legalisation for all resident immigrants, the immediate issuance and renewal of residence permits, the stop to all deportation. The demonstration will go from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Venezia, starting at 2pm....

Man is living as an island,and that's where all misery arises.Down the centuries man has been trying to live independently from existence.That is not possible in the very nature of things.Man can neither be independent nor dependent.Existence is a state of interdepence,everything depends on everything else.There is no hierarchy,nobody is lower and nobody is higher.Existence is a communion,an eternal love affair.But the idea that man has to be higher,superior,special,creats trouble.Man has to be nothing _man has to dissolve in the totality of things,and when we drop all barriers,communion is a benediction.To be one with the whole is all.That is the very core of religiousness..

For me this is what the Whole World should be concentrating on,helping lesser fortunate people.Call me a dreamer Idealist and I'd say to you,what if it were you in their shoes.People take social seciurity so forgranted in developing countries,that we complain if our social benefits come a couple of days later,if we have to sit in a waitingroom to be seen by a doctor or a nurse we are quick to say they're not doing their job properly and even file in law siutes.With all the wealth in the developed nations,still there are countless of lives lost from lack of basic social support..Vast sums of money being spent in the development of stratigic weapons,bombs that cost rediculious ammounts of money.I mean if we were faced by some sort of alien invation and the need for these types of weapons was going to save us,then I might consider it,but their production leeds to our own destruction.

I am certain that if we really wanted we could abolish poverty and decease.Up to 80% of deceases in the third world are due to undrinkable water.Water!!there's an estimate of 2billion people who still live in the dark ages,no electricity..14,000 people being infected with Aids Daily....;( this should be the War to be fighting ) and learning Tollerance and to END all descrimination..We are a funny bunch;there we are searching for E.T. and Atlantis...Building on the Moon & Mars,while we're killing our own HOME..

Italy is a very caring nation,because of the simple fact of love through family and empathy,which by the way they do not need to fake.Socialism and a hint of communism is in the roots.People care genuinely.If young politicians who are coming up and start forgetting their values due to the distraction by whealthy nations and their left with no choice but to conform to the globalistic,materialistic and consumerist approach of the West,then even the last few countries who still ofer Hope will fade away...


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