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Tribute to the Unknown Soldier (June 2014)

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posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 07:39 AM

This day as we stand before you, we are in awe by the strength and courage you put forth. Against all odds, you fought the battle. When the enemy was great and you were few, you still carried on. While standing alone or with many, you still did your duty. Through the darkness of war, in the hour of need, you were called and you answered. Knowing you may never return from battle, sacrificing yourself for the rights and freedoms of your countrymen. And you fought well my friend.

And as you sleep the eternal sleep, rest assured, it was not all for nothing. There are many who, like you, fight for our freedom still to this very day. They have taken up your sword and are ready for battle. Willing to make the ultimate sacrifice as you, yourself, once did. They fight for freedom, they fight for the people, and they know that what they fight for is a worthy cause.

Rest now, for your days of hardship are over. It is our turn to take up arms. We will never falter in our duties, as you never faltered in yours. We have sworn to watch over and defend the people, we will serve relentlessly to keep our enemies at bay. And when the time comes for us to sacrifice ourselves for the needs of the many, we will do it willingly, as you once did for us.

You have honored us and our country with your valor. You represent all that makes this nation great. You are a hero to every man, woman, and child that you served to protect. And now it is our turn to honor you.

May our convictions be as strong as yours. May our actions be as valiant. And if hardship falls upon this great land, may we fight with the courage and bravery that you once did. Defending the people and this nation from all forms of tyranny, whether it be foreign or domestic.

Know that you will never be forgotten. Your true name may not be written in the history books. But we know you and we will always remember what you've done.

Tomb of the Forgotten Soldiers


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