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Montana biologists have tracked a wolf with a GPS collar that traveled more than 2,000 miles

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posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 01:03 PM
Full story here

Born into the Snake River pack in northeast Oregon, in March 2013 the subadult was the 18th wolf captured and fitted with a collar by Oregon Fish and Wildlife biologists.

The young wolf picked up and left its pack earlier this year, probably to search out a new home and find a mate. It traveled through Idaho before making its way over the divide and into the Big Hole Valley in May.

There is a bit of very sad news that goes with this remarkable story about how far a wild wolf will range. You see after making that incredible long journey to find a new home and mate...Someone kill him.

On Saturday, May 31, OR-18 was illegally shot from a road between Sawmill and Ambrose saddles in upper Haacke Creek in the Burnt Fork area of the Bitterroot Valley, east of Stevensville.

Truly sad.

Anyway the story is about how Oregon is tracking their native wolf population and how five of these wolves have left home, moving into Idaho Montana Wyoming and one covered the 2000 miles and made it to here in Colorado. Sadly they report all five of these guys have since died but I find it remarkable that a wolf could cover so much ground in so little time!

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posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 01:31 PM
a reply to: HardCorps
This is another reason it is so wrong to lock up creatures wolves, birds, all animals! Their normal lives are filled with travel and they CARE what mate they choose. They like to make their own home and eat what they LIKE!!

Can you imagine being put inside your nice cozy home and locked in? Then someone tosses in a MATE they chose for you and they throw in a tray of whatever food they THINK you should eat. It is so so very wrong! My neighbor has a metal shed filled with birds, she put a screened area off it and LOVES the birds to DEATH!

I doubt humanity will be happy until all animals are either dead or under our total control, locked up.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 02:47 PM
eh from all the "smoke a pack a day" bumper stickers i see out here this does not surprise me in the least,when i first moved here(Montana) i heard of some one poaching a wolf with a gps collar and basically he denied it and the scientists(they weren't cops showing up or fish and game mind you) and they were like give us the collar and gps tag back and we wont report you to fish and game (they got the collar back) as i guess the collars are pretty expensive . wolves aren't regarded too highly by a good chunk of the population out here and considered pests to be eliminated . i have no live stock or small children running around so when i see them roaming around i just tend to take photos and keep my dog inside but like i said not every one is a fan of them out here .

i dont think oregon has legal wolf hunts,i am unsure about idaho but i know you can get wolf tags in my state (montana)

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