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The Event Part one (again)

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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 08:28 PM
It was a dark –n-stormy night, so I went to bed hoping it would clear by morning for the annual skinny dipping festival. This festival had gotten much better since we elected Billy “No Fat Chicks” Muldoon as Mayor. With his help, along with a couple of Cranes, all the fat chicks were deposited outside the city limits. Then when Mayor Muldoon named Frankie “Beat it Ugly Broads” Avatonimunkowitzovich as his Deputy Mayor, everything fell into place.

Unfortunately most of the hot girls wanted no part in this, but the city council allowed Sheriff William “Bill” Ding to use it as a means of community service. So whenever a hot girl did anything wrong, this was her punishment, and since Sheriff Ding and his Deputy Arnie Mallowinkinsteinbergoynovich pretty much did as they pleased, there was usually a turn out in the hundreds. They also allowed cameras if you wanted to record the event for nostalgic reasons or for a Tourist attraction on your website.

This year we hired a new host for the event that promised pure paradise. The addition of Al “Nothing less than a D cup” Carlnowzinjowski made me aware of how much fun watching the race to the water was going to be. The ladies were going to provide a bouncing delight in their effort to limit their visibility.

Wealthy businessman Adam Harburrokinsingbonjoynovichowiczovich was upset that his wife had to participate in this years event. She had ignorantly backed out of her driveway without signaling which way she was backing out, which was now a crime. So Bubbles "Twin Towers" Harburrokinsingbonjoynovichowiczovich was now set to be the finale in this years event. This didn't bother Adam, but he was deeply embarrassed that he himself did not know how to swim - See more at:

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