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Spoken Word: What is His Name?

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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 06:51 PM
What is His Name?

For the love of money is the root of every evil,
Evil we can't afford, for the wage of sin is lethal/
Eternally fatal, yet consumer culture fables pervade
And train us to obey; inundate us from the cradle/
sing along to pop idol songs,
and chameleon charades on cable/
Meanwhile deaths serenade plays on the radio,
a generation led astray, down the broad way,
children preyed upon like Abel/

Yet who am I to judge? Where is my halo?
Sin pervades my innermost being
affixed to guilt, conceit, and shame.
Attachments like staples
permeate my heart and make me hateful.
The bleeding crimson stain spreads numb,
Who can take away this pain and liberate me from
these dreaded chains, to make me grateful,
lift me from the pit of death,
vindicate my name,
who can deliver me from the curse & flame?
Who can satisfy my soul and answer me,
what is my purpose plain?
Who can save me from my sin? What is this persons Name?

For the want of more I've wasted many night & day in vain,
to have my fill, and every thrill, yet emptiness remained/
The persistent craving of my heart, like yearning in my veins
again I searched in earnest, prayed, for respite from my hurt,
and hope of affliction to forestall I wait,
for a hero deserving of my faith,
from darkness, sin, and death pursue, can keep me safe
to tame afflictions of my flesh, and help me turn away,
from wells that can not quench my thirst, food worthless to allay/

He called to me, forbearing grace, brought me to comply and seek,
He drew to me, with bend and knee in awe and silent space,
revealed to me in moments haste a record of my faults/
the fig leaf lie behind I tried to hide,
no longer could subside.
The truth perceived distinctively,
recall the times
crimes and broken law,
the pain and shame caused by my iniquity,
in blessed clarity, these things I can't deny,
given to repent, and given to appall,
a wall of pride brought to the light,
sight could not recall,
nor word describe the Glory that enthralled.
Like serendipitous serenity;
Divine mercy not forestalled/
A flood of tears can not be dammed,
nor veils and fears resist to fall,
for prostrate heart and contrite soul so small.
Not Heavens grace do mortals understand,
yet striving to contemplate my Saviors plan:
my sins erased, Agape’s taste,
like sweetened gall,
and tears of joyful sorrow in my soul,
as scales fell from my eyes with ebullience and AWE,
like empathy from St. Paul, for neither had I saw!

A wretched thief was I, through lying teeth, deceit and bluff;
a vandal and a violent youth, filled with gall,
all that is evil, and corrupt.
Broke and stained within, trod and lost,
again ensnared in earthly sin,
from afar I heard my Savior call,
the gentle voice of mercies hymn,
“Help me LORD!” I called to Him,
He rebuked the darkness my chest had stow,
caressed my heart waxed cold as hardened stone
and made me one of flesh and glow/
Away from me He cast my sin,
who am I that I should belong to Him?
Acquainted with my scars and pain,
God so Great He calls the stars by name!
Whom I have sinned against,in shame and folly WOE!
Who am I that He should care to know,
or love me like the best of friends,
making my crimson robes as white as freshest snow?
Who is this lover of my soul,
my protection on the road I go?

Who am I to hope, or call upon His Blessed Name?
The blessed Name of Jesus Christ,
the Paschal Lamb of God was slain,
Lord Jesus please pardon we who fall and stray,
He gave His life,laid down like ransom, for libations pay.
Alleluia! Like sweet salvation!Forever may He be praised!

In Christ we can begin anew, as washed away of crimson stains,
made white like winters solstice flurry
purified like slag from silver, in passions furnace flame.

Cease striving – Hurry! As you are, still and somber seek,
the answer to your worries, may you find Him this very day.
For though we stray like wandered sheep,
in snares caught, foreign pastures grazed,
prey to wolves, and darkened wells we fall in deep,
recourse and faith allay our fears.
Comfort from your voice, we stir to harken,
Christ Jesus,
we beseech sheer hope in Your Blessed Hands,
instore to wipe away our tears,
until then here shall we fall asleep,
and rest as though in martyrs peace,
for we are trusting You are near.

Worthy of every song and praise,
though we may heap forever more,
could not suffice oh Sovereign Lord,
for you became a bartered piece,
and bought us as your keep!
Blessed is the God that saves,
Yeshua, unblemished Lamb,
grant your grace to ponder steep:

Gethsemane, to seek retreat and intercede,
from betrayal, sleep, and harm did flee,
anguish for the flesh that's weak,
sweat, tears, and blood you weep so meek,
why for then the soldiers feet?
Betrayal's kiss; Your blessed cheek,
surrendered as though you were weak,
though Hosts awaiteth your decree on bendeth knee/
Tribunal at Sanhedrins seat,
A blasphemous charge they levy,
sure deceit,
For proven only truth You speak,
With signs and portents in the streets,
you had shown for all to see,
yet still they mocked with falsity,
and mistreated you as dishonored thief.
They led You on as prophecy,
but still You offered not a peep.

To Pilate's court they forward marched,
while the city tossed in sleep,
tred with sandles, boots, mobbed feet, and parch,
moving onward as darkness creeps
through the streets and ramparts breached.
They reach attention to demand
remediation, as if He had broken His own command,
law for remedy -as if- at last at Pilates stand,
they charged Him as with violent plan,
the charges failed for reprimand,
“Without defense?” Justice did implore.
For what reason did the mob ignore?
Pilate dipped his hands like stained,
for our children even, they commandeth for
Jesus' blood as rain to pour; 'crucifixion!'
they did decree and swore.

bitter wine, and crown of brambled thorn,
The Paschal lamb and ram of Abraham,
could sheer Providence afford.
A mystery: God's love for man,
Jesus Christ, the Son and the Lord of all,
in place of the iniquities of man.
So there then the exchange was made,
Barabbas chains unlocked with key,
convicted fair for all to see as trade instead,
for the One who heals affliction, and raised the dead,
sets captives free, and feeds poor sinners consecrated bread;
manna in the deserts dread, Who fasted so that we were fed?
All these things we did ignore,no apologia. His Passion Pure,
and moreso then all was said, and even all the books record.

Lord Jesus from grave and trespass snatch with crook,
Blessed Mother we Adore, Grace and Mercy please secure,
Theotokos, so we may hope, to look forward to your Sons' reward!
Joyful sorrow you permit to taste,
For no bounds does Your passion show,
thy grace and mercies store confound,
so profound are Your ways oh LORD,
greater than the highest heights from the ground!
Indeed He is the Lord of lords and King of kings,
Worthy of resounding praise,
hymns, joy and cheerful sound,
for eternity and countless days, forever and again abound.

Although He is Almighty God He bowed down as a slave,
Instead of gem studded diadem He suffered a thorny crown
so that sinners could be saved;

Harken to the knocking door;
while there is time yet in the day to pray,
Seek and may you find Him too,
Indeed He is the light, the life; He is the Way!
yet in the Tomb His Body lay,
on the third day He burst forth,
like darkness gives to day,
all the witness' did say:
It's true! He isn't in the grave!
From Sheol, He is Risen!
Alleluia! Free from deaths decay!'

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 07:37 PM

a reply to: mrphilosophias
What is His Name?

His name is like the pine trees lining a winding road,,, like a singing bird or a croaking toad...

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 11:05 PM
a reply to: mrphilosophias

Whoa...Ill have whatever youre having. I haven't a clue what youre on about here!!??!!

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 12:21 AM
Enkila,isn't it?

Quite a bit shorter than your explanation too.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 03:20 AM
It is a story about the Hero of heroes! The Maker and King of all Creation, the savior of the lost and broken—Jesus the Christ written about in the Bible. Have you heard the good news that we are created for eternal life with the God of all Creation? Salvation is a gift, of which no greater has been given, from God, offered to us through His Son Jesus the Christ; the visible Image of the invisible God! I dare you to pray, to really seek Him. I double dare you to open the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, and invite Him to speak to You!

Would you like to hear more?

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 08:03 AM
Praised be the first one, father of fathers, god of gods, king of kings.

Truly he has given you a taste of the holy spirit and his grace. Wonderful how he relayed that through you. Blessed be you brother!

Care/love/compassion, belief/faith and hope for you!

Words not spoken, but lived. Beautiful what you've been given.

Live on!

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 03:17 PM
Beautiful, brings tears to my eyes.

posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 12:19 AM
The spoken word is the sound you hear when spoken the word said is his name and his name has to have meaning through an entire matrix.

Therefore the name can only be Juan because that is what you hear when you say one.

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 11:26 AM
Any lines in particular that speak to you?

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