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More evidence for Gulfstream P42

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 02:30 PM
More evidence is mounting for the Gulfstream P42 program. It is possibly the answer to the Falcon 5X that was debuted in October. P42 is believed to be the G450 replacement program. Gulfstream has remained tight lipped, but the first reports of the P42 program appeared four years ago on, and more has started showing up through LinkedIn.

Last year on a list of professional projects listed by an employee of Parker Aerospace, who developed the fly-by-wire system for the G650, was the Gulfstream P42. Another employee at a different company listed the P42 (-1, -2, -3) which seems to show a family of aircraft.

The Falcon 5X is a direct competitor to the G450, with 1000 nm more range, and a wider cabin. Gulfstream has no direct competitor to it.

More hints about a G450 replacement project – dubbed the P42 – continue to emerge online and in government filings, but Gulfstream executives remain tight-lipped.

"We know what we are going to do next, but we haven't announced what we are going to do next," said Larry Flynn, Gulfstream president, during a recent media demonstration flight on a G550. However, evidence of the P42 project continues to accumulate.

Since an initial report on Flightglobal four years ago, clues about the project have appeared repeatedly on professional networking website LinkedIn.


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