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Tulpas, why you shouldn't create them, and the Slenderman murder

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 02:29 PM
I don't believe in no Slenderman.
It's not because I can't,

But Not even a nano-gram of neurons devoted,
to that coated individual,
absolutely no residual
memory, though
Some people know,

of a certain concept,
from eastern mindsets,

of a Tulpa of the mind,
something I can't get behind,

when the brain creates,
something powerful that hates,

and takes on a life of it's own,
you've made your own clone,

or something far worse,
that'll drag people to a hearse,

Like them girls from Waukesha,
who instead of walking it off,

lured a poor girl out to some secluded woods,
they were up to no good,

believing some imasginary fairy,
up to no good.

Why do they do it?
Some people shrug it off, and just say

"screw it,
It was the television,
now let me get back to my own mission,
I'll smoke a pack a day,
hate on some gays,
make my own way,
come on, punk, make my day,"

And they don't even realize that they've done it too,
the media's stuck to them like glue,
They think they're Dirty Harry,
instead of crazy, married,
so they beat their wife,
pick up a knife,
and play Naked Gun,
They have their O.J. fun,

What can I say, the media,
it just has it's own way,
It renders people monsterable,
But they claim they're not responsible.

When the screen goes dead, they say it's the end of the story,
no matter how gory.

It's strange,
people can be so deranged.

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 02:41 PM
I agree, the media has no other way of diverting your attention away from major political corruption scandals . So they give to these isolated incidents more airtime than they deserve, conjuring up ideas to the weak minded that they too can have their fifteen minutes of fame because they are losers with nothing to lose. Also it's a feather in the gov'ts cap to push an agenda for taking away your freedoms.


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