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Doomsday By Design -- [STORY THREAD]

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 05:39 AM
Team six rounded a corner and just past the next intersection sat the Black SUV with 4 bodies laying on the ground all on the west side. The sun and the polorized windscreen of the APC made the blood appear black.

Lt. Mark Stevons the team six commander immediately called Jason from the safety of the APC to inform him that, "By judging the bodies less than intact appearance at least two maybe three were taken out by the sniper and the other one or two (hard to tell) due to their positions, just not sure, not sure, but since the bodies from this angle seemed intact it appears we have another shooter assisting or our sniper is using two different weapons".

Jason had asked the condition of the SUV and had been informed the drivers door was open but everything else seemed buttoned up.

Lt. Stevons wanted to know if Jason wanted them to investigate the vehicle for the supplies and to see what else they could find. Since Team six could not see into the vehicle because of the dark tenting Jason replied, "That is a big NEGATIVE Mark...Not with the sniper in the area". RTB (return to base) and we will all marry up for our little joy walk on the west side. Not far from your position there is supposed to be a group of D.P.s that are gathering. Do you see anything that might look like a good spot for them to hunker down in"?

"Not really boss.... auhh there is a small frame house on a slight rise but it is mostly just scrub brush and desert around here".

"O.K. get your butt back, Jason out".

"Ooops boss we got movement heading up the hill one of the guys picked them up with the field glasses... You want us to engage"?

" No act as if you have not seen them and pull away. See if you can get someone concealed with glass on their hides to see where they go. Do not expose anymore of our guys to a possible shot for the sniper. If you can do it fine if not RTB".

"Copy that boss standby."

After pulling away form the intersection the APC drove slowly back toward the TOFC but as it rounded the next intersection Jim one of the team members exited while the vehicle was still moving. The old house on the left and the grader ditch should afford him some concealment as the APC continued down the road. He did not have very long to wait for the two he had first spied jumped up and ran to a small hill and immediately seemed to disappear.. How they disappeared James knew not, but the location was close enough for government work so he called the APC to come back and pick him up and relayed what he had witnessed to Team six Commander. Jim knew Captain Striker would be monitoring the frec. Like clock work the APC after making the block turned back up Jim's street and as it pulled along side of him he jumped to the safety of it's armor plated interior.

"Red nine this is red 6 you copy"?
"Red nine copied everything thanks guys; RTB".
Jason sat back in his TOFC chair studying his topographical map and the street view he was able to pull up on the Internet.

"Williams street... not much of a street...Humm"

Hawkeye had already filmed the D.P.s going to this particular area after the school op was busted by the sniper. This was just icing on the cake and narrowed the search area down further.

Now if he can pin point the other area where some D.P.s are holded up he can divide the town 50/50 and make a lot of noise and scare or kill those remaining to flee towards what they believe are the safe areas. Then someone someplace can push a button and make them all disappear with what is commonly called a surgical strike in Airforce lingo.

Maybe they will all be home for the weekend after all..?

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 07:05 AM
He lay there unmoving ... breathing and heartrate suspended .. yet sensing the surroundings and thinking .. wondering who the attackers were as didnt seem like the random school shootings that he had heard happened in america .. these guys were too well equipped and too well trained .. had more the feel of military .. but why would they be attacking their own people ? Could it be true after all ? The stories he had read online of false flags and the american government killing its own people ? .. had thought it just a myth .. as his head continued throbbing .. it doesnt feel like a myth .. hed sensed periodically the feeling of something watching but felt no one around .. then he remembered what his older brother had told him of american tactics and them using drones .. from the timing of what he sensed he concluded they had at least one in air .. making note and timing the passes by what he sensed .. chikusho .. some safehouse you sent me to dad .. what is going on .. was this all due something from your work ? .. if make it out of this you owe me answers .. why the hell couldnt you have let me and gozaimon stay at the clan house back in kyoto ? instead of dragging us here ..

Sensing /feeling night approach by the change in feel of the breaze on his skin he slowly started to raise his respiratory and heartrate .. flexing muscles without moving ..

Carefully sensing no one around he sat up slowly .. head pounding like a taiko drum .. cautiously looking around spotted a nearby shed .. first things first he thought .. grabbing his bag he made a quick dash and melted into the shadows at the side of the shed .. setting his bag down started to make preparations for what lay ahead . From the back panel of the bag he pulled out his armguards and strapped them on checked the spikes sheathed on each careful not to touch the tips as they were coated with the toxin of the fugu fish .. next he unwrapped the chain from around his waist that he wore as a belt .. then stopped and remained motionless as it should be time for the next pass of the drone.. sure enough the feeling of being watched came again.
When it passed he set the bezal on his watch to mark when the next pass should be.. then went back to work.. from under his bag he slipped out a blade attached it to one end of the chain .. then slipped out a weight from the bottom of the bag attached it to the other end .. thinking to himself its a good thing the teachers at school werent that observant theydve had a fit if they knew what all I carry ..

Shouldering his bag and picking up the kusarigama he looked around .. spotted a nearby rosebush gave a flick of the wrist .. the blade flashed through the air briefly then returned to his hand ..
He walked over to the rosebush .. looked at it a moment .. then lifted the rose from the stem and examined the cut .. thinking youd be proud grandfather Im getting there .. one day I will be as good as you were ..
Now.. to start making my way home to check if gozaimon survived .. smelling the rose he dashed to what was left of a nearby house.. melting into the shadows checked his watch ..

When it was clear he spotted the burger joint across the road .. it appeared dark but he sensed a presence there.. hmm.. check it out ? Or try different route ? He decided to check it out it could be someone need help .. cant just leave them .. the feeling that the attackers would be back was strong .. couldnt leave someone to them again .. even though it will slow me down .. at least till get them to a safer spot ..

He quickly covered the ground and slipped into the burger joint .. every sense alert ..
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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 05:13 PM

Sandra looked up in an instant, almost startled to hear the noise.

The tiny bell on the door wobbled around as it opened, and a figure was standing in the doorway, someone Sandra wasn't sure she recognized.

They met eyes, then stared at one another for nearly a full minute.

Gulping, Sandra spoke.

"Who're you?"

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 05:43 PM
Looking around his eyes met those of the girl seated at a table in the corner ..theyre eyes locked .. trying to recall then realised she was in his class at school .. being new he hadnt got to know his fellow students yet .
Boku wa ryujin .. erm mentally chiding himself english your in america now .. im ryujin ..

Then the room spun and he passed out ..
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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 06:25 PM
"Wha--?" Sandra stood bolt upright, overlooking the unconscious man on the floor. "Sh!t..."

Cautiously, she stepped closer to him, examining him.

Sandra knelt beside him, giving him a light shake.


It took her a moment to realize who he was.

An exchange student, she remembered. I... I don't know much Japanese. Dammit...

"You okay?" Sandra shook him again. "Er... uh... Di-dy-Daijoubu desu ka?"

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 08:14 PM
head throbbing .. ryujin felt someone shaking him ..and asking if he was alright ..

hai .. opening his eyes to see the girl from school asking if he was alright .. noticing her blue eyes ..
he sat up slowly .. he said bit of headache from this mornings events ..
putting a hand to the side of his head he felt the dried blood from when the bullet grazed him earlier ..
thinking to himself was closer call than realised ..

He looked at her and asked is there any water ? need to clean up this wound .. and bit thirsty was hot out there today ..

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 08:38 PM
"Y-yeah, I can get you water. Um..."

Sandra turned, hopped over the damaged counter, and located the kitchen. After filling a cup with water, she returned, kneeling again and handing the water to her foreign classmate.

"Here ya' go." She said. "What the hell happened to you?"

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 08:46 PM
Finally something has gone right Thought Marcus as he followed Jack towards where he left his mother. As usual she had a aroma of booze on her. But despite her drinking problem which Marcus could see pained Jack from the first time he introduced her to him, she was a nice lady. As she gave him a hug and told him she felt sorry for what happened at the school, Jackson seemed to get something out of her statement.

"School!" He shouted with a mix of excitement and relief. He started on about the right way to go on Williams street to arrive at their "safe place". Now with purpose they made their way to their destination, a house above a hillside.

"We need to find the entrance, check around the brush and tell me if you find anything unusual" Ordered Jack. It didn't take long before Jacks mom found something. After clearing away some brush a metal door built into the side hill was revealed.

"That's It!" Exclaimed Jack

Marcus studied the door as Jack went up to it and gave his signature knock. He could see a large circular contraption that must have been a lock of some sort.

"Wow , somebody went to a lot of effort for this." Marcus stated in surprise. "Whose place is this Jack?" He inquired as Jack repeated his knock. Jacks mom started to question him before she was rebuked by her son.

"Shh, I told them this is how I would knock so they could recognize it was me when I came back. It's probably just taking them a minute to realize it" He explained.

As they stood there at the door waiting for a response Marcus looked around. Smoke could be seen drifting to the sky from various parts of town. But no sirens or any indication that the town was taking care of it.

During his observations of town Marcus heard Jack give another series of knocks. This time to all of their surprise the door opened. A figure stepped out, Marcus recognized it as Alan from school. It didn't seem to Marcus that they were expected.

"Damn, I told her..." Alan muttered. "I told her they'd find their way here. Well... come inside. Sandra's been expecting you. Er... just... wait a while. She'll be back soon... I think."

"Wait Sandra went back into town?" Marcus asked in disbelief. "It's crazy from what I saw down on Third ave." He glanced at Jack and Alan. "We need to find her, those guys shot up the diner too and killed a bunch of people!" He looked at Jack. "She isn't safe out there."

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 08:52 PM
Jason was just about ready to form the remaining teams and continue on to the west side of town where the herding sweep of the disease packets was to continue. His body was stiff from sitting in operations for half the day doing all the dweeb things a commander and como officer had to do; just part of the job that sucked. He was very good at all facets of the job but after this Op he had already decided he would either take the training command offer or call his old buddy from his Ranger days and see if...

He had not even finished with his thought as his personal cell phone started trying to vibrate off the map table.

He started to not answer the phone but at least he would look to see who was calling..

Buzz, buzz, Ray Hendrix's name came up as it was already programed in.

Jason answered the phone, " You're a lucky S.O.B. I was just about to turn the phone off..

"Hey Shorty, what's happening ? Never mind, you got a pencil and paper.... I want you to call me ASAP on a secure line @ 571-666-2220".
The connection was then terminated.

"Weird I had just thought about Ray and the next thing he calls me! Frigging Spooks everything is about cloak and dagger... they even talk without moving their lips....

Jason moved to the Cripto phone and entered the number. It rang 4 times and then Ray answered." Shorty I need you to STFU and listen to me.... believe what I am about to tell you... and maybe we can save you and your teams butt".

"Over the last 30 years at a certain location a particular segment of the of BWL....auh sorry it stands for Bio-war-lab has been working on a race specific virus that only kills certain races. Even if the target is not a pure blood and has a super small segment of the target in their genes the virus will kill them. Shorty, they have perfected the technique ! These guys are worse than Nazi F**k sticks ! Their reasoning from what I can gather comes from the fact that the White race is only 8% of the world population and is falling so that within the next couple of centuries whitey will be no more".

" One of the Chinese double PHD researchers got wind that the program had moved from a research stage to the testing stage; it did not take a PHD brain to figure out the Red Flu that some parts of the world has experienced came out of their lab".

"From all outward appearance the flu seems to strike everyone because many carry a different race gene in their particular genome; in human history there was a lot of interbreeding going on between the races. Lucky in someways that this particular strain self destroys after two replication cycles. By that I mean if you are an Arab that is infected and then you infect another Arab the bug cannot transmit a further live virus...pretty neat actually... But the real bug does not do that and continues to infect the target race until there are no more targets to be had". If they are able to release the real deal it is figured the total population of the world will be reduced to around 500 million! They even have a bug that only kills male member of a certain race"!

"Here is where you and your teams fit into the grand plan: The Chinese dude downloaded all the research and left for the hills.. It is not known how many copies there are so anyone with any connection to him is a target as he is himself".

One of his co-workers was a Japanese dude who also had a double PHD in bug work... yea I know strange... but money and research can make for tolerated bed fellows. It is believed they both had copies of the research. Again no one knows how many copies are out there in their possession.. It is not just the research that was stolen but the entire Armageddon Ops plan was taken that has the nuts and bolts of how this plan is to be instituted".

"Your team was sent into that town to kill one frigging kid that might have a copy of the plan.. His name is Boku Wa Ryujin (here write the name down, B-O-K-U W-A R-Y-U-J-I-N )and he was just moved there to get away from the big cities".

Pause: "Copied" Jason replied.

"Once your guys cleaned the city a special team was to enter the town and search for the kids body and his possessions and see what they could find. All the Bio-hazard precautions you guys are having to take is just to make it more realistic so you won't doubt the back ground story and you mission statement."

"Once your teams were finished and loaded up...... when you left town..... your convoy was to be hit by Big Bird.... hellfire and brimnation was to be used, coupled with 4 or 5 little birds. No one could survive that crap Jason. This is supposed to be the Key that usurers in the propaganda war that you guys were part of a group of radicals who captured a super secret lab in the town that was a repository for an old old Bio-weapon storage facility. Lucky for the world NSA was able to catch on to your plan and as you exited you and your vehicles along with the old weapons were destroyed"!

"Shorty they will have pictures and everything... no one will doubt the official story! This gives them a cover story later on to say maybe all material was not destroyed as originally planned... Because your group is supposedly only one small segment of a larger international subversive group... martial law will be declared and door to door house to house shake downs of anyone targeted will be instituted; weapons, computers, papers, and everything can and will be taken or voluntarily turned in by the good hoodwinked Americans.. It is to save the world, Shorty, no one will doubt the just cause... There will probably be 'God Bless America signs' on the streets... Look I have to go.. You have part of the plan now figure it out and tomorrow if I am still alive I will call you back secure @ 1200 hours. stay safe my friend"... the line went dead.

Jason sat looking at the console as if it would talk to him.....

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 08:53 PM
arigato .. erm thanks .. ryujin gratefully took the water .. sipped slowly gathering his thoughts ..

Was bit late leaving for school .. walking along listening to music next thing these guys are shooting everything .. remember diving for cover .. then everything went black .. waited till now to try get home safer didnt feel like getting shot again ..

erm.. this may sound strange to you .. but .. think it was your army that was shooting everyone ..

ryujin paused .. looking to see what her reaction would be ..

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 09:01 PM
"I know." Sandra told him regretfully, her uncle entering her mind again. "It wasn't our army... our military wouldn't do that. It was a bunch of nameless special ops people, they looked like Navy SEALs to me... my uncle would know..."

She took a breath, then continued.

"Its population control. I haven't worked out how, or why... but anyway... we need to get to my place. My uncle's got a bunker. Come with me."


"No." Alan told them straightly. "She doesn't want you going after her. She doesn't want me with her either. And if people keep seeing us travel to and from the bunker, we're going to draw attention. Just get inside and stay inside."

After glaring at them all heatedly for a moment, he went on.

"Sandra told me to keep you all here if you came along." He informed. "She'll come back soon. Just get inside... she's looking for her uncle."

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 09:22 PM
Marcus had a good point, It's crazy out there. Jackson wanted to go find Sandra. He looked over at Marcus, realizing he had obtained a pistol somewhere along the line.

"Well, at least we have guns.." Jack said.

Then he looked at Alan and said - "Looking for her uncle? Why would he leave now? He's the only one in town who apparently prepared for this. The S finally hits the F, and he disappears? This doesn't add up."

Understanding Sandra's plight, he couldn't help but see why she had no other choice..

"Marcus, you're right, but....we can't just go out there, pick any direction and start walking. We barely made it here ourselves, and we haven't the slightest idea which way she might have gone. Not to mention, it's getting late now. Sadly, Alan is also right. We need to wait this out, at least for a while. If she's not back by dawn, we can devise a search party." Jack explained.

He then walked over to a cot hanging on the wall, pulled it down, and situated it on the floor. "For now, everyone needs to get some rest, if you can." he said.
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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 09:27 PM
sipping the water as she replied he thought she took it better than thought .. most would have thought Im crazy for telling them that ..

sensing the drone pass over again .. ryujin held up a hand .. wait if we head there now they will know where your bunker is .. they have a drone watching everything .. my older brother told me about the american tactics and the drones they use .. he was killed fighting the north koreans .. erm back to the present ..

It would be better to find a way to get a message to anyone else who survived to warn them .. and I still have to see if gozaimon survived ..

unslinging his bag .. ryujin pulled out a small med kit .. plus I need to clean up this wound before heading anywhere .. its safest for us to stay put for the moment ..
Looking at his watch .. oh every fifteen minutes the drone passes overhead .. put that in the message we send too ..
Then he realizes ..and bit sheepishly says .. erm.. am sorry but didnt catch your name ?

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 09:55 PM
"Sandra." She told him. "And no offense, but its not safe out here. I know you already got hurt, but... hell... if you saw what happened at the school... they killed our teacher stone dead. The only reason I'm out here is because I was looking for my uncle, but..."

Sandra trailed off, sighing.

"We'll stay for a minute... I'll help you fix yourself up here... but we've gotta leave as soon as possible. I'm not having anyone else die today."

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 10:10 PM
Teams 1 through 5 would be back at any moment so Jason Keyed his operations com channel that went directly to all the teams via their headsets.

"This is Red Nine I want all team leaders at the TOCF in 30 mikes," Red nine out.

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 10:25 PM
happy to meet you sandra ..

Eh ???!!! they killed sensei knowles ??!!! .. he seemed a good person .. usually dont like teachers .. but he wasnt like the rest of them .. ryujins voice trailed off ..

am glad you survived ..

true .. its not .. and Im not that easy to kill .. dont worry I wont die on you .. and will help you find your uncle ..

ryujin sensed a familar presence approaching .. inwardly smiling in relief thinking to himself should have known if anyone would survive it would be old gozaimon .. just hope he doesnt spook sandra when he shows up ..

Thanks .. havent ate since early this morning .. once am patched up lets fix a bite to eat .. dont think the owners will complain .. and need to keep our strength up ..

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 10:37 PM
Sandra stared emptily at him for a moment.

Damn, she thought bitterly. Damn, damn, dammit all to hell, Dorian... why'd you have to go and disappear... I need you... I can't look for you right now. I've gotta take care of this guy... ah hell, I hope the others got to the bunker okay... I swear to God, if Alan left after I told him not to, I'm gonna break his jaw...

"My uncle's got about a month's worth of food in the bunker." Sandra told him. "You said there was a drone outside... don't worry... it doesn't know where the bunker is. I never said its location. Now... uh... d'you need any help with... bandaging your head?"

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 11:03 PM
Once get the blood washed off .. will need you to stitch the wound awkward to stitch that myself ..

The sensing gear on drones and cameras .. they can detect nearly everything .. daytime with the heat here their ir nearly useless so they probably relying on the cameras more .. night with the temp drop theyll definetly be using ir to spot people .. chances are good they saw on camera which way people went .. hmmm do kana..
if your friends are in your bunker and if your uncle built it right theres a chance they wont be spotted at night .. if they stay inside .. still trying to think how to avoid being picked up on ir while were out looking for your uncle ..

the bell on the door chimed as gozaimon dressed all in black armed with a bow slipped in out of the night .. he approached bowed to ryujin .. then said .. you call that a wound ? thats not even a scratch .. noticing sandra he laughed and said ahh now I see why your making a big deal over a scratch ...
ryujin blushed slightly thankful that it was dark .. nodded in acknowledgement of gozaimons bow .. its good to see you too .. whats it looking like outside ?

Oh sandra this is gozaimon hes one of our family retainers .. gozaimon this is sandra ..

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 11:17 PM
"Uh... hi." Sandra uttered. "Well.. anyway... I--I'm not gonna stitch your skin shut. I don't know how. But... let me show you a trick my uncle taught me."

Then, Sandra allowed her backpack to slide off her shoulders and onto the floor beside her. She dug through the contents of the backpack, and a moment later, she pulled out a tiny white bottle.

"Super glue." Sandra said. "It works just as well as stitches... and hurts a lot less. This is a method meant for people without health insurance... hold on... I've gotta disinfect it first..."

Sandra took his first-aid box, found the bottle of antibiotic cream, unscrewed it, dabbed a small smudge of it onto her finger, and gently rubbed her injured classmate's head. Easefully stroking his wound, Sandra was sure to cover every inch of it, then put the bottle of antibiotic cream down, and picked up the super glue.

"I know its stupid, but it works." Sandra said, giving him a reassuring look, just before covering two of her fingers in the liquid glue, then carefully applying it to his head. "It'll keep the wound shut. You'll be fine."

Sandra paused, her cheeks fading pink, then spoke again.

"My uncle prepared for drones." She told him. "I... don't exactly know how he prepared for them, but... he knew all about drones. Dammit... I can't remember anything he said about 'em... oh yeah, I forgot. What's your name again?"

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 11:41 PM
gozaimon replied hello nice to meet you sandra ..

turning to ryuijin he said figured youd be needing this .. handing him his sword nightingale .. then watched with amusement for a moment as sandra patched up ryujins wound .. if you will excuse me going to go check the area now as you two can manage .. laughing quietly gozaimon disappeared back into the night ..

setting the sword beside him .. thank you gozaimon .. true ..

he winced a bit at first as sandra set to work gluing him up ..
your right is better than stitching .. alot less painful too .. he looked over at her again noticing her blue eyes..
You have a light touch thats good and dont mind gozaimon he's always like that ..

Your uncle sounds like a smart man especially to prepare ahead .. its okay we will figure out how to handle the drone problem .. did get rather confused when my brother told me about them .. not much of a head for tech stuff .. take more after my grandfather ..he laughed
Thought it was just me who forgot names .. my name is ryujin ..
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