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Doomsday By Design -- [STORY THREAD]

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posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:54 PM
It was noon when ryujin finally awoke .. his head still throbbing a bit he lay there on the futon a while going over the events of the past day .. finally muttered chikusho .. got up straightened the futon headed to the bathroom washed rinsed off then climbed into the tub of hot water ..

gozaimon looked in saying its about time you woke up or were you going to sleep all day .. here the latest updates from your father he handed ryujin a sheet of paper .. also handed him a cup of green tea ..

ryujin laughed .. I wish .. thank you gozaimon .. taking a sip of the green tea ryujin looked over the update ..

1. last of north korean forces expelled from japan ...
2. diet dissolved shogunate restored to power ..
3. all foriegners expelled from japan only nagasaki open to trade with china
4. rebuilding begins in areas reclaimed from north korea ..
5. research in alternative fuels success...

Its about time he thought to himself .. maybe theres hope yet .. then he thought of the people here .. what of them ? if I hadnt been sent here with the documents theyd still be alive .. instead of having their world turned upside down .. have to find a way to help them .. even if they are mad at me .. going to be long time before gozaimon and i can return home.. he set the paper down .. finished his tea got out dried off getting dressed in black hakama and keigogi .. looking in the mirror as he tied his hair up he wondered how sandra and the others were doing in sandras bunker .. hope they will understand after theyve read everything ..

later .. seated studying the go board pondering his next move .. his sat phone rang picking it up he answered moshe .. do#e as he still studied the go board .. it was father .. embassy staff are being evacuated and were returning to japan there will be a car sent for you and gozaimon .. ryujin replied .. thank you father .. but after what happened here i have to do something to help the people .. his father listened then said you know it may be years before you can return if you dont come now .. ryujin replied .. I know but I cant just leave the people here when they need help besides with everything built into this house and gozaimons help if he wishes to stay .. at this point gozaimon spoke up from behind him .. im staying your father would have my head if anything happened to you .. to his father he said gozaimon said he is staying too .. so go ahead and have the driver leave with the rest of you .. they spoke for a time then ryujin hung up the sat phone set it on the table .. finally he moved a piece on the go board .. before taking up the drawing pad next to him and going back to work on the sketch he was drawing ..

gozaimon set the house security protocols to full alert .. there was a soft whir and the sound of hydraulics as the house lowered into the ground heavy steel blast doors disguised to look like the surrounding terrain sliding closed overhead ..

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 12:23 AM
Sandra sighed, rolling her eyes.

The others traded eyes between Sandra and Sue-Lin, looking mollified.

Although she felt a small bit of relief knowing she herself didn't have to inform them all of the events outside, an overwhelming sense of annoyance and concern swept over her, silently dreading however her friends would react, weather instantly, or eventually...

"Well... good." Sandra said after an eternity of quietness. "Good, everyone knows, that's good. I'm gonna go cook now."

Before anyone could respond, she marched out of the room, plugging her ears with her earphones again, blaring the music as loudly as it would play.

posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 12:48 AM
It ate at her the entire time...

The skillet was only big enough to contain two steaks at a time, so, Sandra spent quite a while at the stove, cooking a single steak for everyone, and some green beans were sitting in a large pot just to her left. Judging by her growing exhaustion, Sandra guessed it must've been night time... and, oddly, the loud music in her ears didn't amplify her headache, but instead, softened it...

After finishing the last steak, she placed each of them on a paper plate, along with a small serving of green beans, and called everyone to the table. Their meals had gotten a little smaller, but not noticeably so... Sandra wanted to conserve their food for as long as possible.

With the dinner cooked and everyone's hunger being countered, to her despair, Sandra's troubling thoughts hadn't yet abandoned her as she hoped they would. Now, they were gnawing at her brain harder than ever...

No one noticed her slip out of the room. She completely forgot to serve herself with a meal, instead occupied by her concerns and delusions... who knew where her uncle could be now... there was no way he survived everything that had happened outside... no way...

Time escaped from her as she leaned on Dorian's counter, gazing longingly into the holocaust poster before her, accompanied only with a cup of freshly brewed black coffee... Sandra sipped on it, still disliking the taste, but tolerating it nonetheless... coffee worked much better when it was pure, black, and bitter... she never knew...

posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 01:07 AM
After listening intently to Sue-Lin as she had basically just explained that the entire world had gone down the crapper, Jackson, just sat there with an emotionless expression on his face. Had had kind of expected it but he never thought it was actually going to happen.

"Well, my mind is officially blown." He stood up and made his hand turn into the shape of an imaginary gun, then he pointed it to his head, and pulled the imaginary trigger.

So my nightmare is really coming true.. He began to reflect on the strange nightmare he had a couple nights ago.

I need to go get dad, I will find him, dead or alive.

He then approached his mother. "Mom, once we can get the hell out of this bunker, I'm going to find dad. I will find him, dead or alive."

Carol looked at him with a concerning and sorrowful expression, then slightly smiled. With determination, she responded. "I'm going with you Jackson. We don't know what it's like out there now, and we both need this closure. Besides, two is always better than one."

"Ok Mom, but you're covering my rear while I scout ahead before you."" Jack said.

Reluctantly, she nodded in agreement.

The two of them now would anxiously await the bunker doors to open.
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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 01:07 AM
Sue-Lin found Sandra, well it was not hard to find someone in the bunker. She put own plate in front of Sandra with half of the steak still left and said, "Eat. Your concern for us all is admirable and really nice, but Sandra, you need to take time out for yourself.

Alone, amongst all the Death and destruction that is outside of that door, I would have survived. Your Uncle built this Bunker to enable you and he to survive. He is a survivor. You do him a great disservice to simply assume he, of all people, would not be able to survive. Eat!"


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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 03:03 AM
"Thanks." Sandra replied, trying her damnest to sound genuine, and suspecting she'd failed. "I'm fine. I'm just trying to come up with a plan."

After standing alone for an unknown amount of time, Sandra sighed. She stabbed the half-steak midcenter, lifted it, and munched on it like it was a shish-ka-bob.

"Sandra." Someone said a little while later.

Sandra felt a stab of annoyance.

Alan stood feet away, watching her.

"What're you doing?" He asked, examining her, noticing that she wasn't working on anything in particular, but simply standing at the counter, staring at the wall of posters... Where will you be when the holocaust comes...

"Nothing." Sandra said emptily, losing herself entirely in the nearest poster.

"Sue-Lin thinks you're making a plan." Alan said. "Doesn't look like you're doing much planning, though."

Sandra barely turned her head, giving him an almost hateful expression.

"Sorry." Alan quickly added. "You just seem... distant."

"I already have a plan." Sandra told him.

Alan blinked. "Really. Then what is it?"

Sandra stared through him, looking intense.

"You're stronger than you give yourself credit for, you know that?" She told him.

Alan reared back a little, giving her a strange face.

"You and Sue-Lin make a good team." Sandra told him. "Like co-leaders."

"You're the leader, Sandra." Alan countered.

"We can't just have one leader, Alan. We're all good at different things." Sandra responded. "We all take turns being leaders, depending on what's going on. And you... hands down... you're the smartest one here. You do the thinking."

Alan gazed at her, a lingering suspicion sparkling in his eyes from behind his glasses.

"What're you planning?" He asked again. "You seem like you're... not telling me something."

Sandra smirked.

"You've got the key to the armory." She said quietly. "I need you to guard that room."

"Sandra, you're scaring me."

"I'm not planning anything bad. In fact, I think its time we open the armory up for everyone to use. But not until tomorrow. Alright?"

"What the hell are you--?"

"Listen... tomorrow, I have a feeling everyone's gonna need some protection. Everyone here's got their own agenda. I don't want anyone to leave before Dorian's people get here... but if they decide to set out on their own anyway... I want them to have protection. But you have to promise me... don't open it until tomorrow."


"Alan." Sandra placed a hand on his shoulder, her oceanic eyes burning into his glistening brown ones. She raised her eyebrows, looking positively serious. "Don't worry about it. Everything's planned out. Just trust me."

Alan gave her a momentary look of bewilderment, then shook his head.

"No.. no, Sandra, I wanna know what you're planning. Just tell me--"

"Alan, stop. You know everything that matters. Alright?"

"Why can't you guard the armory, then? Why me?"

"Because I trust you--"

"Yes, but those people-" He swung a hand in the general direction of the others "-don't respect me. If I'm the only thing standing between them and the guns, I'm screwed! Look at me!"

"You underestimate yourself..."

"No, I just--"

"Alan. Promise me." Sandra's gaze continued to bleed into his. "Guard it. Give the others guns tomorrow, and not a moment beforehand. Keep at least one of the guns for yourself... and whatever the others choose to do, you stay put. You stay in the bunker and wait for Dorian's people. Alright?"

"I hadn't planned on leaving..."

"Good." Sandra said, leaning closer to him. "Whatever happens, don't leave."

When she released his shoulder, Alan gave her a long, unwitting stare, then, defeated, he strolled back into the main corridor and around the corner, vanishing from sight.

As time continued to escape Sandra's perspective, she ran her hand through her uncle's belongings upon the old counter, her expression dark, gaunt, and vacant.

The others had gone completely silent. It appeared that they were sleeping, but Sandra didn't give them a second glance. At this point, she hardly cared about what they could be doing... it didn't matter now... they certainly didn't have a reason to care for her... and why would they? It wasn't a bad thing, it was just the way it was. Those people, those random peers and class mates, who had nothing in common with Sandra except their home room class and their fantastic teacher... those human beings whom she, lost in a moment of panic, decided to rescue... and she didn't regret it, of course... but who were they to her? Not family, of course... and she doubted any of them considered her a friend... hell, the only reason any of them were in this mess together was because of random, unpredictable chance... they all just happened to be sitting in the same class room when it happened... that was the only reason... they didn't need Sandra. No... they needed their loved ones... the family members who were missing or dead out in the fallout...

Same as me, Sandra thought, looking sideways, eyeing all of them on their beds or respective spots on the floor. They need their families, not this. And I need mine. That's what matters.

Her fingers bent and curved a small, yellow slip of paper on the counter.

She'd found the slip of paper a few hours earlier... it read; Northwest Desert Los Oculto

Sandra wasn't sure of the town's name; she never heard of the place before. Still, northwest was good enough for her. As the music in her ears continued to string her thoughts further and further from her environment, an old favorite of hers began to play.

Look... if you had... one shot... one opportunity...

Sandra shoved the slip of paper into her pocket, releasing a huge, heavy breath.

To seize everything you ever wanted... in one moment...

After scanning the counter once more, Sandra grasped her special gun, slid it back into its holster, and re-attached it to the side of her belt.

Would you capture it... or let it slip...

The song continued on, and quietly, Sandra tip-toed into the secret, untouchable room, the room everyone had avoided all week. It took a few minutes of digging, but she was finally able to locate the boxes of 12 gauge rounds. Emerging from the armory, Sandra eased the door shut with her foot, hearing the automatic lock click when it closed. She returned to the counter, opened her bag, and stuffed three of the boxes of ammunition in the bottom, then carefully wrapped one of her unworn shirts around them, ensuring they wouldn't rattle around too much.

This world is mine! Make me king, as we move towards a... new world order...

Thankfully, she was able to fit a few bottled waters in the old bag as well. She never would have imagined that her school backpack would become a bugout bag...

Sandra robbed the bunker of all of its beef jerky, as it was the smallest, most plentiful and preservable food in the place, then filled a few zip-lock bags with coffee grounds. She wouldn't be able to brew coffee, but she had the grounds to eat at least... caffeine was always her friend... she and Dorian both...


posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 03:04 AM
Checking her big, golden watch, and realizing that it was almost four in the morning, Sandra figured this would be the best time to leave... no one would notice, and soon, she'd be able to get some sunlight... she'd almost forgotten what sunlight felt like...

Sandra checked herself all over. Her gun was on her hip, as was her pocket knife, as it always had been, her silvery-black makeup was fresh and intimidating, her crimson hair was held out of her eyes via bandana, her fingerless leather gloves strapped on, her jeans chopped into shorts and covered with her black leather chaps, her tanktop visible underneath her small jean vest, and her slim, leather jacket draping over it all... her backpack stuffed full of supplies, and the only clue in her possession of Dorian's location secure in her left pocket...

Then, she turned back, giving her comrades a single, last stare.

They would be fine, she knew. They're a strong bunch.

At that, Sandra faced the door and slowly began turning the wheel. 1993.

Lose yourself, in the music, the momentum...
Betcha' better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to go
This opportunity comes
Once in a lifetime...

The door gave off a loud THNK. Then, she was able to push it open... the fresh night air hitting her face could have been the breath of the angels...

As the door inched itself closed, making a light THMPF, Alan was lying on his side, his eyes open, his expression unreadable. His glasses weren't on, but... he could've sworn he'd just seen Sandra wander out of the bunker... no... that couldn't be... get back to sleep...


7:23 am

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 03:32 AM
Jackson heard the familiar sound of the large metal door opening and woke immediately..

He quickly sat up, making sure it wasn't a dream, then grabbed his Colt and walked toward the door. He pushed on it and as it swung open, light beamed through the bunker, disturbing some who were still sound asleep. He looked around to see if anyone was there, but it hadn't appeared that anyone had broken in.

Jackson quietly closed the door. "Yes!" He exclaimed. Time to go get dad."

He tugged his mother while she slumbered peacefully.

*Yawn* "What Jackson?" She said.

"The bunker door is open, we need to get ready, then go look for dad!" Not knowing why, or how long the door would be open, Jackson made haste.

"Is your rifle loaded, Mom? Make sure to grab extra bullets!" Jack said to his mother.

Making sure his Colt was loaded, he grabbed an extra box of ammo then reached in his pocket making sure his brass knuckles were still there.

"Ok, let's go Mom, we should try to get home and back as soon as possible!"

He began to walk out of the bunker with his mother then turned around and briefly looked back into the bunker. Most everyone had been awake by now, so Jackson told them where he was going.

"We're heading to, or what's left of it, we shouldn't be long!"

He quickly waved to everyone. He and his mother left the bunker on their way to their house, which they hadn't seen in over a week.

Still not sticking to the main roads, Jackson weaved in and out of backyards and alleys while his mother watched the rear about 20 yards back.

When they became close to where his house should be, Jack encountered some thick bushes he could not see through to get a better view. He signaled his Mom to stay back while he advanced to get a closer view.....
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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 03:38 AM
After hearing the bunker's door for the second time, Alan's half-sleeping mind began to manifest a very bizarre delusion... suddenly, people were walking in and out of the bunker as they pleased... and... are those costumes they're wearing? Party hats? Oh yes, I forgot... Sandra decided to have a house-warming party... how could I have forgotten that... how silly of me...

Groggily, at about seven thirty in the morning, Alan sat upright, looking around dazily, almost confused as to why the bunker was suddenly empty of all its party attendees.

Blinking himself awake, Alan suddenly felt foolish. It was a dream... of COURSE it was a dream, imbecile... a costume party at the end of the world... please...

Placing the glasses onto his face carefully, he studied the inside of the bunker once again, this time with clearer vision, and a slightly more level head. Sandra was nowhere in sight, and if he wasn't imagining it, Jackson seemed to be missing too...

Alan's heart began to pound. He double took, looking around again, hoping he'd see them, but they were gone.

It wasn't a dream.

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 03:45 AM
As Jackson squinted his eyes through the bushes to look as far as he could possibly see, his house was now in view. He noticed a semi with a trailer hitched and all, sitting in front of the house. It was covered in debris, but Jack immediately noticed the blue flames with the black trim..

It was his father Gene's semi. This shook Jack to the very core of his soul. He could not contain the joy, the elation, the pure happiness he was experiencing just by seeing this with his own eyes.

"DAD!!!!!!" He yelled, while carelessly revealing himself out in the open.

All Jackson could think of, was getting to that semi. He missed his dad more than anyone knew, or ever would know. He didn't even care who might be lurking in the shadows around him. Dad would know what to do. His mother deserved to have him back.

While Jack displayed the biggest grin he had displayed since very early in his childhood, he ran. He ran so fast, the wind could barely keep up with him. As he became almost within reach of the semi, a weird, dark, what only can be described as an "oblonged" shaped piece of metal came hurdling toward Jack's mid section. For a split second Jack saw it, and he looked, eyes almost popping out of his skull.

It then hit him squarely in the chest. He fell to his knees, helplessly.

"Guuuuuaahhh." It hurt, and it hurt really bad. It was a bullet, intended just for Jackson.

He was now stopped in his tracks, and tried instinctively to speak, to say something, anything.

"I.. huuuuaaaa" Jack couldn't exhale properly, as he sat there on his knees. His lungs would just not function right.

Another one hit, this time in the leg.

Jack felt it, but he couldn't even yell.

He now looked to his right, and saw a figure advancing closer to him. He didn't recognize who it was, but it was definitely a person, yet he couldn't make out who it was, his vision was blurring.

Whoever it was, spoke, and it was a demand more than a request.


Jack stared blankly.


Jack simply stated, while barely being able to get a sentence formed...
"I.....*gasp*...uhg l .. *gasp* ...............I AM JACKSON!!!!!!!" With every last breath he had left in him, he yelled out. It was as if he had never spoken a word in his life, and the only thing that mattered in the universe was if he could muster up the ability to simply to say "I am Jackson."

Thoughts now flooded through his mind, echoing throughout his entire being so quickly, but time didn't really exist now, so it could have been an eternity, and his body began to collapse to the ground below him, lifelessly.

He then had a series of visions, which were more like memories in a flash card fashion. Every thought seemed to converge all at the same time. Each of them echoing over and over. They began with earlier memories...

*His father's rig - The sound of a great and powerful diesel engine cranks over as his father shows off the new rig. "I love this rig dad, it's so awesome!!!"

*The cries of his mother - "I love you Jackson, I am so sorry!!!! Please forgive me, I'm dammed lonely!" She hugs him.

*School - With all due respect Mr Knowles, I was just SHOT AT!!!! "Mr. Knowles?? Is he..dead?? I JUST talked to him!! Did I cause this somehow? Where was he standing when he was shot??

"Right off Williams Street!""She said Right off Williams Street!"

*To his mother - "Once I am able, I will get dad back, I promise on my life!!"

*Memories of his new companions - Sue Lin-- "She's like moving leaves with binoculars! LOL!!" Sandra-- "Why is She so anti-social? She doesn't even tell me things..Glad we made it to Dorians bunker!"Church -- "Was that really Church just talking to me?? I kinda...feel bad for him"..Marcus -- "Ah, that's Marcus, the coolest kid I know..One day, it will be the strong who follow people like him, not the other way around." Ryujin - "What a bad-ass, All my new acquaintances are bad-asses!" Angus -- "He seems to know his stuff, glad Sue-Lin let him keep his spine.."

*The huge eye in the sky (his nightmare in the bunker) - "You will not survive!!"

Every thought just kept echoing.. So much, guilt, sadness..every possible emotion..then there was a disturbing peace, and a huge bright light followed. All of his thoughts became quieter and quieter, disappearing into a void the size of a pin hole, then it shut, forever. Everything now turned white, pure white.

Jackson was no more.

As his lifeless body laid there, no soul remained inhabited in the body any longer, and time slowed to a crawl for his mother, just yards behind. She frantically ran up to him without a shot being fired and held him, she held him tightly in her arms and just screamed. "GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU BASTARDS!!!" That moment lasted forever to her.
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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 04:36 AM
Sue-Lin woke once when Sandra left and again when Jackson was getting ready to leave. By the time she had relieved herself, taken a can of corn to eat on the way and got herself into her finery most people were awake. Alan was talking to everyone. Sue-Lin waited for a pause and then said, "I will return. I have an appointment to keep."

She left the bunker and looked around. Sandra had left on foot as had Jackson and his Mum. Sandra had many hours head start. Was it appropriate to trail her, no, probably not. She had not been asked. Should she cover Jackson and his Mum, no, probably not, for the same reason, although, they were heading the way she needed to go. Oh well, can't hurt.

She left, moving efficiently in her wolf persona. She was only a street away when she heard the first shot. She was almost there when the second shot rang out. She was present when the closest of four men was lining up on Carol, who was screaming at him.

Sue-Lin fired four very efficient, three round bursts from her Steyr. All four men were laying on the road either dead or with death approaching quickly. Sue-Lin looked at Carol. Sue-Lin knew that it would take a long time to get Carol to move from her son's side. If she helped, she would be completely exposed and almost defenseless. Nor would such heroics help Carol. Sue-Lin left to continue her own mission.

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 04:39 AM
4:34 am -- Shortly after her and Jackson's departure of the bunker


Sandra stood at the beginning of the back road forever. Staring down the endless street, she took a look at her miniature compass. Without a map or a smart phone, the compass was the only thing she had to direct herself... and, despite her recent luck, the compass was actually exactly what she needed... northwest...


The noise rang for miles.

Sandra jumped, taking a look back.

The horrible noise was followed by a scream... a shrill, terrible scream...

Seconds later, another noise occurred--


Sandra recognized the voice... it was, indeed, Jackson, somewhere in the town... somewhere close by... and, as she peered down the opposite end of the road, towards the town, a sinking, unpleasant sensation began to settle in the pit of her stomach... something's wrong...

After a small moment of hesitation, Sandra marched towards the inner street of Las Nueva Era.

"No..." Carol choked, grasping her son's body with a suffocating embrace, cradling Jackson back and forth. "No, no no no no no...."

Whoever had attacked Jackson seemed to have backed off, and Carol sat in silence, smothering her dearest Jackson, everything inside her beginning to panic... no... no... he's gone... my sweety... my only baby... my family... my baby... he's gone... he's...

"Carol...?" A familiar voice broke through her thoughts.

Carol glanced up, seeing a figure standing yards away.

"What happened?!" Sandra exclaimed, staring over Jackson, looking completely shocked.

"I d-don't know... s-someone just... they j-just..." Carol sobbed, her cries overcoming her as she squeezed her son, entirely blind to the rigamortis beginning to set in. Unable to create any more words, Carol exploded into tears, pressing Jackson's face against hers, hugging him.

Sandra looked in every direction, hoping there were no attackers nearby. Then, she sat beside Carol, grasping her arms gently, attempting to comfort her.

Several minutes passed them by before her cries finally began to die down.

Then, Sandra caught a glimpse of Carol's hand, a single, swift movement... she pulled a tiny gun from within her jacket, her hand trembling, her breath still shaky, and her face pink and tear-stained...

"What're you doing..." Sandra began, staring at the gun.

Carol didn't answer, but continued staring into nothingness, her eyes seeming completely void of hope... she forced her breath to slow, her hands still shaking... she lifted the gun, staring infinitely into the barrel...

"Don't you f***ing dare." Sandra clamped her hand around the gun, then yanked it from her hands. "You think Jackson would've wanted that for you?"

Carol turned to her, her lip quivering, still unable to speak as tears kept streaming down either side of her face.

Sandra's eyes were positively flaring.. they pierced right through her...

"Don't you dare even consider doing something that stupid." Sandra ordered her, not realizing her tone had raised. "How would Jackson feel if he knew you killed yourself? Huh? Do you know what its like to lose a loved one to something as selfish as suicide? Do you have any clue? WELL ITS NOT--"

Sandra stopped, swallowing her sudden, random fury.

"Just... please." She said a moment later, softly stroking Carol's shoulder. "Don't do it. Please."

Carol was quiet for a few seconds.

Then, after a moment of thought, she nodded, wiping some of the wetness from her cheek.

"Okay..." She gasped weakly. "O-okay, sweety... I'm sorry... I'm..."

Carol looked at Jackson's body again, but Sandra grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look away from it.

"I d-don't have any r-reason to live any m-more..." Carol sputtered.

"Like hell." Sandra retorted. "Jackson would've wanted you to live. He still does... he hasn't gone anywhere. And his best friend is back in that bunker. Marcus..."

Carol gave her a tiny smile.

"I l-love Marcus... was always so s-sweet to Jackson... they were like brothers..."

"Exactly. Now, Marcus is sitting alone in that bunker, and he just lost his best friend... you and him have something in common. You need..."

Sandra trailed off for a moment.

"You need your family." She finished. "And... and Marcus doesn't have his parents now. He needs a mother. He needs you. And you know something? Everyone else in the bunker needs you too. You're a mother... you're more important than anybody.."

Sandra attempted to form a grin, hoping to lighten her spirits, even just the slightest bit.

"If I f-find the person who d-did this..." Carol began.

"Then kill 'em." Sandra replied simply. "Kill 'em stone dead. But that's if you find them. Don't go out of your way looking for them. You're still a mother... you've got children to look after."

Carol nodded, still trying to dry her face.

"Go back to the bunker. Look after everyone." Sandra told her.

"Aren't y-you coming...?" Carol asked.

Sandra gazed at her.

"Yeah." She lied. "I just have something to take care of. I'll meet you there later."

When Carol slowly reached her feet, she stared at her dead son again.

Sandra ushered her away from the body, trying to block her sight of it.

When they reached Sandra's driveway, Carol began down the hill by herself.

Sandra gave her a last wave, and when Carol made three, metallic knock knock knocks on the bunker door, Sandra headed away from the place before anyone would have the chance to spot her.

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 05:06 AM
7:49 am


After Sue-Lin's departure, Alan initially gave up on telling anyone about the armory. Sue-Lin had her own weapons, and she'd be fine on her own... still, he wished she hadn't left so suddenly... he missed those rare, one-on-one moments he and Sue-Lin would have, exchanging conversation, or reading a manual on a certain kind of sniper rifle...

Still, what made his stomach turn the most was the thought of Sandra. Sue-Lin had a father somewhere relatively close by, and the others were still safe and sound inside... well, most of them... he hadn't the slightest clue where Jackson might've gone...

Sandra, however, was on her own completely, and God knows where she was going. Well, he had an idea, but come on... she couldn't possibly be that reckless...

A small, muffled noise snapped Alan out of his thoughts.

Alan approached the miniature bathroom, listening closely.

Someone was inside, and it sounded like they were crying... crying very softly, trying to stifle themselves so no one else could hear...

Alan glanced at the room where Church and Marcus were sleeping. Come on. Why me? I can't deal with people crying... why me...

Hesitantly, Alan knocked on the door.

"Y-yes?" A light, whimpering voice called from inside.

"Who's in there?" Alan demanded in a tone that was anything but sympathetic.

"I'm s-sorry, sweety, just a second..."

Carol opened the door, stepping into the light. Her red cheeks were soaked, her eyes puffy and sad, resembling those of a wounded puppy.

Alan stared at her wordlessly.

"I--er--" He started. "Y-you're crying."

Carol nodded, giving him a disheartened smile.

Alan gulped. "Why... why are you crying...?"

Carol shook her head, maintaining her wide, sad grin. "Don't worry about it, sweety."

When Carol squeezed passed him, Alan's eyes lingered on her. It only took him a couple of seconds to work it out...

"The blasted idiot got himself killed..." Alan hissed to himself. "Dammit!"

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 05:38 AM
Sue-Lin went to the first of the spots she had picked to observe the house before she went in. She wanted to map out a couple escape routes should something go wrong. As she arrived, she scanned her immediate surroundings. She switched to her new sniper rifle, smiling at the first words in the instruction manual. 'The most humane hunting rifle ever created'.

Yea right, this was not a hunting rifle, this was a sniper rifle with a range out to 1,200 yards. A deadly killing machine needing only a target and a far cry from its humble beginnings over a decade ago.

She looked through the scope at the house. WTF! Where is the house? It should be right there!

Sue-Lin rolled on her back, picking up the Steyr, and re-checking her defense zone. Satisfied and still perplexed, she rolled on to her stomach and peered into the scope again. The house still wasn't there.

Well, what were the possibilities. The house was a spaceship and would return. Hmm, how about the house is surrounded by a holographic projection. That could work. Now, how does one approach a holographic projection? 'Very bloody carefully' was the answer she was looking for.

She stopped at a hundred yards, found good cover, checked her defense zone, switched weapons and had a long look. She checked the lawn, then the flower beds, the little wooden hut thingie, in the garden. Then she came back to the lawn. Something was niggling her, something only just out of place. Yes! Way too many pop up sprinklers, in the lawn and in the garden. Her best approach was from the back. She withdrew and started going around to the back.

posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 05:51 AM
"Alright, that's it."

Alan slammed down Sue-Lin's rifle book on the cheap, folding table, making a loud, echoing noise.

"Wake up. All of you." Alan stormed into the sleeping area. "I said wake up!"

No one responded.

Alan then launched his foot into Marcus's stomach, making him cough.

"Wake up, you useless lumps!" Alan delivered a kick to Church's chest, which didn't phase him at all. "WAKE UP!"

His voice bellowed throughout the enclosed bunker, bouncing off the walls and ringing horribly. The others sat upright, all dazed and sleepy, all staring at Alan as though he'd gone mad.

"Sandra is gone." Alan told them. "Sandra is gone, and I'm going to find her. You all can continue to sleep your lives away, or you can come with me. Are you coming, or not?"

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 06:09 AM
Ryujin sat sketching .. scowling a little at not quite getting the detail right on the sketch he was working on .. hearing the soft chime of the houses security system he looked up .. spoke a brief command the large screen on the wall lit up .. he looked at the display to see what was out there .. he spoke .. magnify view sector four .. he studied the image on screen a moment at seeing the puzzled look on sue-lins face he chuckled briefly .. then called gozaimon .. our guest has arrived .. i'll go out to greet her .. rather than risk her seeing inside ..i should be fine.. if not.. well you know what to do .. ryujin set his sketchpad down

Walked over slipped his jinbaori on (he was wearing black samue jinbaori is a sleaveless long jacket worn with it and in this case had armour sewn in it was traditional garb that dated back to the age of wars before the first shogunate had been established in 1603 worn by samurai and wandering monks back then ) picked up nightengale slipping it through his obi set off for the exit where he pulled on his jikatabi before stepping into the elevator to one of the hidden surface exits..

gozaimon out of curiosity looked at the sketch ryujin had been working on .. (ryujin rarely showed his sketches to anyone as he didnt think they were very good ) seeing it was a sketch of sandra gozaimon chuckled softly to himself as he went to keep an eye on the meeting ..

stepping out of the hidden entrance ryujin paused feeling the breeze on his face as he casually made his way to where sue-lin was his left hand holding nightengale by the scabbard thumb resting lightly on the tsuba .. he hoped that nightengale wouldnt have to sing .. even though sue-lin was good at what she did it bothered him that she was too eager to kill .. never a good thing .. composing his features he spoke up.. good to see you could make it ..
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Sue-Lin came to the back border of the property and was met by an eight foot solid concrete wall. She checked her surroundings before taking gear from her backpack. She put on her Kevlar IV gloves and then slid a lever on her boots that extended two very short sharp metal studs from the toes. She buckled on a pair of claws that fitted over the back of her hands and her wrists.

She slung the sniper rifle over her back and took a running leap, using the wall itself as a stepping stone before catching the top with the claws. She would have preferred to raised herself on one arm keeping the other free to operate the Steyr but she was weighed down far too much for that.

She peered over the edge and then at the top of the wall. The wall had a metal bar running the length of the wall. She touched the bar with one claw. The claw would have beeped if there was a high voltage running through. She was not worried, she was well insulated in her special combat clothes.

Seeing no threat she jumped the wall. With all her gear on, she could not roll on the landing so she absorbed it all, ending in a crouch. She recovered from the jump while scanning carefully. Hm, no threats. As she was right behind the little hut, she thought she would start with that.

She checked from the doorway before moving in. Enough room for one person, close quarters for two. She knelt, covering the doorway, looking out to where the house should be. She re-considered everything she had experienced regarding this missing house and did what was the only rational thing that came to mind.

She said out loud, "Ryujin is expecting me. I have an appointment at his request!"

With a grin on her face at the sheer novelty of all of this, none the less, she prepared for any threat, bringing the Steyr to her shoulder, leaning a little forward and putting her finger on the trigger. Well, sometimes she just went ninja. She waited in panther persona, well, grinning panther perhaps.

Ryujin appeared in the door way of the little hut.

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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 07:23 AM
Relax .. no need for that .. plus had you tried youdve been dead before you could pull the trigger.. your good.. but your not that good .. this way ryujin spoke walking casually over to a small table where a tea pot and cups had been set out ..

ryujin sat poured tea in both cups and calmly waited on sue-lin to take a seat .. thinking to himself .. she really is too tightly wound.. what the hell did they do to her .. then pushed the thought to the back of his mind ..
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posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 09:37 AM
Church bolted upright from a deep sleep. The first thing he felt was a dull pain in his chest, looking down, trying to fathom what the source of the pain could be, he noticed the blood. Bright red liquid velvet, seeping languidly from a sanguine sucking chest wound. Church put his hand over the wound; warm sticky blood, his hand came to hover in front of his face in the hazy gloom that surrounded him.

Blood? He thought, stupidly.

“It's blood, Churchy,” groaned a voice from behind him, the owner of the voice spoke like a wheezing old man, gasping for air. He truned around, still holding his blood soaked hand in front of his head, a man stood behind him, familiar in his features yet vaguely strange. Gaunt, flesh strapped jawbones, eyes sunken deep in hollow sockets. The man sported a rotted hollow chasm in his chest, milky white ribs glistening with fetid rot below grey oozing flesh. “you should have tried harder you f***ing brat!” Said the man, manifesting a belt from some æther realm, “You should have saved me, Churchy! You know what the punishment is for failure, Churchy!”

Church bolted upright from a deep sleep. Alan was meandering about the bunker. Church's chest still throbbed with a fading ache but the bloody hole was gone. So was the phantom.

“Sandra is gone.” He heard Alan say, “Sandra is gone and I'm going to find her. You all can continue to sleep your lives away or you can come with me. Are you coming or not? Alan was clearly distaught.

Why would Sandra leave? Silently wondered Church.

“I'll go, Alan. If you want me to. I'll help. Do my best, ya know.” Pushing himself to an elbow and unfurling his covers, Church continued, “I promise I won't pick on you, not anymore man. I'll help, I won't fail.”

Just to spite you, dad.

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