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Imaginary Worlds (working title)

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posted on May, 31 2014 @ 04:55 AM
“The tracks lead off in this direction,” Vensen says examining the ground before him, “I'm not the best tracker by any means but...”

“No, I'm getting the same impression.” Says Tallenhare, brushing a strand of silvery hair behind her elongated, pointy ear; her black eyes glittering in the morning sun. “The wretch definitely went this direction, come on,” She fairly shouts sprinting off after the tracks, “They've got Angulf!” She streaks off, her green and brown woodsman's cloak trailing behind her. Although she is running at full speed, somehow she barely leaves any sign at all. It's like no one even walked there at all.

Vensen looks at Mysten, the old wizard is wearing black robes of thickspun wool with blue streaks up the sides his salt and pepper hair- more salt than pepper- is cut short and turns into a square-cut beard. He seems to be waiting patiently for the next creature he can set on fire to blunder by. “Damn, she's fast.” Vensen says. “We better keep up Mysten.”

Trailed by the wizard, Vensen hurries to keep up with the sprinting elf who is trailed in turn by her pet fox Shelyia. The three of them follow the tracks relentlessly for an hour or so. At one point Tallenhare loses the trail and they back track for a bit while the druid regains the sign left by the beast that had taken their friend.

It had happened two days ago while they were camping in the wilderness. They had just returned that Statue of Rylzorin to the Scholar-wizard Benrael in Grovespass and retrieved a hefty purse in exchange. They celebrated by buying several skins of Dragon Mead from the local tavern and heading off into the wild. That night, after Vensen and Tallenhare struck camp while Mysten read and Angulf felled a boar for their supper, they all drank to their hearts content Vensen and Tallenhare flirted constantly, like they always did around the fire, especially when drink was plentiful and they were already well into their cups. Mysten drank modestly but much and sat at the fires periphery, a small light orbiting his head, while he scanned an old tome he had picked up inside the Ghastlord's Tomb (where they found the statue that bought them the mead) occasionally flipping a page loudly. Angulf, swigging on his skin, grumbled something about unrequited love announced he was going for a piss and stumbled off into the foliage and darkness. The merryment around the fire continued well into the night. It wasn't until morning that the group realized Angulf had not returned from his urinary release.
Tallenhare immediately surveyed the surroundings and quickly picked up sign. Broken twigs, a small scuffle unheard. Someone had been dragged off to the south led by large footprints lightly placed but easily noticed by a tracker of the elf's caliber. So they followed.

“Those ruins on the horizon look charming,” says Vensen, “Hopefully that's where they took Angulf.” This remark draws a poignant gaze from Mysten to which Vensen replies “Sheesh Myst, lighten up man, it was sarcasm.”

“This is not a laughing matter Vensen. Angulf could be somewhere in there and gods know who or what took him!” He was clearly irritated by the rogue's nonchalant manner regarding the rescue of their friend.

“Don't worry Myst, we'll find him man. Alive, and whatever took him you can cook up extra crispy, just the way you like it, eh?”

“Sounds like a plan. Just don't cut it's throat while I'm in the way this time. I just washed two days ago.” The wizard winks and flashes a wry grin.

“No promises old man, no promises.”

“You guys, hush, something up ahead, looks like goblins.” Tallenhare says pointing ahead. “The trail leads right through them, hey, what if they are guarding something?”

“Something like Angulf you mean?”

“Yeah.” she says, “Something like Angulf. Vensen, you think the dwarf is okay? I'm worried about him.”

“We all are Tally.” Vensen assured, “Wait here.” He says.

A knock on the front door and they all look up.

* * * * *

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posted on May, 31 2014 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: CagliostroTheGreat

Jasen looks at Trent and Trent gives him the 'dude, you get it' look. Jasen stands from the table Ron and Daisy follow him with their eyes while Trent busies himself behind his GM screen. Opening the door Jasen is surprised to find his friend's freckled face standing in front of him.

“Dude, Jeremy, what are you doing here? I though Satan's Blacksmith had a show tonight?”

“Cancelled man. Pipes burst or some yadda, I don't know. Rescheduled for next Saturdy night, so I can play next week too!”

“Cool man, well, come on in we got pizza on they way chips are in the kitchen soda, beer, dice on the table.” Jasen gestured to the table leading his friend into the apartment he shares with Trent.

Jermey, going to the kitchen, says, “Wheres the old lady Ron?”

“Bah, left her at home. Man, you know she actually tried to talk me out of coming today? Tried bribing me with fellatio, as if blow jobs are more important than roleplaying, I mean, I'm a nerd for chrissakes.” He shakes his head and glances askance at Daisy who is gripping the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger and shaking her head slowly, blonde hair swaing with the motion. “What?” he asks looking at Daisy.

“We don't want to hear about your fellatiatory exploits Ron.” she says with a sigh.

“Well maybe you don't,” says Jeremy taking his place at the table and chewing a mouthful of the sandwhich he now grips in his left hand. “Me, I'm a fiery readhead and I love hearing about Ron's, what did you call it Day?”

“Fellatia-” she begins.

“Fellatiatory exploits,” Jermey picks up, “so please, Ron, continue.”

“Well that's about it actually, we got into a fracas and she threatened to burn my comics at which point I threatened to burn her, things got ugly so I just left. God, I love that crazy bitch. Excuse me for a sec.” Ron says standing from the table. He pulls his phone from his pocket and heads to the front porch.

“Ah,” says Jeremy, “young love.”

They all laugh.

“So, where are we?” asks Jeremy.

“Well,” answers Trent at length, eyes darting from Jasen to Daisy, “the party is looking for something.” He says like it's a question.

“What are we looking for?” Asks Jeremy, “What?” A moutful pause, chewing, “Why are you guys looking at me? I got a bat in the cave or...”

“Angulf.” Says Trent.

“What?” Says Jeremy.

“The party is looking for Angulf, Jeremy.”

“What!” He screams in mock horror. “Well, what did I get myself into this time?”

“Well,” Trent draws the word out “you remember the Ghastlord's Tomb?” Jeremy nods in affirmation, “Well you guys found it cleared the dungeon and located the statue of Rylzorin and took it back to Benrael,”

“Oh, that wizard guy.” He says wagging his index finger at Trent. “See, I remember.” Jeremy says grinning around his sandwhich.

“Right, the scholar-wizard. He gave you guys a fat purse of gold pieces. The party thought it would be a good idea to buy a few skins of Dragon Mead,”

“Ohhhh, I think I see where this is going.” Says Jeremy interrupting.

“Yeah,” continues Trent, “well you guys got the mead and went off to camp in the woods like usual. So, everyone gets good and drunk and Angulf wanders off into the forest to pee.”

“I can see that happening.” Says Jeremy nodding.

“Well, while Angulf was in the woods taking a whiz something snuck up behind you and somehow knocked you out and dragged you off to the south. The party was following the tracks your abductor left behind when you knocked.”

The Door opens and Ron sticks his head in saying, “Pizza guy.” and closing the door again. Jasen gets up to pay for the pies. Jeremy notices Daisy watching as Jasen pulls out his wallet and opens the door.

“Tell him.” Jeremy says nudging her.

“Shut up Jerm,” she whisper-hisses at him, “this is not the time.”

Two pizzas slide into the apartment riding on Jasens hand and a fistful of dollars exits with the pizza guy. Jasen makes his way to the kitchen carrying the pizzas, grins at Daisy on his way.

“See,” whispers Jeremy, “he likes you too.” Jeremy howls in pain as he finishes the sentence. “what the hell?” He says rubbing at the red pinch mark on his arm. Jasen sits at the table chewing at an itinerant string of cheese still clinging to the motherland of his pizza slice.

“What was that all about?” He asks looking at Daisy.

“Nothing, just Jerm being an ass.” She says glaring at Jeremy, still rubbing his arm where the snake of Daisy's thin knuckles had struck out at the soft skin of his arm.

“Wuss.” Jeremy mocks.

“Jeremy shut the f##k up!” Daisy's face is turning red. She accidentally glances at Jasen, and her heart kicks when she sees him glaring at Jeremy like, 'dude knock it off.'

“She seems pissed Jerm,” he says friendly enough, “better leave her alone, I lost the dustpan last week and I'm not sure I want to ruin my vaccum cleaning bone and ash off the floor after she torches your ass.”

“Thank you Jase,” Daisy says still scowling at Jeremy, “some people.” She mutters looking away from him.

“Any time Days.” He says giving Jeremy a friendly slug to the upper arm, “somebody has to keep you from killing this idiot.”

“Bah,” scoffs Jeremy. “if only you knew.”

“Knew what?”

“Dammit Jerm, you are hopeless!” Daisy hollers, shooting from the table. She storms off and goes down the hall, into the restroom.

Jeremy chuckles and says, “That time of the month?”

“Ass-hat.” Says Jasen.

Jeremy just laughs. Though it truly irks Jasen when he picks on Daisy.

“You might want to be more nice to her Jerm. After all it's Tallenhare thats leading us to you, Days might just decide she needs to go back to Valiswood to visit some heretofore unmentioned relative. Just saying.”

Jermy just grins, “Angulf can handle himself.” He says.

From behind the GM screen Trent laughs maniacally and begins wringing his hands like an evil-doer would. “You really think so Jerm? I'm sure we can convince Daisy to let you try.”

Before Jermey can answer the front door clicks open and Ron comes back in, “Women.” he says. In a Gruff but hearty tone.

“Tell me about it.” Says Jeremy sounding exasperated, grinning his wicked grin.

Ron looks slightly confused then notices Daisy is absent. “Where's Days?”

“Bathroom.” Jeremy and Jasen say almost in unison.

Trent looks up and says, “Jasen, what is Vensen's AC?”

“Ummm,” Hums Jasen shuffling the pages of his character sheet, “twenty-two.” he says finding the front page.

“Paper users,” says Jeremy, “so much clutter, that's why I use this,” he says pulling out his tablet computer, “so much simpler.”

“Hey, man,” says Jasen, “I like to keep it old school.” Ron's fist darts across the table and hovers in front of Jasen for an insatnt before Jasen returns Ron's fist-bump.

“Word, homedawg.” Ron says, and all present laugh.

posted on Jun, 3 2014 @ 09:53 AM
a reply to: CagliostroTheGreat

I read all this the other day and star and flagged it already. I liked it

Is there more?? I feel there needs to be more..

posted on Jun, 5 2014 @ 10:28 PM
a reply to: natalia

There is more. It needs a lot of editing bit there is more. Basically though, its s role play group and after a while jasen is struck by a car and pit into a coma. Daisy becomes so distraught over "losing" him before she can profess her love (a love that, unbeknownst to either of them, is mutual) she spends practically all here time in the hospital by his side telling him stories about vensen and tallenhare. The stories she tells him essentially become jasen's reality.

Glad you liked it. I'll see what I can do about getting the other stuff read... lol...

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 06:01 AM
a reply to: CagliostroTheGreat
That sounds very interesting. Can't wait to read more

Enjoy ya day!

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