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Bush's visit to Canada - the Canadian POV, the American POV

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 10:50 AM
I thought this would be interesting to post...

The CBC has this story about Bush's visit to Canada:

The president and prime minister are expected to discuss a number of issues during the visit, which is seen as an attempt to repair relations that have deteriorated in recent years, exacerbated by former prime minister Jean Chrétien's decision to keep Canadian troops out of the war in Iraq in early 2003.

While CNN has this story:

President Bush sought Tuesday to patch up relations with Canada after years of bickering, flying to the capital for talks with Prime Minister Paul Martin on trade, security and a host of tough hemispheric and global issues.

Bush's landing marked the first official visit by a U.S. president in nearly 10 years -- a meeting that was akin to a political dance where the president was trying to avoid any missteps that could amplify anti-Americanism north of the U.S. border.

Relations between the Bush administration and Canada got off to a rocky start when Bush, a new president, chose Mexico instead of Canada as the first country he'd visit.

What I find interesting is that the CBC - the Canadian media - lead with Canada's responsibility in deteriorating relations between the two countries, while CNN starts off with President Bush's responsibility...


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