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John Kerry tells fugitive Edward Snowden to 'man up' - BBC

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:17 AM

originally posted by: Nyiah

originally posted by: awareness10
I think kerry needs to stick it where the sun no longer shines.

I dunno, it seems to me that it would be rather crowded in there with his head shoved in that abyss.

To be serious, I find his comment just appalling. We have many examples of "American Justice" lately that is just an unbelievable farce. Take the cop who got a month in jail and a few years' probation for having drugs planted in his wife's vehicle. I mean really, come on, our "justice" system is a joke on the lower end of it, does he really expect people to believe Snowden would receive any fair justice?

Yes that is true, however it would be most amusing to watch nonetheless!

I find the lot of them appalling to be honest, the state of humanity is a disgrace and
the lies, never ending from those sworn to 'serve and protect'. Yet they clearly do not
and now everything is a chaotic disaster moving in slow motion. But honestly i am still
uncertain about Snowden and his intentions.

Be it because humanity has been lied to
so often, the 'cry wolf' scenario has lost it's credibility in peoples minds or/and he is
only being set up for some type of final stage for the self serving elite. I don't know but
i'm sure we'll find out soon.
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: darkbake

As has been abundantly demonstrated by Kerry from Viet Nam on . . .

1. Kerry has NO CLUE about being a man.
2. Kerry has NO CLUE about being a patriot.

3. Kerry has NO CLUE about manning-up, cowboying-up, standing tall, being responsible, . . .
4. Kerry has NO CLUE about eternal values, maturity, wisdom, honesty, . . .

5. Kerry could start the demonstration in honesty and facing the music by being honest about his and his buddies' globalist genocidal goals, strategies and methods toward they tyrannical global government and one world religion. Anything less from him is merely more of his farting out both ends.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 07:51 AM
a reply to: Xeven

Thank you for expressing my thoughts and feelings on this subject so very well.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 08:00 AM
Snowden is more of a man and a patriot than Kerry will ever be. He refused to remain silent while the government illegally spied on it's own people. Snowden refused so sit quietly while the American version of the Stasi was secretly installed and empowered.
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 08:40 AM
Snowden should not come to America,even Americans know their system is flawed.

The JFK Coup de tat must be resolved,it has been Americas Achillies Heel and will be its downfall.

The People know there was a Coup de tat ,and if nothing is done,NO ONE will regain their trust,no Political party or individual will ever regain Americas trust until the truth of the JFK Coup de tat is known.

The reason Snowden left the US is the reason he cannot return,there can be no American Justice when there is no true America.

In the name of Ntl sec. people are murdered and disenfranchised,there can be no justice when the people are deemed the enemy from within.

The reason the Government is fighting its people is because the people do not want the government and the government will not leave,This is because of the Coup de tat.

Until there is a 100% law enforced vote which dissolves the current political structures graft and deciet will remain the status Quo.

All political parties can be influenced when there is no 100% participaction real-time vote enforced by law.

The REPRESENTATIVE aspect of Government must be abolished and replaced with real-time Peoples votes.

No one in their right mind would trust the powers that run the US right now at this point in history.The American People are not speaking anynore,and have been afarid to speak ever since their President was murdered in a Coup de tat,who can blame them the American people have been living in fear suffering from Nationwide Stockholm Syndrome,and they are not alone many countrys are under this circumstance.

America is no worse than any other country,BUT this is the problem, because America was always BETTER.

America was kicked in the cojones and then turned into a eunich. And there has been no push-back,no reply,no anger,no action,nothing,just fear and submission.When that America was castrated the free-world was also neutralised.The pre-Coup de tat America was a VOIVE FOR THE WORLD and the cockroaches who snuffed that voive knew it and could feel it,WE WANT THAT TYPE OF VOICE BACK AGAIN LEADING THE WORLD.You drive away cockroaches using the light or the truth,is is not so hard to do.But you have to earn it.

The Military Industrial Complex is so interwoven with Government and its processes that nothing short of a dissolution of that process and a replacement with a 100% law enforced real-time American good old Vote with NO REPRESENTATIVE Political Parties in place will do.

The People DO NOT need the traditional government structures we see in place today,these traditional dynamics are the hiding place of the cockroaches destroying the country,and it is easy to see how and where they hide,within the REPRESENTATIVE PROCESSES,the Government itself is fine,it is the process that allows the cockroaches places to hide,remove this process and you remove the cockroaches.

The REPRESENTATIVE prcesses can be undermined because there is no law enforced 100% vote dynamic in place.

If Americans want their country back it is EASY TO DO,have a National real-time online vote and eliminate the REPRESENTATIVE PROCESSES AND THEIR MACHINATIONS.

Let EVERY American have a real-time vote online where we can all watch it happen and police it,and immediatly thereafter initiate the changes Americans want.

We can only IMAGINE what a truly represented America and World would look like.

You want your country back,you want to kick the hornets nest and make it happen?

Then demand a 100% participaction real-time online vote where we really see what everyone wants.

You want free Health-care,then simply vote on it,and 24 hours later it is law,eliminate the lies and deceptions and salesmanship and find the truth of what the people want.

You DO NOT need one Political group selling Healthcare to everyone and one Political group selling something else,this is not REPRESENTATIVE this is trouble making on purpose and we all know it today.

You need a National 100% participaction vote supported by law,and this is the way to read the wishes of the People,nothing else will do.

Representative government structures were invented to overcome geographical challenges which made it difficult to have the voices of the People heard at the same time,today we have real-time online communications and YOU DO NOT NEED REPRESENTATIVE ANYTHING.

No Snowden should NOT come back to America they will have him killed one way or another and there is NOTHING that ANYONE can do to protect him or any other American Citizen,nothing.

If you cannot protect the President from a coup de tat,how do you expect anyone to feel safe?

If you cannot find and punish the people who killed your President in a Coup de tat the entire world knows about how can you expect your own people to trust you at any level at all?

Rome had to be destroyed from within,and America has to be destroyed from within as it has slowly been dismantled by executing and covering up a Coup de tat which murdered the peoples Voice and undermined the faith of the people.

Give Snowden a Presidential Pardon and immunity.

Snowden represents the American People more than the current Aministration does and the World can see this clearly.

No Democratic government can make enemies of the People and remain in power,this is scary and I feel sorry for Americans living under these terms.

For as long as good intentioned and regular people must martyr themselves we will see chaos.

Due to the Coup de tat no american Administration can logiclly be representative of the People , and the only thing stopping people from calling JFKs murder a Coup de tat are the people within governemtn and the legal system working together to cover the facts up and to layer the process underneath a mountain of immovable legalese.

No one on Earth accept the conspirators who support the Coup de tat knowingly or unknowlingly would even suggest Snowden come back to America the Crooked.

To all you Federal employees who have spent your lives giving 100% loyalty and commitment,maybe its time to tell the truth,maybe it is MORE YOUR responsibility than everyone elses BECAUSE you spent your entire lives UNKNOWINGLY supporting a Coup de tat you were not told about.

If you want your country back you must TAKE IT BACK using a real-time law enforced 100% participaction vote,this will root out all the cockroaches and dissolve the current crooked and rotten representative structure being imposed upon you.

Ask for a real-time law enforced 100% participaction NATIONAL vote on all key issues with NO representative levels of Government,with NO decison making power beyond the results of the real-time National vote, then duck and run for cover before anyone can get a bead on you.

Hit the right nerve and see what happen maybe huh?

The entire Government is not bad or wrong,it is one of the best systems ever created,it has just been hi-jacked using a Coup de tat,and it needs to be re-patriotated.

This real-time National vote with 100% law enforced voter participaction is a curative measure which will not simply relive symptoms it will kill the virus by creating a toxic environment filled with TRUTH.

Snowden has Manned up already,the problem is that there are no American men left with enough cojones to Man up behind him.

There is in America "Right"-"Wrong"-and" The Law".The Law and "Right" must always be the same. The people choose the laws and because of the Coup de tat since that fatefull day NO AMERICAN has chosen their path of their own free-will,they have been pawns.The Laws have not been written by the people for the people and this must be rectified ASAP.

Maybe Kerry ought to Man up and go bust the participants in the coup de tat that initiated the actions that have been and still are destroying his country.

No one will ever forget the JFK Coup de tat,and it will destroy America if these conspirators are not brought to AMERICAN Justice,and in a timely manner.

This means opening up everything right now and clearing the air,not waiting until all of the participants are dead of natural causes having lived out their natural lifetimes protected by the Coup de tat beneficiaries,we MUST do this BEFORE that agreed upon time that the conspirators set,or we will simply have to find and push those who are now allowing them to execute the final phaes of the Coup de tat,that of protecting each other FOR LIFE.


The America we saw pre-Coup de tat would have geared up and gone hunting long long ago.


This is the last part of the Coup de tat planning we can undermine,GO FOR IT.

Even if TPTB try to claim JFK would have started a Nuclear War we WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS EXPLANATION,the lies told to the people and the misrepresentations CAN NEVER BE JUSTIFIED.

No excues is enough,


What has been done to the American People has been horrific.

There are no places left to hide.

The noose is closing faster than more rope can be created by the TPTB.

Snowden will be remembered as a Humanitarian Patriot.Humanity has no choice but to come together under a Global system it isnt even a matter of time anymore,the time is NOW.

America will be remembered as a crooked lawless conspiracy which fell to its own vices,when the reality is that a small handfull of Money mongers brought down the great country that made them rich .


The JFK Coup de tat Conspiracy can be outed and justice demanded and taken,and America may again be the LEADER of this coming Global union,as it stands Russia is taking that place,England is the heart of the beast so Russia is looking like the best bet if you can imagine that.

You see even though Russia has a lot of growing pains to go through to get to where America is right now,they are NOT AS TAINTED FROM WITHIN to the eyes of the pubilc globally.

We know what we had pre-Coup de tat,and we can see Russia is moving to that point as we speak.They are not there yet but are getting there.

All the world needs is a Super=power that has a true democracy and that country will become a Global leader in Humanitarian reform and be remembered as that.

This era is all about deciding how we want history to remember countrys and borders as we now know them because they all must fall sooner than later as a natural part of Humanitarian evolution.

The World needs to know it is being led by the best Country for the Job and right now America is being run by a Coup de tat catalysed system and she is a wreck.

It is the Sins of the Fathers screwing up the Future of americas sons and daughters.These old men and women MUST fix this before they all die naturally.No one else can get a job this size done except the Baby Boomers.

America is the CLEAR candidate for Global leadership,but as a Coup de tat run entity she is useless.

A country that would embrace Snowden and what he represents and punish the wrongdoers instead of him would be this Global leadership candidate.

America will kill or imprison him because there is no true justice available anymore there,this eliminates them as a Global leadership candidate by proxy.

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 08:57 AM
Yeah Snowden how dare you be such a coward and publicly disclose that the NSA has wiped it's (Expletive) with The Constitution. How dare you be such a pansy that you knowingly risked your life and livelihood to expose a domestic surveillance tactic that has grown exponentially since the McCarthy era. You have shown no spine at all, you should be ashamed of having a code of honor. Sarcasm overkill?

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 11:04 AM
a reply to: one4all
Splendid post Sir!
That online voting system of which you speak should be totally transparent.
Each voter should be able to view the registration of their own vote.
All votes should be visible to ALL people so that counting can be done by anyone.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 11:08 AM
John 'Winter Soldier' Kerry needs to take his own advice. He needs to 'man up' and admit that he lied about Vietnam; lied about Winter Soldier; and that he's just generally a spoiled idiot.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 12:15 PM
a reply to: VoidHawk

Thank you,I defer to Mr. or Ms. St.Germain, for it is my belief that the Internet was a gift from this influence,a Trojan Horse designed by a Humanitarian mind with the ability to consider Humanity from a long term perspective and one which UNDERSTANDS the power we as Individuals weild.

My gut instincts tell me there is a much greater game of Humanitarian Chess happening just below the surface and just above our heads.A very long term one.

I wasnt even a curious mind until I was undermined by this Global System personally and fiscally,then through trying dynamics I found myself with the TIME to be curious, and once anyone logs onto a computer and knows how to use a search engine their curiosity will be 100% nurtured.

ATS was the catalyst of my evolution in terms of feeding the White Wolf.

I honestly think that there is another level of reality happening on our Planet external to conventional dynamics,and I believe that all of the data we need to find and to share this reality is available to us and that only curious minds given a fertile environment can find this place,AND that 100% of those so inclined will reach the destination.The crux being that one must lead oneself to the trough.Your levels of integrity and humanitarianism must develop evolve and lead you of their own accords.

Just like all Roads led to Rome,all good hearts will find the same path if they are given the chance to look for it,and this is why Humanity is kept so busy and has been kept AWAY from access to unlimited knowledge and data.

Even twenty years ago we were all suppressed by this dynamic in every area of life.

If you wanted to build a House you had to hire different Contractors to do every different task paying varying fiscal rates,determined by their level of salesmanship.Each Tradesman kept his knowledge to themself and only taight their Apprentices their skillsets,this effectively cornered the market for them,and even if someone was motivated to build their own house they could not find the KNOWLEDGE to do so without paying varied and bastardised prices.

No one payed Tradesmen for their WORK we paid them for their KNOWLEDGE which they safeguarded and self-valued.

Today when the KNOWLEDGE is free to anyone to access,ANYONE can now build their own home.

Now that artificial value the tradesmen created via KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSION is gone.

This is happening in EVERY facet of our lives today,artificial valuations are being discared enmasse and this is causing massive valuation swings for services moreso than goods.

The TRUTH is overcoming the LIES.

I am not targeting tradesmen altough the Masons started there,you could replace tradesman with Doctor or Lawyer or Pilot or Genetisist.It matters not because the KNOWLEDGE is now free and we all know ANYONE can do these jobs and the artificial value attatched to them via KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSION is gone .

Soon we will see Human TIME valued equally Globally,as these artificial valuations are all outed and discarded.

Twenty years ago how would we ever know if for example a Doctor was making the right decisions responsibly? How could we know we werent being wronged?

Today we can for example Google the Harvard Medical Schools Diagnostic Training textbook in a few seconds and learn the parameters of diagnosis Drs are taught to follow,then all we need to do is Google our Symptoms and Wha La,we have done the part of the Drs job where the most mis-communications and hence errors happen AND we know when they ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS.

If you do this personally you will possibly have a heart attack when you realise the epic margin for error we accept from medical Drs and other Professionals,margins for error intentionally put in place by KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSION.

Today if you can go to a Dr. and ask them what is wrong with you with your own KNOWLEDGE BASE ,you go to them and ask them why what the internet and their own professional processes tell YOU is wrong with you is non-existant.

You REMOVE the window of opportunity for creating this artificial margin for error Professionals rely upon when you severely limit the verbal interactions between you and your doctor in the diagnosis phase of your treatments by doing the legwork yourself online first and then VALIDATING with a Dr.

The MYSTERYS surrounding knowledge are being dissolved more and more every day.

Today we can count every vote cast by an American in ANY dynamic,and we can compare those numbers to the current and historical population base and see that only a very very small fraction of America makes the decisions for all and there is no representative process in place whatsoever and never has been.

Americans are ENCOURAGED to NOT VOTE by TPTB and BILLIONS are spent every year to nurture and faccilitate this abbrogation of American rights. There has been a hidden WAR waged against America from within and now its impacts are so great they cannot be denied any longer.

The SINGLE curative action is a 100% participaction law enforced vote in real-time removing the traditional need for representative processes and immediatly dissolving every level of government historiclly effected and infected.

Teach young people this concept so they can take it into schools and spread the cure the best way possible,teach them they are powerfull and in control of their own lives and teach them that they are VALUABLE and WORTHY of this responsibility,teach them that they can LEAD THEMSELVES.Teach them THAT THEY ALL HAVE A HUMANITARIAN VOICE THAT THEY HAVE A BIRTHRIGHT TO USE.

We need to teach youth that their VOTES are powerfull and that they CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE,that they are STRONGER THAN THE POWERS THAT BE.

We neeed to SHOW THE YOUTH how to EMPOWER their votes to have a real-time and TRUE impact,NOT to let things continue as they have been,Teach the youth that there votes lose volume when their fellow man and woman does not vote,that they MUST ALL VOTE TOGETHER and that if ANYONE ABBROGATES THIS RESPONSIBILITY TO THEIR FELLOW MAN OR WOMAN THEY ARE COMMITING AN INJUSTICE TO HUMANITY.

We must teach the youth that EVERY NUMERICAL VOTE NOT PERSONALLY CAST IS HI-JACKED BY TPTB and used for their agandas,we must teach them that it is US who are feeding the Black Wolf,when ANYONE abbrogates their vote it becomes available to TPTB and that TPTB are greasing the rails using BILLIONS of dollars to keep this non-vote by free-will dynamic they have engineered alive and running.They are degrading America from within by creating an apathetic population which will willingly abbrogate casting their own votes.Just 100% real-time vote will stop this dynamic.

We need to teach the youth that TPTB are old and not powerfull unless the youth ALLOW them to be and then SHOW them how a simple real-time 100% participaction law enforced VOTE will give them back control of their lives AND their country and in the process make them the LEADERS of HUMANITY they are capable of being.

All the world needs to see is this true and natural dynamic happen in ONE SUPER-POWER COUNTRY and they will jump on board ASAP.

We need to teach the youth to BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES,for this is what has been stolen from them above all else.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 12:19 PM
The term "man up" has been been declared oppressive hate speech by the progressives.

They claim it is particularly hateful to gay men and women.

I suppose Rachel Maddow will have a twenty minute dialog using Kerry's hate speech as an example of the war on women and gays.

I am sure all the progressive blogs and MSM will be demanding this misogynist Kerry step down from office, since this is the type of alpha male stereotyping and "male privilege" that they blame for the CA mass stabbing.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 02:48 PM
Snowden put it as simply as it can possibly be put.

If the release of information has caused so much damage, where is the proof? Snowden has asked for this proof and has no tangible evidence to his supposed damage to America.

All he did was damage the credibility of the NSA and the US Govt wants Snowdens head to roll because of it.

Kerry's comments are childish. He is using name calling and false facts to try and discredit Snowden.

Let's not forget who John Kerry has sworn allegiance to, SKULL AND BONES, 332. He is as Anti-American as any of his fairy-tale boogeymen that he so desperately tries to make up.

a reply to: darkbake

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 03:03 PM
I am literally lol at this. Man up? Really? You have the nerve to tell this guy to man up!?!?!?!? Let's see if you man up when your time comes Mr. Kerry. Someday it'll come.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 03:55 PM
Wow, the whole point Kerry is that many of us DO NOT trust the American government anymore, especially the war planners/pentagon, intelligence agencies, and perhaps elite politicians. We do not trust that intelligence agencies will not abuse unchecked surveillance or police powers. We do not trust that all of them are just looking out for human rights, democracy, and freedom.

In regards to the justice system, generally speaking for general crimes I think it works most of the time. However, for "crimes" that involve whistleblowing or calling out government crimes, I don't trust the justice system nor government to handle it properly.

If they did in the first place, there would be no need for whistleblowers. If the government and intelligence agencies were not engaging in questionable activities in foreign lands, then there would not be a need for the Bradley Mannings. If the government were not engaging in unconstitutional and dangerous domestic surveillance, there would be no need for Snowden. If the government effectively addressed these issues, instead of justifying them, then there would be no need for such whistleblowers nor public outrage. If the government actually HELD ACCOUNTABLE ANY OFFICIAL who had supported or engaged in illegal wars, torture, coups, excessive domestic surveillance, etc, then perhaps both Snowden and many of us would regain trust in the justice system to handle it themselves.

However, they have not and are not. The day that the justice system or government hands Bush over to a war crimes tribunal for invading a sovereign country on false pre-texts AND for torturing people, will be the day I trust the justice system again.

originally posted by: darkbake

US Secretary of State John Kerry has labelled intelligence leaker Edward Snowden a fugitive from justice who should "man up" and return home.

Mr Kerry added that if Mr Snowden, 30, "believes in America, he should trust the American system of justice"...

"A patriot would not run away," Mr Kerry said on Wednesday. "If Mr Snowden wants to come back to the United States... we'll have him on a flight today."

Mr Kerry also called the former National Security Agency contractor "confused", adding "this is a man who has done great damage to his country".

John Kerry tells fugitive Edward Snowden to 'man up' - BBC

The United States did damage to itself, not Snowden, through over-reaching domestic spying policies. Snowden simply revealed the data that allowed the government to be critiqued for rules that were already in place before it broke them.

The spy agencies were clearly and are still clearly outside of the bounds of the constitution.

The N.S.A. was not even known as a spy agency, but simply a cryptography center prior to the revelations made by Snowden last year, even by members of congress. The C.I.A. is not supposed to be allowed to do domestic spying, either.

I am interested to see what kind of people Greenwald reveals were spied on, and if he is allowed to make his report..

Kerry: "This is a man who has betrayed his country." Well, what about the senators, including John Kerry, who have betrayed our country by violating their own oath of office to uphold the constitution? Have they just thrown patriotism in the bucket?

Kerry: "Come back and stand in our system of justice." I wouldn't trust our system of justice, either, when trying to expose the kind of secrets and corruption that Snowden was trying to expose. Look what happened to Michael Hastings.

Here is what John Kerry has to say.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 05:09 PM
Snowden seems to be more "manned up" than all the brainless yes-men troops who sign up for wars they knowing about and invade countries, killing and torturing people needlessly.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 05:17 PM
Eddie Snowden should man up.

Man up.

Come back and face the firing squad you deserve.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 05:27 PM
a reply to: RickinVa


firing squad? for what?

letting the american people know that we have an out of control, criminal government, gone rogue? he should die for letting us know that they've violated our rights, and are actively spying on us?

your statement is ridiculous.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 05:38 PM
just as ridiculous as yours.

This is not about a man who squealed about NSA listening to people.

This is about a man who gave information to a foreign government that jeopardized the ability of the United States to defend itself. The documents he gave to foreign government go way past NSA eavesdropping....they also deal with measures the US uses to defend itself.

That by definition is nothing more than a traitor who deserves the death penalty.

A man who is so righteous that he tried to make a deal with Brazil by offering them information in return for asylum.

Yes he deserves death by a firing squad.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: darkbake

People like Snowden used to be called "whistleblowers." It seems like they get called "leakers" these days.

The word "whistleblower" has positive connotations. Suggests that the person is exposing corruption. Calling someone a "leaker" just makes them sound incontinent.
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 08:19 PM
a reply to: darkbake

Yeah, I bet they'd love all anti-authoritarian revolutionaries to hand themselves over to be silenced and swiftly executed. Good one, Kerry. Don't quit your day job brother.

posted on May, 30 2014 @ 12:39 AM
A lot of good things come out of America but I think America needs to have a long hard look at how it operates...

* Secret Renditions which they denied now found to be true
* Torture which they denied but now found to be true
* Drone attacks against all nationalities including allies which they denied but is now true
* Manufactured "intelligence" or lack of - now proven
* Spying on allies leaders???!!!! Like Angela Merkel, France, Italy DENIED, now proven to be true
* CIA assassinations ... and denials
* Guantamio - Essentially a concentration camp, denied of course

The list goes on, but if true Americans find that ok how about losing your privacy. America spying on American Civi's on mass (DENIED) which is against American principles and law.

Freedom my a$$, the cost of freedom is to lose your freedom? I think your government is pi$$ing down the common persons back and calling it rain.

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