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Wives of Jailed Venezuela Opposition Mayors Dominate Vote

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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 06:54 AM
If you don't know Venezuela since February have been in chaos over protest trying to get rid of the highly corrupt, inefficient and intrusive chavista government. Trying to quench the protest the regime jailed two recently elected mayors from the places where the protest were the most intense. as many here has suggested, instead of assuming their responsibility of the economic disaster the country is, the government opted to blame a coup attempt impulsed by USA. According to them they got a majority popular support and there is only a small rich minority who does not support them.

Since the arrest of the mayors the government called elections in one month, the opposition candidates were the jailed mayors wife and this was the result last Sunday.

The wives of two jailed opposition mayors won Sunday in snap elections to replace their husbands giving hope to followers that the flagging nationwide protest movement still has life.

The former mayors were unseated after President Nicolás Maduro accused the local leaders of instigating the antigovernment marches that first erupted in February.

Their wives, who admit to being novices on the political stage, nonetheless steamrolled to victory in their respective opposition bastions. Patricia Ceballos won the mayoral seat with 74% of the votes in the western Andean city of San Cristobal, where the protest movement took root before spreading nationwide, while Rosa Scarano won with 87% of votes in San Diego, located in central Venezuela.

The result is little more than a symbolic victory for Mr. Maduro's detractors as both sides remain in a tenuous standoff after more than three months of off-and-on demonstrations that have cost at least 42 lives. Protests began by addressing rampant crime before taking on corruption as well as economic woes like high inflation and frequent shortages of basic goods.


What did good Maduro said? apart from not showing any news of the election in the official tv channels (~80% of local stations) his only comment to respect the popular vote was, "if you don't behave ill do elections every 3 month". Very democratic to say ill not allow you to have stability until one of mine is in charge no?

So to anyone that is not from Venezuela and think the CIA is overthrowing the good government to take their oil, let me tell you for the ones that live in the country is just a struggle for freedom of the government that tries to control every single aspect of their life, as any good communist regime, and the failures of the government are the only reasons behind what its happening, not the CIA, or did the CIA made the chavistas steal $20b in 5 years?

posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 12:59 AM
no one wants to hear how bad the Giant anti-American country of Venezuela is doing,that's a myth actually, we're all happy here, we sing songs everynight by the bonfire, we drink natural unprocessed water, we don't even have animal farms so we have a vegetrian diet, instead of toilet paper we use ?, and last but definitely not least, we don't need to study and work, we have everything we want.


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