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Local racer in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center - NEPA

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posted on May, 26 2014 @ 03:44 AM
I just found out tonight while having some drinks with friends that a local family, well known racers, has a son in critical condition after a horrific crash at Selinsgrove Speedway in Selinsgrove, PA. It happened last week, but apparently Duane Mausteller is still in GMC in critical condition as far as I can find in updates. Here are some links to news websites. Have not found a video of the crash, only still photos.

The good news is, it appears he remained strapped tight in his racing seat, and arms didn't fly out of the 360 sprint car, unsure weather he had a death grip on that wheel or was awake during, but the pics of him after he came to a stop, is slumped forward. He was racing fast and hard on the outside grove of the "East Coasts Fastest Dirt Track" (I beg to differ on that.... not that it isn't insanely fast, but....) when 2 cars wrecked on the backstretch. He tried to, but couldn't avoid the wrecking cars, and hit them at speeds around 120-130mph. A Canadian driver from Ontario was taken by ambulance to GMC and released Wednesday, while they have talked of trying to wake up Mausteller. His father said that they as a family are done racing, it isn't worth the price of loosing his son.

Penn Live

Daily Item


Selinsgrove Speedway

If you check this last link out, not sure how it will show up when clicking link, but there are a series of photos that tell the story.

Side note, the black/white 71 Chevy towing his car is like my fathers truck (minus the bi tires and tow gear), thought it was cool they still use these old work trucks at the track.

Please have the Maustellers, Duane especially, in your thoughts and prayers tonight. They have a local business, well known in our community, and this is sad news to all of us racers and fans, along with family and friends of them.

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