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Political Correctness Makes Race and Genetics Taboo in the West, which is why China is Winning

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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 07:35 AM
Not sure if this is the best place to put this, but oh well(try to read everything and you'll see why it's relevant to this topic)

part 1

part 2
Now I wasn't going to say any of this, and let the Vietnamese girls do that 200 years from now, because I don't want "the game" to be played too fast, but at the rate this planet is going, we might end up destroying ourselves, if not through nuclear wars, then probably through global warming, before we ever get that chance(I think
most planets end up destroying themselves, though I'm not sure).

Plus, I am tired of all the bickering and fighting, so let us end this 100 years of suffering, and officially enter a new chapter in mankind's evolution to godhood.

But first, let me explain what happened in 2012, 2012 is the culmination of all these events that resulted in this
"ah hah" moment, where I figured out this "First Ultimate Secret of the Universe/Programmer").
What exactly is everyone's greatest desire, up to 2012? The answer is to be beautiful, correct? People thought they would go to heaven in 2012, well, to be beautiful is to be in heaven! It's said that God is Beauty, and by showing how everyone can be beautiful, then I have effectively played the role of the Savior.

Again, remember that topic about Christians being persecuted? Not everything has to be as literal as people imagine.

Anyway, when everyone is beautiful, then there will be no or less need for material possessions. When everyone is beautiful, they will be more motivated to work, study, love, be creative, and obviously enjoy life, and there will be no need to drive cars(though I think certain technology should be left for us to enjoy more.)

Now have you realized how the game is "designed" yet? Basically, by everyone wishing to be beautiful, it keeps creating specific events or incidences that allow me to learn more about it.

Now if you remember that story about us being the Light Bringers(go to page 114 of the above link, if you're a new member or world leader, try to read everything), well, I kind of, I guess, spiced things up there a little bit(this is not to say that I'm lying, because I do believe that some races or beings are more advanced than others, and they had to be sent, just so
that mankind's evolution will be on the correct path. If Einstein is someone from the future, then I guess I must
be someone who is 1 million years from the future).

Now do you really want to know why the Vietnamese girls have become so beautiful? The answer is...I taught them all about it. After I've figured out the First Ultimate Secret of the Programmer, I've told as many Vietnamese on Facebook and youtube about it(and I don't think they've all taken my advice yet), though once again, if you're honorable, you'll wait till this deal is completed to ask them, although at this point, it's probably not a big difference.

I will call this the Grand Unified Theory of Racial Differences(lame I know), and it will be far far more important
than E = Mc^2, because it will in fact, unify the races.

Now this doesn't mean that there aren't racial differences(and it WOULD be very boring if everyone were the same), it's just that I have been able to figure out "how" to help the races who are thousand years behind to catch up to the races that are ahead.

Just by this one advice alone(well, it's rather complex), I've already made Vietnamese girls more beautiful
than essentially the rest of the world combined, and the only reason that I haven't been able to make them 100% beautiful is because of poverty(which resulted in genetic differences that cannot be changed within such a short amount of time).

If I wanted to, I can make Blacks the most beautiful(not most intelligent though, unfortunately, there ARE certain "irreducible" genetic differences, but it's not really anything that people are going to feel ashamed about), so you can see how fearsome my knowledge is.

Anyway, if you want to be more intelligent, then you need to:

1) Modernize. Your IQ can jump by as much as 30 points, just by simply moving from an agriculture
to a city lifestyle(this doesn't mean that you HAVE to drive cars, but rather, simply moving to a modern lifestyle will jump your IQ by at least 15 points(see the difference between Blacks here and oversea. Unfortunately, the Chinese withholding their rural IQ makes it a little harder for me), my opinion is that the modern lifestyle requires more thinking(I mentioned that White's IQ is lower than 100 years ago, however, recently, I'veread that the U.S's IQ has been increasing every decade, and I think this is more accurate, because the IQ has been measured), but it's possible that diet is a factor as well.

2) My theory, but I will wait till this deal is accepted first(this theory is so powerful that it will make you
both more beautiful and intelligent at the same time.) If everyone was to apply this theory, then I guess the difference in IQ between Blacks and Whites will be the same as between Whites and North East Asians.

If you want to be more beautiful:

1) The traits that make up beauty are very complex(it is in fact, a programming problem to be solved), and without all of this sequence of events that happened to me, starting from 12 years old, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to figure out. However, I would say that the first step is also to modernize.
Once you go from working outside to inside, avoiding heavy sunlight specifically, your genes will improve dramatically.
Another thing is that avoiding poverty and stress will result in more healthy genes, which will improve symmetry(
while symmetry doesn't guarantee that you will be beautiful, it will make it very difficult for you to be ugly, and this is why you'll see few ugly White people, and less ugly Japanese than other Asians.)

See that video of Asian IQ of the mother and daughter(and you'll see a lot of "pairings" like that, especially from Asian countries where you can see a transition from agriculture to urban)? That is a perfect example of how much simply moving from an agriculture to a country with a high GDP per capita can change your looks. Basically, your "genes" can transform within one generation. However, for many people, their beauty will peak at 16, 17, some at 10-12, unless they understand the following key.

2) This key is the same theory, but as above, I'll wait till this deal is accepted first.

Anyway, if everyone was to "completely" take my advice and my projection is correct, then South East Asians and Indians(roughly 30% for now, 90% once they all modernize) will be the most beautiful(many 9 or 10), Southern Chinese(40%, 90% once they all modernized) will be slightly less beautiful(many 8 or 9),
Northern Chinese(40%) will be slightly less beautiful than Southern Chinese(many 7 or 8), Blacks will be as beautiful as Southern Chinese(30%, and within 5 generations, 80% of Blacks will be beautiful. Unfortunately, there ARE some genetic differences, due to the location, that it's probably not possible for 100% to be beautiful).
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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 07:35 AM

Basically, how beautiful you are will depend on your eye size, and how intelligent you are, brain size(probably roughly 1 point on the "beauty scale" for every 5 IQ points). The difference will be pretty small however(there is
a way to get rid of the epicanthic fold or slit-eyes appearance, and once that happens, the difference between the appearance of the eyes is pretty small). The eye-size or brain-size cannot vary simply by a change in lifestyle(or at least, I haven't figured it out yet), it is very dependent on your location(I think it's purposely made this way to ensure variety), and as I've already shown before, the closer you are to the equator, then the bigger your eyes are, and the smaller your brain is.

The rest of the traits can be changed, however. In fact, it's conceivable that Blacks will end up being THE most beautiful(they say the Creator/Programmer is ironic, and I guess through my knowledge that people will be able to show that he is), 100 years from now.

If you think I'm exaggerating, I actually made a lot more conservative prediction, before I started helping the Vietnamese girls, and I would say that they have far exceeded my expectations. Heck, my goal was to have 100 beautiful Vietnamese girls, and now, if you were to make a video of the most 100 beautiful girls in the world, all 100 Vietnamese girls would make the list! If our country was richer, we would have full of 10s to 12s. Basically, EVERY prediction that I made before applying this theory has come true, and then some.

I can say with 80% certainty that skin color makes no difference to how a person looks. Granted, most beautiful girls have light skin, but that's because we have not seen a Black or a "dark country" with a high GDP per capita. or applying my theory yet. However, because I have seen beautiful dark girls, I KNOW that it must be possible for all or most dark girls to be beautiful(this was the same logic I used when I was learning all of this. I figured, if Whites are the most beautiful, then how can an Asian girl(Athena Chu) be THE most beautiful, and why does Hong Kong, with such a low population, have so many beautiful celebrities back then? Then I realized that Hong Kong has one of the highest GDP per capita(probably highest when this girl was born. It was then that I found out the first key. Now before the Chinese think you should go taking everyone's resources to make your GDP per capita higher, you DON'T have to be that high, you just need to basics of the modern lifestyle(the car doesn't really make a difference). Regardless, trying to prove that you are the "Master Race" through someone's knowledge and by stealing resources kind of defeat the purpose isn't it? Anyway, there was a topic a while ago that poverty resulted in poor genes, now if you were to wiki physical attractiveness notice where it says that being healthy is the key to being symmetrical. Essentially, all you need to do is for all the rich people to help all the poor people transition to an urban lifestyle and this trait will be obtained).

Basically, because beautiful dark girls exist, it means that it's possible for them all to be beautiful, the key again, is
learn "how" to achieve them. And to me, even 30% is very high already. Hell, I bet most countries will be happy, if just .00003% of their girls are beautiful. And when this happens, people will know that I am the Anti-Christ, or the "Champion of the Poor"(now there are a lot of descriptions of the Anti-Christ, and I think they are of what would happen if events in my life had turned out differently, aka, the butterfly effect. Many of these descriptions are accurate, though you won't find the ones above unless you've read youtube comments).

Anyway, this does not mean that Whites will be left out, because of their GDP per capita(genes are really nothing more than differences in GDP per capita or lifestyle), Whites will have THE most beautiful women, or highest in quality. In fact, by my advice alone, I'm guessing 80% under 25 years old will be beautiful, and it is conceivable that within just 1 generation, EVERY White will be beautiful, and probably, the most beautiful woman in the world will be White, for the moment.

Unfortunately, by saying all of this, we(Vietnamese) will lose most of our uniqueness and specialties, but at least we still have our beautiful country(and I think that happened to serve as motivation for me to say this, I would appreciate if people would try their best to help preserve our kingdom, as a token of appreciation), with the distinction of being the home of the Anti-Christ.

In reality, this secret alone should be worth 10 trillion(and if we were to ever become that rich, then with my knowledge, our IQ would jump to 120-130, full of geniuses like me, and obviously full of extremely beautiful women, and that was originally my plan, but you know, we can't really wait that long, lest our country(and Japan) become submerged, and all the beautiful sceneries destroyed. Basically, I HAVE to give people motivation to live, instead of just chasing oil money), but I'll give it to people for free.

However, I will still hold certain knowledge back, and see which country will figure out to become
THE most beautiful woman in the universe(or the Goddess herself). The most beautiful woman in the universe is one who is so beautiful that you will ejaculate upon seeing her face. Even though I haven't seen such a person, I know one must exist, because I have not seen anyone that has all of the traits that I described in perfect proportions. Obviously, we are going to be at a disadvantage, due to our relatively small population and poverty, but you know, it's not like we haven't overcome that before

This is not me being selfish or anything, but rather, it's just to keep the game more interesting, a friendly competition if you will(if everyone was to be ultimately beautiful immediately, then it CAN get boring eventually).
But, isn't this a lot more fun than trying to land grab and see who has the biggest country?

Here is how it can go: extremely beautiful with makeup(10), extremely beautiful without makeup(11) -> penultimate beauty without makeup(12) -> penultimate beauty without makeup(13) - orgasmic beauty with makeup(14) - orgasmic beauty without makeup(15). Beauty, like IQ, has almost no limits.

In any event, if there are any differences in race(in terms of superior and inferior), I will have shown people how to equalize, or make it so that the differences are small enough that no need for anyone to feel ashamed about it, and when it comes down to it, people are so offended or accuse others of being racists is because they fear that they are actually inferior. THEREFORE, LET IT BE KNOWN THAT ALL MAJOR DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RACES AT THIS
POINT ARE MERELY DIFFERENCES IN ECONOMY AND MY SUPREME KNOWLEDGE, that is the tenet of my Grand Unified Theory of Racial Differences, The First Ultimate Law of the Universe.

I will also have two more Ultimate Secrets of the Universe to show, consider them a trilogy(or an advanced set of Newton's Laws if you will, although honestly, this one secret alone should be sufficient). Once again,
show this to everyone, show this to Obama, every Congressman or world leaders that you know, show it on TV, text message to anyone you know, star this thread as much as possible. Take my challenge and I will show the world "The Keys To Heaven."

posted on May, 23 2014 @ 03:45 PM
a reply to: whyamIhere

The thing about racism is that it is, at the end of the day, bad science. During nazi times, the dominant theory was eugenics. It proposed a racial narrative, and said that there were these pure races, that were weakened by interbreeding. People with Down Syndrome were called "mongoloids" for instance because they believed they had been weakened with genes from invading mongols.

It was all BS. The rival group who said so, were a new group of scientists called the 'geneticists'. They said that inbreeding was bad, and that each person has a unique makeup of individual genes, and only a small set of them define racial characteristics like skin color. History showed the geneticists were right.

Gene specific medicine is happening all over, particularly in cancer treatment. The flaw with judging someone's IQ or behavior based on something like race isn't that there might be genes that effect brain function and IQ and behavior, there might be. Its the claim that these genes always co-occur with genes for skin color and so forth, when science says no such thing.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 01:00 AM
"Race" seems to kind of have an evasive definition, but I don't think there is any denying that certain human gene pools were isolated for generations and generations and developed different characteristics than others. This fact is undeniable, it happens all over the animal and plant kingdoms and certainly we are no exception. If you don't believe in evolution at all, well.. I'll hold my tongue on that. But it certainly would be advantageous, if we as a society could have a conversation about scientific facts and data that are readily available, instead of crying racism at the slightest thing.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 02:35 AM
Sorry if this is covered elsewhere in this thread, but can we assume that the so-called races that China studies are variations of the Asian race, i.e., those originating within China, perhaps some of Korean, Japanese, or Southeast Asian origin? I mean, in their country they don't have enough diversity to launch full-on studies comparing whites, blacks, Asians, aboriginals from various countries, etc. Personally, I never realized that they see their country as being composed of many different races until the Olympics opening ceremonies.

a reply to: whyamIhere

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 11:57 AM
You misunderstand, OP.

It's not that our scientists are"not studying race" because of political correctness.
They aren't studying "race" because the very concept was biologically invalidated sixty years ago, and the the only people who still believe that "race" exists as a scientific concept are... well... racists.

posted on May, 25 2014 @ 09:33 PM
I am no expert on the topic, but it JUST MAKES FREEKIN SENSE but a lot of people are too butt-hurt or don't like talking about taboo topics.

All things equal, humans of any race are probably about the same base intelligence and have the same capability and capacity of learning. The differences lie in the innate skills that some peoples seem to have while others seem to lack. Its evolution: As the human species evolved in vastly different regions throughout the world, he consumed different diets, practiced different farming, hunting, warfare and societal techniques, and spoke different languages.

Because of these differences, it makes sense for some people in some regions (ethnic groups or races) to develop different skill sets or have an upper hand in some forms of intelligence (cognitive, athletic emotional, etc..). This IS GENETICS, and is the reason why some, not all, stereotypes exist (think smart Asian). The difference is marginal at most, as the human brain is powerful, and with practice, ALMOST anybody can learn to master ALMOST any skill set.

This is looking at a population with equal opportunities and the such I.E all starting from the same blank slate. Human intelligence and the differences between races can be greatly attributed to cultural, gender, socioeconomic and many other variable/factors which dictate someones intelligence.

NOTE: in the above paragraph I stated that gender plays a role in intelligence, and I believe that it does, but the differences are marginal. Think about it, as humans evolved, men and women have been participating in two entirely different activities, meaning brain structure has changed to reflect these differences. It is only recent that men and women have similar roles in society. Just because our brains have different starting structures, does not mean that one sex is smarter than the other, I just believe that women and men have innate skill sets due to the different wiring of the brain.

We are all human, which means we can all pretty much do and learn anything. Except for the idiots who exist and whose genetic lineage persists through dumb luck alone. Derp.

posted on May, 26 2014 @ 07:11 AM
IMHO - Political Correctness is just a subversive form of censorship and social engineering.

I refuse it at every possible roadway as employing this ridiculous notion of 'say nothing that offends anyone' is simply to conform to censorship, which is the death of humor.

I'm not advocating being an insensitive prick or a-hole, but have some tact about it, ya know?

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 02:15 PM

originally posted by: CZ75P01
I am no expert on the topic, but it JUST MAKES FREEKIN SENSE but a lot of people are too butt-hurt or don't like talking about taboo topics.

I am no expert on the topic, but it just makes sense to me to listen to experts on the topic because genetics isn't about common sense or it would've been sorted out centuries ago.

posted on Jun, 2 2014 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: conundrummer

Centuries ago, we were unaware of DNA. The structure of it wasn't discovered until 1953. We have been making ASSUMPTIONS about the genetic diversity of humans for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Many of these assumptions are now testable through scientific inquiry. Genetics and DNA go hand and hand, and human sub-populations AKA ethnic groups, have been found with mutations which better adapt them to their environment. If a certain ethnic group is better suited at metabolizing oxygen at extreme altitudes, wouldn't that make that group better adapted to their environment than say, a group of low plains people? That is the point I was making. That we all are similar as a species, which is observable if you have eyes, but we all have innate differences based on our ethnic background, which came about from our ancestors adapting to their environment. Genius. What a revelation!

WOW!! what a discovery, Conundrummer, ANP32D and SENP1 ARE two genes, which were discovered to exist in certain Tibetan ethnic groups. These genes help them survive the hypoxia, or lack of oxygen (if you were unsure), experienced at high altitudes. It is a safe assumption that because these mutations have been found in one select ethic group, there are other mutations which have occurred in other ethnic groups throughout the world, which help provide a similar sort of environmental adaption. It is ignorant to think that this would NOT be the case. Another example of this concept would be sickle cell anemia, which occurs in African populations, which is an mutation that protects against malaria.

This is a very taboo topic to discuss in our "everybody is equal kum ba ya" world. These discoveries highlight the differences of ethnic groups, which makes people butthurt because of course "Everybody is the same"

Genetic mutations found to......
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posted on Jul, 3 2014 @ 02:29 PM
a reply to: CZ75P01

CZ7, yours are the only responses with a scientific basis. No surprise that when the R-word is mentioned, most people respond with impotent non-statements or feel-good, 'common sense' assumptions.

Race is a touchy issue -- I get that. But it can be discussed respectfully and productively. Baffling, the way some people shut down and become defensive when questions like this are raised. I imagine folks back in 15th century Europe would have reacted similarly to critics of the church.

A century ago it was established that genetics determine physical traits such as height, hair and skin. More recent studies indicate that intelligence and aggression are also, at least in part, influenced by genetics.
So why do some find it so disturbing to consider that genetics also influence behavior?

The ambiguous definition of race has been brought up. The word seems to mean many different things to people in modern society. In unbiased scientific terms, a race is simply a group of people sharing similar genetic patterns. We are all human beings. Acknowledging and understanding our differences can only serve to bring us closer together.
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posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: OpenMindedRealist

You need to read up on how significant those genetic traits you keep going on about actually are. Sure the physical things still stand, but for the rest, it seems to me you're surfing on twenty year old data.

In modern study after modern study, environmental factors are proving themselves to be of greater influence that genetics in most if not every psychological traits. Turns out genes are merely predisposition. And complicated predisposion at that. For example, the aggressivity gene ? If raised in non-abusive homes, it appears that the people with that gene are even less prone to violence than those without.

posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 05:04 PM

originally posted by: ArtemisE
a reply to: Degradation33

That's because his findings were the opposite of what evolution predicts. Leading people to assume he was putting his personal philosophy into the evidence. Evolution works the opposite way. By mixing we get rid of genetic defects. Most genetic diseases take both parents having the faulty gene for it to be passed to the child. So a black/ white mix means no sicklecell or skin cancer. FOR the remainder of the mixed persons genetic line. They will never have to worry about any genetic defects that take both parents having them.

That's not entirely true. It only means that for the first generation there will be no sickle cell and only if the white had no prior black heritage, and even blacks get skin cancer; they are only resistant to it because they have more melanin.

As you go down the generations, so long as the sickle cell gene survives, as it has a 25% chance to do in each of the couple's children, and then again for every generation on down, there is a chance it will run into another child who also carries that gene.

Mixing a black parent with a white only dilutes the pool. It doesn't eliminate it.

posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 05:06 PM
I would say that for many things, your ethnicity likely only predisposes you through culture rather than genetics. And for those remaining things that you are predisposed to through genes? Well, those aren't set in stone for a ethnicity, either. There is always going to be a bell curve; it's just the range of that curve that will adjust.

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: Ismail
Of course environmental factors are the primary influence on behavior. Nowhere did I deny that in my post.

Genes are only a predisposition -- you said it yourself. However I do not consider that any less significant than predisposition to cancer or alcoholism. We are just beginning to understand the complex interactions between genes, behavior, and the mind.

You made my point by rushing to refute my statements without considering them. People are not inclined to think critically about race and genetics. I blame the mental chains of modern political-correctness.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 02:15 AM
a reply to: JohnnyCanuck

Critic: Hey, your book about race has no scientific basis! You must back it up with studies.

Writer: OK, I will apply for a grant to fund such a study.

Critic: Over my dead body!

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 04:13 AM
Yeah... the basic premise here is correct if anyone likes it or not.

The Chinese are "winning" hard, and we honestly don't need to go into the genetics to figure out why.

Americas philosophy is just a BS racist as hell philosophy like any other, in it's own way it's identical to Nazi Germany, just reversed, but it's still a Master Race principal. We are to be a "superior" culture via integration of various genetics as opposed to isolation of preferred genetics. Whop dee doo... someone show me the "diversity" lol, when there are no races or cultures there is no "diversity either... 2 ends of the same circle of dog poo

Why are the Chinese "winning" if essentially we both are on to respective "Master Race" ends of the spectrum?

Unity, Culture, Shared values.

They are collective because mainly even though they are a "govt sponsored culture" just like US, they have commonalities to unite around... we are torn the heck apart, our "freedom" to do whatever we want (in regards to lifestyle) has led to a valueless culture a terrible work ethic and a fractured family life... no "Unity" everyone has a different agenda

China is a lot more like America was on the rise than we are now, it's "United" just like we once were by a set of beliefs (that honestly are relatively sane and grounded in progress not superstition) while they build the tallest building in the world, we fret the future, divide upon moronic issues etc, etc...

someone once said "united we stand divided we fall" no genius or racial superiority in this it's just blatant common sense, China is United in materialism, progress, education and science, no real racial or lifestyle conflicts, there is one button on that train... forward, us however, we debate in forums lol, our train has 36 buttons, we are spinning about the round house going nowhere at all...

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