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When Butt Dialing goes REAL bad!

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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 05:20 AM
Alrighty then...Lets see a show of hands out there, how many have never butt dialed a cell phone? many actually OWN a cell phone, of those who could raise their hands? Hmm... Yup.. Thought so. We've all done it, haven't we?

Well.. There is having an Oops moment, and then there is an 'OH MY GOD...I DIDN'T REALLY JUST DO THAT...DID I?!?!"

I can only imagine that last sentiment was about what this poor guy felt when next he checked his phone and may have quickly realized what, if not quite WHEN the offending OOPS happened.

An American soldier in Afghanistan accidentally dialed his parents' phone number in Oregon, just as he was in the middle of a battle. His parents weren't home, but the message was recorded on their voicemail, including (as you might expect) guns firing, lots of swearing, and the son yelling about problems he was having with his gun as well as the need for more ammunition.

Now everyone but the goober wayyyy in the back who still insists they never had one happen....(suspicious look)..everyone else knows even a butt dialed call mercifully ends, eventually.

However, as the last little twist to this story shows, even the END of this call can't be called a positive thing. Oh...goodness...that may have been the worst part for dear old Mom.

the call cut off just as another soldier yelled "Incoming! RPG!"

So, the next time you make a little oopsy to dial someone you really REALLY hadn't meant to at the moment it happened? Remember....unless you were with the "other" woman when the first woman got dialed or can ALWAYS be worse.

Indeed, I believe this soldier showed Oops can always be much worse. I doubt he meant to be inspirational, but funny how these things work out too, eh? (Feel inspired to LOCK your screens! lol)

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 05:31 AM
Luckily never had that happen ..
Though have sent drunk texts to people ..

Just hope he didnt give his parents a coronary with a call during a firefight .. can imagine their reaction upon hearing the message ..

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 05:48 AM
This is a crazy story! Never had anything that wild happen to me! I can only image what his parents were thinking.

I hope no one minds if I add a pocket dial story here too

I was a senior in high school and went to a class party. My class only had 32 people in it so we all knew each other really well. This was back when Nokia phones were brand new, and everyone that owned one had fancy colored face-plates and those blinky antenna accessories

So lots of people were drinking and some of us were smoking cigarettes. (Trying to be cool I guess
) We were using this life-sized bronze/brass fish to ash our smokes in and a buddy of mine tossed his half smoked cig into the fish cause he was not a full time smoker. Well the smoke from the burning cig started building up inside this metal fish and started to puff out the top. We all started jokingly saying that it looked like a bong etc etc. Well when I got home the next morning my parents were sitting in the living room. Anyone from the southern US probably has one of these rooms that you really only use when company comes over and if you sat on the chairs your mom would yell at you. So I knew something was wrong... They sit me down and ask me if I smoke drugs. I was like WTF? It turned out one of of friends had pocket dialed his house and his mother had listened to our entire conversation about the fish/bong things and called our parents.

Needless to say, parents got me drug tested and I came back clean so no worries.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 06:12 AM
I'm surprised phones are allowed on the battlefield. I'd think that the electronics could be honed in on or that a good highlevel hacker on the other side could listen in on the phone somehow. I figured the soldiers would be tech-scrubbed before going out. I guess not ....

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 06:18 AM
OMG,I would so be having a heart attack if that was my son!!!! Oh and yeah,I am one of those weirdos that have never butt dialed anyone or anything.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 06:56 AM
See, most people really do have her head up their A$$!

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000

Not quite a battlefield story but I've been on the receiving end of a butt-dial. Many years ago I was out with a group of work colleagues and had been (unsuccessfully) chatting up one of my female co-workers. When it became clear I wasn't getting anywhere I headed home, and a couple of hours later she somehow butt-dialled me while she was getting jiggy with another of my co-workers.

I didn't listen in for (too) long...

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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 07:18 AM
I have an older style phone (aka dumfone) and it's keypad is exposed when it's in my pocket. Even when the keypad is locked it can still turn off from the power button being hit, and can still dial 9-1-1, which I hate. A lot of times I'll hear my phone turn on and off in my pocket when I'm kneeling down which I have to do a lot in my line of work.

One time I was playing with my son on the floor and butt-dialed 9-1-1. That wasn't a pleasant suprise...

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 07:54 AM
How horrifying!

I was on a very large conference call with almost 100 people at work (in a call center when a new product was launching.

All of a sudden, you hear this guy start screaming at his wife about where the keys are. He yells at her for a good 10 minutes while he is trying to get out the door, late for work (obviously...he was dialed into the call while still at home). Talk about a very uncomfortable 10 minutes for everyone on that call.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 09:36 AM
Slightly off topic but worth the tell. I have never butt dialed anyone but I have had my words heard by others when I was un-aware. A lot of others, as in a whole bank branch full of tellers and patrons. A long time ago when I was a young man with young mans thoughts. I was working as a electrical apprentice. We got a call to wire an ATM machine at a local bank. All we have to do is pull the high voltage wiring out to the ATM from inside, the conduit is ready, what we did not know is the fact the low voltage system was already wired and working.

We were wiring the outside lights & signage on the ATM. We made several comments about a few of the young women tellers inside the bank. Things that would make a sailor blush. One woman who was working the drive thru teller connected to the bank got several comments. Then all of a sudden out of the clear blue a voice is heard " I thought you guys should know it's an open mic and everybody can hear what your saying" I ducked down behind the ATm and tried to get as small as I could. It was raining shame!. Worst part is we have to go back inside the bank to finish up. Red faced and embarassed.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 09:56 AM
This Isn't a butt dial story, yet similar.

One evening while in iraq(2005), was in the Internet cafe video conferencing with my mom and sisters. We were suddenly attacked by mortars, this was almost a daily occurrence for our fob. Reacting instinctively myself and everyone ran out to the blast shelters. Needless to say all they saw was everyone running with no idea what was going on. When I returned about 15 minutes later they were still crying and hysterical, not knowing what had or could of been happening. Worst part of these mortar attacks is they could of been prevented. It was discovered they were being done by a local gov official who wasn't paid for work he was doing ($750). He was eventually paid $125,000 to stop and it did for almost 2 months.

I can only imagine this is how his parents dealt hearing this. The helplessness and hopelessness not being able to do anything to help their child.
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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:13 AM
I would have hated to be that mans parents. I would have been calling his phone every minute until I heard from him.

My hubby butt dials me alot. Luckily, I trust him, so I got a laugh out of the "worst" one. He was working construction, on a college campus. Yeah, you can imagine the conversation he and the guys were having, while working.

When he got home, I asked him to check his call log. He was pretty embarrassed when I just laughed and said "hey, at least you weren't nasty like (so and so).

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:37 AM
this is why you need a number lock or a pattern lock on your phone. lol. it would help prevent all this crazy butt-dialing. could only imagine a butt dial during a fire fight and what that would sound like, especially if it was your kid on the other end. must have been terrifying.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 11:35 AM
(keeps hand down)
I've never buttock-dialed anyone.
Of course, I'm not like most of the sheep(no offense) out there, as I don't carry a cell phone with me at all times, and constantly have my face buried in it texting. I refuse to become one of you(no offense). In fact, I think men are losing their manhood because of cell phones. An old friend of mine and I went fishing a while back and his phone rang so much that I asked him to turn it off because it was gettin' on my nerve. He was a slave to that thing!

Butt for material for your thread, my wife butt-dialed me one day while she was in a meeting. I was screaming and pushing buttons trying to get her attention but she didn't hear it.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 01:41 PM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000

Definitely a heart attack for the parents, but I'm of the mind... what if he had died. What if his parents were actually able to hear his last moments? It could go one of two ways - devastation that haunts them forever and they are tormented by the sounds of their dying son. Or - knowing that their son's last moments were recorded, and they didn't have to wonder. Didn't have to question. That he died brave and fighting.
Thankfully that wasn't the case - but personally... my brother and sister are both military, and I think I would rather have received a butt-dial than never hear their voices again. Even if it meant hearing their last moments.

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