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Alien genesis, control grid, very scarry

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posted on May, 21 2014 @ 01:51 AM
This is a complex one, however, lets lay down some ground rules, and also, lets pull ourselves outside of the "conspiracy" paradigm and assume that we are talking about "others" and what occurs between them, and also, that we, the observers in this equation, are out of the picture entirely.

Ok, some assumptions.

1) The term alien is for beings that we have not directly encountered, there are many with extra-terrestrial groundings, however, they are not "alien" if they are known to us - naturally.

2) We as observers, occupy our own temporary reality, estranged from both planet Earth, and the specific aliens in question.

3) Aside from the aliens, the extra-terrestrials, and us, there are, the inhabitants of planet Earth, the second group in question.

4) We know little about the alien controllers, however, we experience our every-day lives with the inhabitants.

So, time for a little time-line in our situation:

1) Inhabitants, in their primitive state, were on Earth some time ago.

2) The aliens arrived and interacted with them, they:
A) Altered their genetics.
B) They installed devices in their genetics, for control and monitoring purposes.
C) They inhibit our actions when deemed to be threats to their experiments and their collective mind-state.
D) They swing their power with a deadly weapon that we currently do not have the capacity to defend against, and:
I) This weapon has an automatic trigger - when we pose significant threat to their experiments.
II) The inhabitants are aware of such device and also use it to garner their power.

So, they garner control, their controllers garner control, and, the others are at their mercy, however, they, the inhabitants, are relatively primitive in comparison to the others that occupy Earth, and it is for this reason, that the others are inhibited from expressing their creative potential, attempting to control the natives, and using their minds to their complete extent, because the natives would deem them as threats, and obviously, if threatened to a severe extent - as per the judgement of the controllers - the device would effectively terminate the others, and upon doing so, the natives would be shipped to another world.

Likely, the natives are aware of this, and would want to visit or inhabit another world, and for this reason, they aim to tempt us into threatening them, however, when they do this, the "clock" on the weapon turns in the opposite direction.

If the weapons "clock" is over clockwise, or over anti-clockwise, it will detonate.

I deem this to be the circumstance of planet Earth, and when we attempt to escape control, the aliens remind us subliminally of what would happen if the device were to be activated.

Then of course, there are the inhabitants, and, they are starting to realise that we and the others are dissimilar to them, and that we, are capable of things that they are not, and to add salt to the wound, we have generally evolved through all the stages of development for a species, and they have been given a leg-up, however, they are thuswise in denial of their primitive roots, deeming our behaviour to be apprehensive due to the way that they perceive our actions from the intelligent perspective, however, from the immature, primitive perspective.

The news is this, the controllers have given the natives access to their technology, and they have been using it to exterminate threats, at the moment, they have not been targeting the general population, only "dangerous" individuals, and any other extra-terrestrial race or any other control systems that they have deemed to pose a threat.

This has happened because they have been "installed" with programs to be made aware of what the "others" do and what they have, and as such are using new and advanced technology to mitigate these new "threats".

So, if the general population (others) start to pose a threat, or are perceived as a threat from the perspective of the natives (given their new faculties of observation), then, they will also have to mitigate that threat, in other words, threats might have to be imprisoned under martial law in order to prevent the weapon from ticking-over.

At the end, if the weapon does activate, we, and, any native that has rebelled against their alien masters, will be extinguished, and they, those that are being "saved" will be led to believe that we deserved what we got.

This is what I believe is happening, here are examples:

A) "Targeted individuals" - Sure there are plenty of criminals and ex-criminals on the streets, however, the "targeted individuals" are monitored because they pose threats to the controllers or the natives, explaining why many individuals whom are creative thinkers see themselves as being "targeted".

b) Martial law - and the fear that many of the "others" as mentioned will be taken away to be confined.

c) Weaponry - I had a kind of an intuitive glimpse that strongholds on Earth, belonging to extra-terrestrials were being targeted and also that they were invaded, captured, or imprisoned, or annihilated with advanced weaponry, they include:
i) The floating cities and bases belonging to extra-terrestrial groups*.
ii) "Planet Nibiru" - apparently the planet was taken off-course and the inhabitants* eliminated.
iii) Apparently subterranean bases belonging to what conspiracy-theorists call the "Reptillians"* and the inhabitants were eliminated.
iv) Individuals whom have found ways to "escape" are targeted for imprisonment on the other-side.
v) Any other control grids belonging to any others are also deemed as threats and measures have been set in place to disable them.
vi) Using advanced electrical fields and pulses, efforts are also made to retard individuals whom are expressing themselves and are being seen as threats or garner envy or jealousy from the inhabitants.

*** These races were otherwise peaceful, simply deemed as threats due to the technology that they possess.

I hope you guys can think about this, and try to fit it in with your current theories about aliens and mind-control, and also about our fears for the future.

posted on May, 21 2014 @ 01:53 AM

I hope you guys can think about this, and try to fit it in with your current theories about aliens and mind-control, and also about our fears for the future.
Will thinking about it help?

posted on May, 21 2014 @ 02:05 AM
Wow, man...this is paranoia gold. Keep'em coming.

posted on May, 21 2014 @ 02:17 AM
I'm interested in your views on the weapon and its trigger. Do you see it as something embedded genetically or something 'outside' altogether?

posted on May, 21 2014 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: SystemResistor

Fascinating hypothesis, Would this explain possible evidence of past conflict and information being concealed or dismissed such as the possible overturned tracked vehicle and other object's on these images in the centre, They have already been played to death on other thread's so I will link to them rather than imbed.
To the left is a shattered object that is reminiscent of a cannon, to the centre just to the right of the split square boulder (House rock) is a capstan wheel which looks cog like despite the low resolution and blurred image and attached around and under it appears a broken track like a tank track buried and dust covered, look carefully and it's matching track is just below and to the right with the upturned cab or partial cab with maybe two small capstan wheel's still attached but in an advanced state or deterioration or maybe I too am just paranoid and it is a rock, a very very intriguing rock.
Could your control mechanism be housed on the moon and such ancient battle remains as these be simply evidence of one of a number of previous ages brought to an end by your hypothesied mechanism.
You know it has been done to death to talk about remain's of possible high technology human or otherwise past age's but nevertheless though it is inconvenient there are such, here is another link to some more.

Memories of future past,

And not only the moon and earth what about one of the two odd strangely orbiting object's of our closest neighbour,

If you look at the remains though maybe not us they do appear to be of human origin though older than humanity is supposed to have existed, they were at least a thousand year's more advanced and were removed as though they had never been or at least here on earth a clean up project may have been initiated to restore the zoo to it's pristine state with only a sample population of the offending fauna, native or otherwise.

Could your mechanism account for this or is it merely part of a larger puzzle.
There is nothing new under the sun.

Could the fact have hit home to NASA that this was a battle field they had stepped on and could possible activity still ongoing and indicative of another presence be why they supposedly got warned off the moon or at least decided to tempt fait no longer.

Could there still be partially active defence system's such as the couldron's in siberia or could they be part of the mechanism you speak of or one of it's defence's.

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posted on May, 21 2014 @ 05:33 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

I believe Armap was the first to detect that on ATS, though I have interpreted as I see, if you want to look at the ancient slave master's face then look at the image with the astronaut and zoom in after you dl the image on the small oval boulder that is to the righ of the large boulder then rotate it 90 degrees and forgive the low pixelation of the image but you can make out two almond eye's with round irisis and a nose, possible beard or moustach like form at the chin like a goatee and at the selion of the nose above the eyes it form's a domed helmet, this may have been a monument or something to hold the slaves in check with it's glaring image and terrifying stern presence, reminiscent of a grey but not the same, someone hated it enough to blast it along with the possible vehicle and there are other possible artifact's in the far field, with the exception of that one the others were taked from the Rover and show motion blur.
So maybe it was more of a revolt.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 02:24 AM
a reply to: Inarismessenger

In other-words, a kind of "bomb" that could effectivley annihilate Earth, connected to our consciousness to pose as a continuous threat:

"Hey im trying to escape the 'grid' - *nightmare* - no I don't want to destroy Earth!"

"Hey I escaped! - *tick tick tick*"

"Hey, he's trying to escape - lock him up before it ticks over!"
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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: SystemResistor

My second post was wacked way out there so please disregard as I was speaking from emotion as that face gave me the creep's but whatever it is and probably just light and shadow mixed with low pixel digitization of the original image I stand by the first post though my interpretation of the capstan wheel is mine and others see a tube or cog or even a drum of some kind. I do feel it is a wheel with a part of the track still on it though these shots are from one perspective and may be illusory, still I Think you may be able to make something more with them on your next thread if you are so inclined.

Oh and if you are talking about a quantum consciousness disruption weapon I believe it is possible, a reality shattering device but such may be actually harmfull also to the spirit and weather you are open to that possability or not I think it may be potential that the spirit or adult non corporeal stage of our life form is probably more capable of addressing said issue and would not allow a species of corporeal entity's to posses such a device or technology but then whom said they were corporeal.

There was a story I remember a one time friend once relayed to me about a man whom was taken back into deep hypnotic regression into past lives, this one had memory's very far back and he under hypnosis told of an age when his race had learned to created mind programs and control reality, he said they created there own reality but abused it and they destroyed there own reality only to have there mind's ruined and there age to be regressed to a savage primitive state of being, I wish I had the reference from which he heard this and have not found it on the net but interesting as it kind of plays into your thread.

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posted on May, 26 2014 @ 06:32 AM
Based on my observations of your species, this planet of apes can't even travel to Mars en masse yet.
Gravity. Contained indeed! Controlling this blue rock is just the icing on the cake, and a sweet cake it is.

posted on May, 26 2014 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: ProjectUltra2013

Our observations are inconclusive on the matter and the punitive measure is no longer in place, they are still under mandate until they regain foothold status, there seat at the council is under surregate protection until that time but the symian reference is not correct as you know the viral transferrance was not complete and prime code remains in there sequence which may still activate in the correct conditions though at a low probability of such reactivation happening, until sanctuary is lifted qualxarc remains off limit.
Epsilon Eridani tangent of three

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