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ESP, Magic, Ghosts, etc; which do you believe in?

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 05:27 PM
My who's the best in UFOs got a lot of response so I thought I would add this.

What things that fall under the category of Paranormal do you believe in the most? Which do you believe in the least?

Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Gods, Devils and other assorted spirits?

Vampires, werewolves, goblins and Ghouls?

how about mind? ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc?

How about Magic? Prayer? Are they the same?

Which do you believe in the most and which the least?

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 05:51 PM
Well i believe in almost all that you said except for Gods,Angels,Devils!!!!!!!

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 05:58 PM
wow that's alot, you could have made several topics out of this one

let's see:

ghosts: yes most definitely
demons: not really
angels: (the winged type) not really
gods: yes but not in the way most people believe
devils: not really
assorted spirits: (nature type) somewhat

vampires: very possible and probable a long time ago, but not in the sense of the dracula stereo type of a vampire

werewolves: not really

goblins and ghouls: (i'll add fairies, trolls, dwarves, ogres in that mix) probable a long long time ago

ESP : yes
Clairvoyance: yes
basically with the mind all is possible

magic: yes
prayer: yes
are they the same? no not really, some aspects of could be considered to be the same, but i think they are different but can work hand in hand

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 06:11 PM
A creator who created all.
Angels - seen too much not to.
Ghosts - same as above
Assorted spirits - this to me is where demons, devils, and such are catagorized. Just think that there has to be a balance of good VS evil.

All things with the mind can be accomplished.
magic and prayer are definately different. But can bring the same results.
Magic is something you perform yourself. Prayer is something you ask someone else to do for you.

Everything else, I believe, was fokelore that grew into the creatures we have today. (goblins, werewolves,vampires, ghouls, etc..)

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 06:31 PM
I believe that spirits will take the form of what you wants them to, be angels love ones or just demons.

That they be any of the above no, no really.

God or Gods, no, no really yes we have a source form where the souls emerge and can be seen as a creator or God.

Vampires, werewolves, goblins and Ghouls?

Yes, perhaps vampires or werewolves are ancient and perhaps still around but not in the sense that myth has portrait them.

Goblins and Ghouls I think they are lesser spirits and they are amount us.

how about mind? ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc?

Yes definitely but no to many can said that their control their abilities I think we all have the potential but not many can actually control it.

How about Magic? Prayer? Are they the same?

Yes, I think is the same but with a difference view, when you want something bad enough the mind can work wonders that can be call miracles or magic.

And that is my opinion

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 07:28 PM
I guess I should have started with my own beliefs

I am not real sure about this whole Good/Evil, God/Devil thing. I believe in a creator in a manner of speaking, a energy that runs through EVERYTHING, from the smallest atom to people to animals to the largest stars. Kinda like the "force" in Star wars but it is not Good or Bad, it doesn't reward or punish, I don't even think it is aware or sentient in the manner we think of.

I think some people can harness this energy in the form of "magic" or "prayers" or mental powers which I believe are pretty much the same thing. Actually I believe most if not all can do it if the tried. It pretty much consists of focusing the Energy in and around you.

Ghosts I believe are wisps of this energy that are caught in some kinda loop that is playing over and over, I don't think Ghosts are "real" anymore than a picture on TV is real.

Most Ghouls, Goblins, Elves, etc I think are stories about Neanderthals or maybe even Aliens, or maybe even good old fashion scary stories made up around the camp fire to scare the kids. Werewolves I think are BS or at the most a way to explain serial killers and freaks like Dahmer. I don't believe in shape shifters Wolf or Reptile.

Vampires are another story I would bet there is something to the Legends but I don't think they turn into Bats and sleep in coffins.

Angels/Demons/Spirit's and such I thing IF they exist then they are Aliens or A different creature altogether, maybe from a different dimension the same for the ancient Gods/Devils. To be honest I think Most were made up by the ruling class to keep the masses in line.

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 07:52 PM
Much of my personal interest in matters considered paranormal, is really about understanding/learning more than any set beliefs. I would say that I am aware of the other side to some extent, and I think all of the categories listed, for me, deal with expanding consciousness.

I believe in spirits, and the ways in which we develop our awareness to tune into higher frequencies.

ESP, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, etc. are about developing a part of your consciousness (some people may just be more naturally inclined toward one or more than others, but I think anyone can develop their extrasensory ablilities).

To me, the line between Magic, Prayer, and Meditation is a fine one, because it is all mental/spiritual energy, and is defined by the way in which you focus and distinguish it as an individal.
Magic generally involves some sort of ritual to help focus the energy. Prayer tends to be a matter of sending out a message to the "higer" realms/the specific power one believs in, but both are a form of meditation, which I would simply define focusing one's mental/spiritual awareness.

Though i think in terms of positive vs negative energy if that answers the question at all....... (Marg said it much better than me!)

Amuk- this site comes up pretty fast in a google search, but in case you haven't seen it, you may enjoy browsing the files on

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 08:16 PM
What's clairvoyance?

I believe in everything, but I have some problem believing in ESP. Never really seen anyone that could do it. I've heard stories and only stories.

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 08:28 PM

Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Gods, Devils and other assorted spirits?

Yes to ghosts. As to the rest in this section, while my belief is also that all energy is what is perceived as the Divine, I think that demons, angels, God/dess forms, etc. are manifestation of the Divine's consciousness.

Vampires, werewolves, goblins and Ghouls?

Yes to vampires, though not in the traditional blood-drinking sense. Psychic vampires are quite common. Werewolf mythos is a complex subject in itself, and may have a variety of explanations (shamanism, possible survival of a cannibalistic cult, etc.), but I don't believe people actually turn into wolves at the full moon. Goblins are part of the Fae (and may also refer to persons with birth deformities, as genetic theory was unknown in the days of yore). While I've never met a goblin, I have encountered other varieties of Fae. As to ghouls, I think they may be a supernatural explanation for necromaniacs and necrophiliacs, though I can't be certain.

how about mind? ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc?

Yes. As does a significant portion of scientists and the military world-wide, apparently.

How about Magic? Prayer? Are they the same?

I believe in magic and prayer, yes. The question as to whether they're the same is highly debatable, as magic is an active application of Will that is often independent of other entities or God/dess forms, while prayer is largely passive and involves direct petitioning of a deity for fulfillment.

Which do you believe in the most and which the least?

I believe the most in what I have experienced (magic, psi, psychic vampires, the Fae & manifestations of the Divine), and while I don't totally discount the others, I'm highly doubtful due to lack of evidence and experience.

Edited to correct typo.

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by CookieMonster000
What's clairvoyance?

Its the ability to see things as pictures in your "mind's eye," or psychic "seeing."

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 09:08 PM
Ghosts- for lack of a better word...possibly. Im not sure if its just events recorded in certain places, or entities acting of their own accord. Im open to the second, im just not quite sure.

ESP- To a certain extent, but I dont think there is any control over it. Example, there have been cases of twins seperated at birth, they've grown up never told they have a twin, and they have the same personaility, they choose the same career, they enjoy the same hobbies, etc. They claim they always felt like they had a twin. To that extent I believe in ESP, like bonds and connections between certain things, like a mother to a child. A type of energy/connection that cant be broken. Also to the extent where people with a connection can feel certain things from long distances, like when someone knows somethings wrong. You get the point.

Telekinesis- Possibly, but again, I dont think its something you can control.

I dont really believe in the rest.

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 09:22 PM
Well I can vouch for telepathy, if thats what you mean by ESP, though I cannot read minds or anything like that. I do, however, have a very strong telepathic connection with one other person. There have been many times where we would sort of make mental or psychic "phone calls" to eachother, with enough confirmations to verify that it has happened.

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 09:34 PM
Ghosts: yes
Demons,Angels,Gods ,Devils: no not really
assorted spirits: depending on what kind of spirits yeah
vampires: sort of
Werewolfs: no not really
Goblins, Ghouls: goblins no but Ghouls yeah probally
Esp,clairvoyance,telekinesis: Yes
Prayer: sort of
Magic: sort of

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 10:26 PM
Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Gods, Devils: I Belive in one creator and ghosts. Ghosts I believe can be evil or good which can explain angels, demons and devils.

Vampires, werewolves, goblins and Ghouls: I believe that they exist but can be explained as "freaks" of nature.

ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis: Why not? The mind is so powerful and so little is known about it that it is possible. Now telekinesis is a little harder to accept but can't be ruled out. It's possible as we really are nothing but electric beings, so why couldn't we influence other electrical fields.

Magic, Prayer: Prayer most definitley. I belive that if you sincerely pray for what you need, and not what you want, it will be answered in some form. Now magic, I guess could fit the same description that I gave for telekinesis. It's possible but I would need more proof.

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 02:00 AM

Yes, of course. The god mind is what manifests all.

The Gods

Yes, but as ET beings.

The Sun God/ The Moon God/ The planet Gods

Yes, maybe, I am starting to become open to the possibility that they are conscious beings.

Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Gods, Devils and other assorted spirits?

Yes, I believe in ghosts, angels and demons, they all etheric beings, or as you said from other dimensions, some higher or lower than others. Biblical demons, are very likely ET creatures.

Vampires, werewolves, goblins and Ghouls?

All likely distortions of real creatures of lore. Psychic vampires are very close to the mythical vampire, and there also accounts of blood sucking humans in the past.

how about mind? ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc?

As believable as seeing, or hearing or being. You can also add healing to this.

How about Magic? Prayer? Are they the same?

Intention is what creates realiity. Magic and prayer do just that.

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 04:07 PM
cant say much about gods ghosts angels and demons but i do know and believe in spirits...lived in a house with a tikoloshi/ african spirit like a goblin

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 09:46 AM
Sadly, I believe just about anything. Sure, I'll be skeptical at first, but I'll find a "logical" (logical in my own little world at least) explanation for it and then come to believe. Strangely, I find it hard to accept the widely believed religion that I grew up around (Christianity) and I find other explanations for it that fit more with my own logic.

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