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Sudan woman faces death for apostasy

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 06:27 AM
BBC Link


A Sudanese woman who converted from Islam to Christianity, has been sentenced to death for the crime of "Apostasy", which is defined as the abandonment/opposution of religious principles.

Essentially she fell in love with a Christian man, converted to his religion, and married him.

She was not tried and convicted by some minor court, but the countries actual official courts. Given 30 days to recant (convert back to Islam), 100 lashes for adultry because Islam doesn't see her marriage to a Christian as legal. She refused to recant, and now faces the death penalty.

Thats how I understand the story anyway.

A lot of my friends are Muslims, I personally am Aethiest. They are trying to tell me that Islam is a religion of tolerance, acceptance and understanding. Then I read stories like this. This story seems to be singularly significant, even to the point where Amnesty International are involved.

I don't want to disrespect Islam, but this story makes me go "what the hell?"

Surely a religion that is supposed to be about knowledge, acceptance, tolerance, and love would be better represented by trying to gently persuade a person who left the religion to return, rather than telling them to recant or die. Even then, if they don't recant, their decision should be respected, even if you have no respect for the religion they converted to.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 07:02 AM

"We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged to death," the judge told the woman, AFP reports.
a reply to: BMorris

The judge also sentenced her to 100 lashes after convicting her of adultery - because her marriage to a Christian man was not valid under Islamic law.


What is definition of God to these guys?? How can these guys go on with this... they are the ones who have to be punished, not the ones who are sent to death by them. WTH

EDIT: And then there is this maybe this happens when extremists do things in "name of Alah"
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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 09:06 AM
Wow. Sudan is one of those civilized countries run by Muslims.
I say civilized because they have sentenced her to hang. In other countries, they would cut her head off with a pocketknife or crush her underneath stones.
Three cheers for progress.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 02:05 PM
Ahh religion, the big slap in the face when it comes to making your own decisions. Had a man done the same thing i wonder what his punishment would be. But that's not the point, most man made religions are just stupid, ignorant and harmful to the general populous. I would wipe all of these cults from the face of the earth in a breath given half the chance.

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