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The Tightass Australian Budget

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posted on May, 14 2014 @ 01:42 AM
Let me be clear, I am no fan of Tony Abbott, but I like this budget!

Not the entire budget, there are a couple of things I think are big mistakes, but over all I think its the right budget.

Whats right about it?

From July 1, 2015, you will have to pay a $7 “patient contribution” fee each time you visit your GP.

Yep, sounds reasonable. You might only need to visit the GP, I mean really need to visit the GP.. a few times a year!
$7 per visit is change in your pocket most days, considering the quality of health care and facilities?.. I'm all for this! If you need to visit a GP twice a week because you eat poorly, smoke, drink excessively or have a common' colds.. then maybe $7 per trip will convince you to go to the pharmacy instead!

The government will reintroduce the twice annual indexation of fuel excise to the Consumer Price Index from August 1 this year.

If you look at our income averages, our localized cities, quality of life and also consider the fact we have some of the cheapest petrol in the world.. I think there's more than enough room in our incomes. We've had it so good so long when Howard froze the tax level, I think we're being a little selfish here!

For Low income familes, the eligibility threshold will be reduced from $150,000 to $100,000 from July 1, 2015. The supplement will also no longer be paid to families once their youngest child turns six.

So if your spouse earns $100,000 per year you wont get government benefits any more. If your struggling to survive on $100k per year, you need to reassess your budgets. If you have enough for an iphone, foxtel and a car then you dont need government benefits.

People who earn more than $180,000 a year are going to pay the debt levy for the next three years, starting July 1.
The fine print is a little complicated. If you’re on $200,000, you’ll pay $400. If you’re on $300,000, you’ll pay $2400.

2% tax increase for people earning $180,000.00 per year or more. Yep, for a long time I've been saying the rich need to pay more tax! You especially anyone who's involved in mining or gas. Why? because mining and gas are making money of the Australia Dirt. You should be paying a fraction (2%) of your income back to Australia for it. $180,000.00. This means you were earning $3461pw, now with the tax your earning $3391pw. Wow, $70!

New rules mean you’re going to have to wait six months if you want to receive Newstart or Youth Allowance and you’ve just left school or are a new jobseeker.
After that six month period, the government will provide you with six months’ worth of income support — although you’ll have to participate in Work for the Dole at 25 hours a week.
If you’re still unemployed after the first 12 months, the government will not support you for the next six months — except in the form of wage subsidies to employers as an incentive to hire you.
The cycle of six months on, six months off continues.

Hell yeah! You leave school you either get a job or study (and get an allowance). If you want to laze around smoking cigs in the city all day hanging with your buddies then you're doing it on mom and pops money! Hopefully that'll make them push you harder!

And I like the program, 6 months part - time dole work, leaves you hours every day to job hunt. If that doesn't work instead of becoming a life long dole worker, they give you another 6 months job seeking with an ace up your sleeve - the government will subsidies your wages! Surely that'll get them a job!

Damn good decisions they made there.
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posted on May, 14 2014 @ 01:51 AM

originally posted by: Agit8dChop

This is without doubt my favourite type of political discussion

Captures in a nutshell the depth politicians feel for us and how we feel for them

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 02:26 AM
reply to: [post=17918848]Agit8dChop[/post The aussie people are doomed with abbott and hockey running the country. Doomed i tell ya, doomed......

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 02:27 AM

originally posted by: eyeinoz
reply to: [post=17918848]Agit8dChop[/post The aussie people are doomed with abbott and hockey running the country. Doomed i tell ya, doomed......


posted on May, 14 2014 @ 02:30 AM
It was not that bad a budget. Spending had to be curtailed. It will impact me negatively but such is life.

It is a pity that the former Labour Government put us so deeply into debt yet again.

We have to have a few years of pain. If Labour stopped spending like MOFOs every time they get in, we could have more normalized spending but we have what we have. One spends, the other pays for it.


posted on May, 14 2014 @ 02:40 AM
My sentiments and position exactly

It will cost me and it will hurt, but it has to be done.
A work colleague was moaning about the pension pain, sadly the population is ageing and the country cant afford to pay pensions any more. I will probably retire at 75
Such is life

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 03:58 AM
Friggin call it what it is. Bloody IMF Austerity, Greek style. This budget was handed down to Abbot and Hockey. It's not their budget, it's their handlers. Have you forgotten the World Reserve Bank Leaders Summit, only a few months back in Sydney? Even Yellen, the new head of the US reserve was there along with the frog from the IMF. Stay informed.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 04:21 AM
This budget re-enforces the PTB message that only wage and salarly earners must pay for the counteries economic problems. It also re-enforces their message that business is not required to pay tax and contribute to reducing the deflict.

For example everyone knows that if the GST was extended to share trades it would raise billions and billions of dollars. Not only that but that the rich and the corporate sector would have to pay their share of tax as well. Bear in mind that 80% of Australia's mining and resources industry is foreign owned, demonstrates how just how little tax is paid by corporations operating in Australia.

You will also note that they did absolutely nothing to reduce corporate welfare, they only reduced welfare for individuals. When I entered the workforce in 1969 the company tax rate was 60% today is 30% and falling.

Tax rates for wage and salary earners is just as high as it was in 1970. Probably even more when you add the GST to ones tax bracket.

Do you seriously think a family can send kids to school and buy a home on $100,000 a year these days. Where did you get such an insane idea from?

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 04:26 AM
a reply to: 13th Zodiac

If that was true, Australia would have a trillion dollar deficit, and we don't!

The only time this hurt Australia is when the Americans came over sprouting Spend, spend, spend and we avoided the recession that we were not going to have anyway. That was the previous Government.

Australia is in a reasonable financial position and when the world economy goes belly up like a dead great white shark, we will be one of the first to recover and it will not hit us as hard as it will countries like, oh I don't know, America!

The international bankers try and control all countries, but they can't get their fangs into Australia because we have had mostly sound fiscal policy over the decades.


posted on May, 14 2014 @ 04:30 AM
a reply to: learnatic

Do you seriously think a family can send kids to school and buy a home on $100,000 a year these days. Where did you get such an insane idea from?

Depends on how big and where the home is. Yes, it can be done and with both parents working it can be done easily if you are a little prudent. If you want to start out and have a 3 million mansion then probably not. My kids are looking at this very scenario right now, they will manage, and manage well.


posted on May, 14 2014 @ 04:53 AM
A painfully honest budget that won't do the Coalition any good in the popularity stakes but it had to happen and they'll have plenty of time to show positive results before the next election. We really need to break the welfare state handouts mindset that the previous government was promoting because we simply can't afford it in the long term.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: pheonix358

Avoiding a recession was done by throwing lots of money into the growing hole to clog it up for a while, that worked, for a while. We are in a decent position in that we are closer to the lowest end in the world for debt as a percentage of GDP. It equates to owing $100,000 on a $600,00 mortgage, so I read in a financial column a couple of days back.

People in Australia forget about our supply lines if an end-times-proportion crash hit the stock markets. Two to three weeks later everything not grown or produced in our country will cease to arrive, if mayhem has not already intervened.

The international bankers do a good job of controlling countries, even Australia. Which is why we are following the US model of Greed is better than the welfare of the population. There is the Reserve Bank in Australia, just like America. A privately owned company despite it's governmental attachments, that dictates the country's financial direction.

If things were as they appear and there was always more, we would be living in a fairy tale world.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 05:15 AM

originally posted by: Oldie48
There is the Reserve Bank in Australia, just like America. A privately owned company despite it's governmental attachments, that dictates the country's financial direction.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is NOT a private company.... where do you get that silly idea from? shows it is government owned.

As to the budget, wait for the labor supporters to start whining about it. They are upset that Abbott stopped the illegals arriving here by boat very quickly, and now the people smugglers know the days of their massive earnings they had under labor's open door, red carpet policy are over.
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posted on May, 14 2014 @ 06:02 AM
This budget goes beyond a fiscal disaster. This budget was based on a blatant wag the dog and apparently most of you idiots fell for it hook line and sinker. There was no budget emergency. You were lied to.
More, if you voted liberal...then you have joyfully lept into the arms of the very same people, this site and others around the world have been talking about and actively fighting against for 50 years, betraying yourself and your fellow countrymen in the process.

You haven't just screwed your own economy by the application of hypocritical austerity measures that were proven not to be required - or to work in every single country they have been similarly forcibly applied in - you have just willingly and legally promoted the upper 2% of billionaires to feudalistic Lord status via a corporate welfare bill that outstripped any social welfare bill you ever had by tripple. YOU just gave YOUR money to the people you come here to whine about!

Not just this... oh no. You very special smart monkeys have done it by willingly selling out the very values your entire nation is founded on! If you dont know what those values are and were among the "common people", they were courage, mate-ship, integrity, the principles of community, of active compassion, of a fair go, of simple human decency.

You're invaded and they didn't have to fire a shot. They didn't need to. You did all their work for them see. Between those ears of yours. Did you really think these slave bosses worked for their pay? You half witted gits, this is HOW "they" do what they do. THIS is THE game and you have been PLAYED. You are a victim.... and you don't even know it.

All that they had to do was to set the plan and choose the right gimps dumb enough to take the bait and set it in motion. Men who at root, had no personal power, have no honor, have no character, few values, loads of greed and are willing to die within so long as they dont suffer in this life. Unbelievably your country voted in a Prime Minister who had NO DECLARED POLICIES! WTF is wrong with that picture ? How did that happen? Who does that?

Ah..."stop the boats"..right. Australia's version of the 'yes we can ' mantra, specially attuned to the Aussie inner racist.
Bigotry, fear, security. Some 'big brown men are coming to steal whats 'rightfully' yours" hm? How do you think after decades of community support for asylum seekers that THAT message somehow got in to the Aussie psyche and stuck in above all good common sense and conscience? THIS is how they do it!

They ALREADY have your media and money. They have gained coercive control over your government, filled their heads with the same sado-babble of nonsensical Orwellian abuser double speak as they have with governments EVERYWHERE. They used their media to incrementally feed your bigotry just enough with endless TV and media programming; tap your fears, suck up to your inner hatreds and prejudices just enough to have them sit there simmering. Then they start to really twist the facts and psycho-linguistically work their spin so well, day after day baiting your ego and greed, they remove your power of critical analysis which is, your pathway to right action and conscience.

They sued your truly good nature and your good nature lost. They used it so well, the simple common decency of " no we dont want people drowning at sea' - to slip past every defense of education and instinct you have. And then they sat there...plucking your strings as they chose until one day you walked into a voting box and ticked yes for a government whose ACTUAL policies were not even disclosed to you! Yes you were that dumb!!

All the rest..this budget..what is to come now..well, your bring it on yourselves. These are just what happens next' after you surrender all that you are, to keep what you think you have. They are THAT good at this and if you truly want to deny your ignorance then grow the f*ck up! GET IT and GET IT FAST.

From here, you've got about 7 years until its game over entirely. You don't seem to recognize at all, that all the medium game aims and goals of "them" - in Australia's case, 'them' is represented by the IPA , a supposed "think tank" of transnational oligarchs who are the *founding* members of the Liberals - have come to fruition in this budget 2014. Its not just about what is in it, but HOW they got whats in it, in it.

This fiscal coup is proof not just of pacification, rather it is the next visible step in the process of your enslavement. It has reduced you already to an economic unit rather than a human being and soon you are to be locked into a cradle to grave laboring life of blind or willing servitude that will slowly betray you and eventually, will as it consumes itself, consume every luxury within and without that you posses.

You have just aided them to adjust the collar about your neck, one that eventually, will see your lives and your grand children's lives contain no semblance of the right to life, and no meaningful individual or collective civil rights. You will have no power to affect change, no power save what they give you to influence or alter government policy at all. THIS is the very reason why they formed this party in the first instance!You DIDN'T vote in Liberal when you voted in Tony Abbott - you voted in the NWO!

Even if there was a soul in the body of a liberal politician right now and they are not being actively complicit or acting without informed choice, they are still being held hostage to and by these men! Even if Abbott got double disillusioned out of office tomorrow and all the budget change was rolled back, THEY STILL WON.

The IPA which is not a public affairs group and has NO right to influence government policy as a private corporation, is the very same group that did this wag dog switcharoo to the economies and societies of the USA, UK, Argentina, Greece and Spain. These are patient people. Even if it fails for them, they win as they gain insight and intelligence all the better to prepare them next time around.
Did you think Australia was immune from them somehow? This is a global war for CONTROL of YOU not your $. Did you think it was just a conspiracy? On Q&A only just the other day the head of the IPA came right out and said this, on record for all to see who can hear

Yet, hardly a BLINK! Not a grunt not even from the federal opposition!

This man, who is the talking head for an unelected group of Transnational energy giants and tobacco companies, feeder leaders for the fraking NWO itself, just came right out right on your TV and told you they OWN YOU and you will NEVER be secure unless you do as they say! This is the NWO equivalent of aliens landing on the white house lawn for gods sake and all you can say is ' those welfare junkies need a kicking' ? Huh?

You come here and you clap an appalling, vicious and needless budget, negating and diminishing its real impact on real lives AGAIN doing their work FOR THEM and you stand here, blind to your own demise, applauding the misery of your fellow countrymen as if they were the scum that needed reviling in some misguided hope the big boys will take care of you? I stand here, outside the cage of wild pigs and I am screaming through the fence that they are lying to you! You wont hear me. You dont get it. You won't until the wave sweeps your own personal house away.

So be it.

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posted on May, 14 2014 @ 06:07 AM
The fact is that the over 40% of world economy is owned by an interconnected consortium of 187 corporations....
The idea countries can be effectively independent in their fiscal policy is really a non starter these days.....

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 06:14 AM
Man.. This budget for me was terribly depressing. I despise this government, and also the previous government, who almost did something right. I see these massive numbers flying about by people... Who can live on 100,000 a year etc... All this does is depress me no end.
I make... wait for it... $15,000 a year. I'm a single dad, and have two daughters. $7 might be pocket change, but until you live for 10 years, at a third of the minimum wage, with kids, you have no idea how much that hurts. It's painful. It's soul destroying. And people on $50,000 and up, say 'yeah it's painful and tough for us all blah blah blah', to me it's just damn right insulting. I know it's not meant to be personal, but it stabs me in the heart. Not only that, but we lose a once yearly family payment of $750. That money has let my kids have birthday and xmas gifts each year. It was a lifeline.

I just can't fathom why people on $100,000 and upwards are complaining. They could easily pay $1000 a year to the desperately poor. But no, they whine about $70 a year max for 10 doctors visits... There are people on $150,000 a year, individually. This blows my mind. Have they no soul? They can still wear thousand dollars suits and drive mega $ cars around and be hit with a $10,000 yearly 'being a rich snobby prick tax' and barely notice.

Abbot has brought misery to my door. Not only that, our generation has been screwed by their moronic decisions over internet fiber. Australia is turning into a manufacturing wasteland, soon we will have barely anything of worth here because all the jobs have gone overseas. A competitive fiber network could have been the start of state of the art software companies. The future is tech based, but nope. Screw that. Game development is a billion dollar industry, the government give out $10,000,000 to help game company start ups. 10 million is tiny in this industry really. Nobody will hardly notice anyway, which is a good thing because of course Abbot has decided to end that as well. No consultation with the start-up companies at all.

So, all we do here now is dig up dirt and have two supermarket chains that own pretty much everything else and now get practically all their produce from overseas cause it's cheaper, sorry aussie farmers, you're screwed as well.

So yeah. As a (properly) struggling family, this budget will erode me further until I'm just a mote of dust in the floorboards. I'm deeply and darkly depressed right now.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 06:56 AM

originally posted by: stirling
The fact is that the over 40% of world economy is owned by an interconnected consortium of 187 corporations....
The idea countries can be effectively independent in their fiscal policy is really a non starter these days.....

Australia, surprisingly..was a late bloomer and they don't pluck fruit until its ripe. It was one of few societies left, actual democracy was working very well, not even really was. It was also one of the last vestiges of real collective humanity, a place where people could mature, left in the world. But 'we' can't have that. Pesky thinking empowered mature people are a hindrance. If it does survive and grows up in time to see the con before their next abuse cycle, the Australian people will owe a lot to the unicorns who stayed awake instead of falling asleep just to show us all how this game works.


posted on May, 14 2014 @ 07:16 AM
Actually, the Guardian had an interesting article essentially stating that the budget will not help the bottom line that much at all, but it will help the Liberal government

Well worth a read. Also this.

I discussed the budget with my students in class today - we spent most of the day looking in detail and the unanimous verdict from my students is that this budget will hurt them.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: Qumulys

Heya Qum

I have twice weekly Dr visit and large script counts and may loose my home as well if some budget things pass Senate. So right beside you mate...especially as a sole mum here as well. As I just told my son though, we've always been broke' and somehow we have always come through. We will now too. He thought we used to be rich as he remembers a happy childhood without want, though I just tell him the truth now he is old enough, we never were, it's just that I never let us feel like we weren't.
So in terms of fight back I am starting there.

Money comes and goes, but this budget is as close to getting to 'me' and to that attitude of mine that they've ever come. Not just in how depressed /affected I feel right now as a stateless undocumented Australian 'citizen for tax purposes' who is apparently a 'scumbag hippy' now as well, but in MY buying into the con myself, falling for it for a little while in that reaction to it. I fell for their lie that money is what this is has ever been about at all.

I am glad I got a reminder today, it isn't, that its about so much more and where it counts I am gina rineheart and so are you. As my son just told me two seconds ago, 65000 people have already signed up for a march local to me only announced today at 2pm and whether it helps political things or not, changes things or not, it still feels GOOD to know there are at least that many people out there, who DO get it, who dont buy the lies, who are equally as disgusted as we are at this ideological and social coup AND its consequences here and now, and long term.

It matters they stand up, not just for Australia but for us, and they are doing that, or at least to me it feels they do even if it serves them too. Social silence kills us long before we are dead. Maybe Australia finally realizes better now, just what they have had and how precious it has been. Maybe now they will work and will fight to keep it.

Hang in there mate.


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posted on May, 14 2014 @ 07:28 AM
This just about sums up my thoughts on the Budget this year:

Australia’s poor will be abolished, as part of wide-ranging cuts announced in last night’s Federal budget.

Citing increasing cost pressures and a ballooning budget deficit, Treasurer Joe Hockey said the cuts were necessary to ensure Australia remained competitive. “We said we’re going to cut down on waste and that’s what we intend to do. Having poor people is an extravagance that, quite simply, we cannot afford. The age of entitlement is over”.

The abolished poor people will be used to make new roads.

This Budget will put already struggling people into abject poverty. I am thoroughly disgusted at the liar Abbott and the smarmy-faced Hockey.

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