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getting replies...and 'activity'

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posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 10:23 PM
Hey - is thre a way to have replies sent via e-mail?
Life is getting so crazy right now I can't get here often enough.

Finding dollar bills - ground, in trashcan (not at home), between waer bottles in gas station ect.
Brother (deceased only several months) was ON TAPE. My mom saw him twice, the third time he was no longer there. You all think it was just in her mind? Do the images only last a short time? (more to that story later).
And more - again - later.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 10:27 PM
Sorry to say, but no on the email updates. Details from the resident Tech Overlord in this post:

Hope things calm down so you can post more of your experiences.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 10:53 PM
Thanks much. Too bad though. I'd love to be able to stick with all the threads I'm interested in, but finding them again is all but impossible.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 11:30 PM
Hi Angela,
It's actually pretty easy, just go to your control panel at the top right of your screen, then click on subscriptions. Just about any thread you reply to, or start, will be in there. Or, you can also browse by category. And if you want, you can also subscribe to the categories, I think...But I ain't no veteran at this yet, so I'll let the other more seasoned people explain.


[edit on 28-11-2004 by TrueAmerican]

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 12:55 PM
Thanks :-)
I'll be trying that directly!
(Your avatar reminds me of a skynard concert. LOL!)

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