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Occult Agents Control Humanity

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posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 07:30 PM

Makow - Lucifer Is The Secret
God Of Secular Society
Occult Agents Control Humanity
By Henry Makow, PhD

A 37-year-old Montreal historian, David Livingstone has written a stunning book that casts modern civilization in a new and troubling light.
In "The Dying God, The Hidden History of Western Civilization," Livingstone shows that modern secular culture is really the product of an occult tradition that can be traced back to ancient Babylon through Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Templars, Plato and the Cabalists.
Essentially, this tradition adopted Lucifer as symbol of mankind's rebellion against God. It enshrined human reason, appetite and will as the ultimate standard of goodness and truth.

Article from

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Response to moderator: I did not post and run. I just don't have time to follow the thread all the time. I saw that you edited my other thread too. Ok, I sorry if I'm guilty of ignorance of the forum rules, but I don't think the penalty for that crime is capital punishment. So, realx, and calm down. No need to be agressive. And you could just have pm'd me, I would have done it at the moment I knew it was against the rules.

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posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 08:17 PM

I actually prefer, enjoy, the Comment: from Q, 10-13-04
at the end of the 1 page article....


also, i sorta understand Dr. M's passionate viewpoint.
however, the Lucifer spirit/fallen angel/ ?? has not the power which
is attributed to It....mankind, thru his agency of freewill allows
the Satanic-Luciferian spirit to germinate, blossom, increase....

so this cabal of elitists...are actually selfcreated, a confederacy of sorts,
of a great multitude engaged in 'washing their hands' ala Pontious Pilate,
justifing and rationalizing their 'transgressions' as being justifiable and
only a 'little bit' against the spirit-of-the-law....but not 'illeagle'...

i see a lotta Torah Path in his philosophy.. ?? ??
(for amplifications)

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 10:37 PM
I don't think the article, and the book really explain much, but I think there is something behind all of this. People are manipulated into groups where they follow a leader, who supposedly knows the greater "truth". Psychology and understanding are obfuscated as people learn to blindly follow some charistmatic leader. The characteristics and ethereal elements make people think they following in the right path, and they are following the right person. Hierarchies can be bilt by how close each is to the inner "truth". Meanwhile, the whole ideology is always just some crap that just works to further empower some elite.

These things are not new, but they are the basic foundation of much of what we call civilization. The "smart" ones better understand the propoganda. The dumb ones try to understand it, but don't understand in the more sophisticated way. Those who really understand what it is about are crazy.

As far religion is concerned, it is a major propogater of this stuff, although it is far from the only one. Did you know Harvard was founded to train people in theology? What is theology about? You learn the elitist version of the common religious beliefs so that you can be the master manipulater. I also remember reading these were the same people, who invented TV advertising.

Many of the occult groups do the exact same thing. Although, I suppose they aren't as burdened by attaching themselves to the bible. However, I don't think they have been all that great competition, who market themselves under Jesus's logo.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 11:38 PM
but JESUS products! why drive a sinful car, when you can have a christler? why but wonder bread, when you can buy the FLESH OF CHRIST? put down that hot dog, you're eatin' the LORD tonight! coke? pepsi? nope. it's THE HOLY BLOOD! delicious ichor of christ comes in 750 and 1500 ml sizes. or, get the box'o'christblood for guests and ease of imbibin' the lord! praise god.

together we will SMITE the sinful, prideful independent farmers and retailers, and bring the holy CHRIST BIG BOX to every neighborhood. hallelujah!

praise the lord, and don't forget your tithes on the way out.

remember, if it doesn't say 'JESUS' on the label, it's a mortal sin, and YOU will burn in hell!

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 04:07 AM
I don't understand the point of the “JESUS brand” statements, the point flew over my head.

This entire belief that occult forces control the world is fraught with contradiction. IF they are in control then:
    they like war and discord,
    they want an expose' published for disinfo purposes,
    they - - -

This makes no sense to me. I do believe that occult beliefs and by extension the forces want to:

    portray themselves as elitist and somewhat beyond the pale of the average person so that only special people are considered acceptable,
    denigrate and belittle any belief (force) that opposes the enslavement of the soul,
    promote those things that in other times were well recognized as being the very embodiment of evil*and
    strive to cause discord and discontent in humanity

*evil being any belief or system of beliefs that extols actions or thoughts (beliefs) contray to the well being of the human spirit.

Evil has been with humanity since the beginning. With out evil mankind would have nothing with which to strive. Evil is necessary.

Satan/Lucifer/Devil, one in the same of different? Does it matter?

Occultism is recorded at least as far back as ancient Egypt and Media. The promise has always been the same- to give man power that others (the non-select) do not possess. I remember reading some thoughts on ancient Egypt and the dung beetle. I found it humorous and still do that a demi-god status could be ascribed to some brainless creature that seems to do nothing more than push Camel dung around the desert.

People like to believe they have some special power- evil knows this.

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