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Quantum Physics, Channellers, Evolution and More

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posted on May, 3 2014 @ 01:22 AM
I was thinking about some things as I was taking a shower. I was thinking about the fact that different channellers (the ones that I'm the most familiar with are Jane Roberts of Seth, and Carla Rueckert of Ra) tend to say different things about concepts like evolution. Evolution is just an example, but if you were to take something like evolution, wouldn't the matter be cut-and-dry? In other words wouldn't evolution either be true or not true?

Let me just pique your interest by saying that our world is changing into one that doesn't have to be cut-and-dry. But back to the channelling aspect of it. Let me start off by saying that I definitely have personally experienced the channelings of someone like Seth to be true. In one of his books, he mentions that weather patterns tend to be affected by the emotional climate of that specific area. I've definitely experienced this to be true more than once. When people that I've known have died, especially when they were popular people, I've seen it not just rain, but pour. Also, just recently there was that situation with Donald Sterling and his racist remarks. His remarks obviously made a lot of people angry here in L.A.. And I can say from personal experience that it has been boiling hot these past few days, here. It was so bad that I even had trouble concentrating while meditating in my upstairs room, today. And this is just one example that I can think of off the top of my head. My point is that I've had first-hand experience in knowing that information that channellers have channelled is true. But why is it true, and what does this have to do with evolution?

I can't exactly say why channelled material seems to be true, but the reason may most likely be because their spirit vision allows them to get to the heart of physical reality. But why is it that one says that evolution is true, and another says that it is false? To give some background Seth, for example, began to say that evolution was in a sense true. In other words, what was true (in his view) about it is that we came from monkeys, for example. But then as the sessions began to progress, he would state that there was a type of event similar to what the Christians call, special creation. In other words, that human beings were created, ex nihilo. And not just human beings, but other aspects of creation such as the animals. But Ra, on the other hand, stated unequivocally that evolution was indeed true. But how to resolve these polar opposite statements?

I think that we are starting to become aware of a reality where both of these things, and neither of these things are true. It's an overarching reality that is being now explained by things such as quantum mechanics. Things such as quantum mechanics were theorized by Eastern religions thousands of years ago and are now becoming science-fact.

I don't believe that technology is going to help lead us to what is already innerly known (a realization that I had a few threads ago), but I do think that it will be confirmed with things like quantum computing, a field of computing that will be able to bridge this logical reality that we find ourselves mired in.

Once these things become reality, we will have no choice but to face that inner reality that is a part of all of us.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 01:51 AM
Have you tried the Eurantia Book?
Available in paper back now.....

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 01:38 PM
a reply to: stirling

I've never read that, what is that about? Somebody mentioned it on an old thread of mine, but they sounded very flaky. Not to say that everybody who reads that is flaky. I'd have to look at that thread, but it's hard to open multiple tabs with my old iPad. I'll try to look into it.

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