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Time Internal, Time External

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posted on May, 2 2014 @ 03:09 PM
Stand up, right now. Take any shoes and socks you have. Stand tall and relaxed. Point your head down and for several moments observe your big toes, leaving your thoughts to flow. Afterwards please return and follow the next of the thread.

What time is it? The questing you ask yourself several times a day. Is it lunch time? Time to bed? Time for shower? Time for trolling on ATS? This is your common time of your daily cycle(except the trolling, I know you are humble bee). This time represents our connection to the world thus is neutral in nature. But what happens when we open ATS and see our beloved News. Hunger flies away, Sleepiness is rejoiced by the sweet dish of whirling power, coming from the images decrypted in your mind out of the symbols, carefully placed online by fellow member who has been the same way overjoiced, from the news source he found. Shower? Ha, shower! Look at the juicy news, the great things happening at the world, no time for shower! - you inter-dialogue, and continue reading about Obama or Putin. It is no time for your daily cycle, but it is time to pay attention to the World cycle. And this External Projected Attention is the producer of our world drama, played on the stage called Earth(with galactic extension, if you like)

Time External:

In this state of consciousness the victim involves its energy(attention is energy in pure form) in patterns dwelling on different level than its natural state(the world cycle I pointed to). This leads to vital energy loss. The body weakens, malfunctions occur, the victim suffers, and suffers, than searches desperately for a cure. But for that disease, the cure cannot be found in herbal plants, neither holy words. It lays inside, the last place ones goes to seek.

originally posted by: ThePhysicalExperience
If I were to focus my thoughts on "the man in the mirror" and not "realize" it was my own "mental construct" then I could not return "my energy" back into myself.

When we, the observers* think in common direction (terror, conflict, war, and other low vibrations), this creates energy-informational structures –pendulums. These structures, like Zeland proposes, develop independence and start to subject people to their laws(to create more terror, conflict, etc.) How that happens?

Simple - by attraction. Or to be more accurate - attraction to power Image. We humans are not much different to mosquitoes. We both bite(or being attracted) to the places where the most heat(energy) is released. The media network is simply a hanging energy-trap for mosqu... Humans! But as any good trap firstly a shiny lure is offered. This lure is called - A crave for knowledge. It is assumed worldwide that more you know more YOU ARE. p-o-i-n-g (you have been just conned) You cannot be more than everything... and you are... already!

So, this crave for knowledge creates the lust to attend to more and more knowledge rewarding experiences(like watching the news). Than what happens: Bunch of people turn their minds and attention to common event(subconsciously sending psyching energy) , thus the pendulums of Zeland start to swing and live on their own. I would not touch in details, topics like origins of creations, aliens, and such, just believe your gut.

Like a replica of Momo, I am trying to explain you, my dear chihuahuas and chubbchubbs, that you are deceived out of your Internal time*

Was time existing as idea in your mind as you were observing your toes? I reckon not. Because you were involved in very specific action - Observation. You were in Samadhi, the eternal now. Were you particularly a body, feelings, or thoughts,? No. You were just the relation between points in the illusionary space-time. You were the thick glue of attention. You were everything.

Like Milman invites us to open our eyes and see that you are far more than we imagine, I do so also! We are the world, We are the universe; We are everyone else, too! It's all the marvelous Play of the Chubbchubbs! Is not exactly the same that Penelope is reminding us to do in "Abre los ojos" and Later in "Vanilla Sky". Is not that what brings the end of the reptilian rule in the masterpiece of Guy Ritchie. Yes and the solid mind(reptilian) knows it, that is why they(the evil aliens
) threw their best con against you - making you believe that you are them - but are you?

If not, than what are you?

You are That.

originally posted by: dominicus
No amount of study, No attendance in any school Can teach one to be oneself. Being is everything, Being any thing in particular is An illusion. (from the Lost writings of Wu Shin)

Well, if we are everything, and everything is the observer, than whats is left for us to do? Simple. To follow the way of nature and create another strange loop. To observe the observer.

Now comes the trickery of this thread. How to observe the observer? Ha! Answer:

Time Internal
Cycles. We know about them. The man of ancient times will follow them as this was a must-do. Then we built houses, engineered and were given technology, becoming more independent of the cycles of nature. Returning to this bound with natural cycles, would solve many of the health issues modern man has. Yet this being true, the Internal cycle is something half a mile far away... from the perspective of an turtle. But we as smart turtles, will use the river to get there in no time.(be careful playing texas with turtles, always check under the shell for a cold deck, or a hidden ace)

Here is the bugger. Every pattern has its center(just look at the flowers). Where is yours?
It is your ascent. This is your Internal time. This is your grail, your path.
Observe the observer, the only thing that matters is your spiritual ascent.

Bibliography used:
Way of the Peaceful Warrior : A Book That Changes Lives by Dan Milman
I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - I am That
Mooji: A Masterful Spiritual Teacher Of Self-Inquiry And Non-Duality
How I percieve the "flow of energy"
I met a fully Enlightened "Buddha". Here's what he said:
Momo and the Grey Men
Vadim Zeland - Reality Transurfing
Mosquitoes Hunt us by our Smell, Then Zero in on our Heat

Black tiger sits in lair. Bartender.Shall we flag this, or we flag what Putin sez?

posted on May, 4 2014 @ 01:11 AM
I like this right here! It is difficult to discipline the mind, netti netti! I had to s&f and comment so I can come back to this and have the needed perspective check! Thank you kindly
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