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Ancient myths and modern universal view comparison

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posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 07:15 AM
This thread is committed to inspire you to let yourself read between the lines, now and in future research. I find it amazing how the ancients represented their feelings in legends, but also find some common points to nowadays theories of creation. The coincidence is more tan obvious for me, yet please don't take it as a claim to proof or disproof anything. Only mind proofs, spirit grows.

Yokut Indians Creation Myth

Then out of the sky one day glided an enormous Eagle with a black Crow riding upon its back, searching for a place to light.

Lakota Cretion Myth

So we are descended from the eagle. We are an eagle nation. That is good, something to be proud of, because the eagle is the wisest of birds. He is the Great Spirit's messenger; he is a great warrior.
It is I, Lame Deer, who said this.

compared to
Symbol of the Eagle

In Earth's galactic history, and in ancient myths, Eagles are often used to refer to the Lyran and the Pleiadian influences on Earth.

The pleiades in mythology

The Inuit relate a legend that in early times a great bear threatened mankind. It was chased into the sky by a pack of dogs. As the Pleiades, they still pursue the bear through the heavens.

compared to
Humanoid galactic history

The original humanoid population of Vega soon started their own space explorations, and created settlements on worlds in Altair, Centauri, Sirius, and Orion. Some of them even came to Earth. While exploring the Ring Nebula, they came across lizard-like races that claimed the territory for themselves. Galactic wars erupted, and lasted for millions of years. In some parts of our galaxy, they still continue.

About the credibility of Hyperbase, you can start your research from Here

Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris (South Africa) has had a lifelong interest in all matters extraterrestrial. In 1994 he decided to quit a career as a lawyer and academic researcher (with teaching assignment), and started a consulting company. This also offered him the opportunity to follow his passion and dedicate more time to extraterrestrial research.
After a course in regression therapy, he began to investigate abduction and contact cases. He also started sharing information with other researchers and regression therapists on an informal basis, and centralized that information in a database, called the Hyperbase.

Hope you enjoyed the drink.

-Your boozy friend, the Bartender

posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 08:09 AM
a reply to: Egoismyname

Intriguing read, what is lost to a lot of evolutionary science is the fact that biological systems interact through viral trasnferrance over time of genetic material between species and a sufficiantly similar life form to have a compatible genetic process would if it survived and adapted over time integrated at more than the mechanical interspecies level indeed as with humans, pigs and chimpanzee the transferrance of DNA is a two way street which slowly homogenizes the biology of these hosts over time through survivors of infections so that the succeeding generations are suitable for the microbial and viral strains for whom they/there body's are the acive environment and indeed such homogenization can be regarded a macro system adaptation to any new flora or fauna which the eco systam can adapt to or adapt too itself, Viral propegation of interspecies genetic material thus over time would make even a compatible but non terrestrial species appear to be homogenous and native to the eco system and indeed it would be just that through the two way street of dynamic evolutionary biology.

Now what do I think, I believe there have been human's here for longer than humanity is supposed to have existed but with massive gaps during which sufficiant time passed for the geological and biological nature of the planet to erase most or all traces of there presence with gap's when no sentiant or human life was here at all and I believe they were not always what we would instantle recognize as human.
Six fingers with full functionality and connecting working joint's and tendon's are not a genetic abheration but a genetic recession to another species possible pre genetically homogenized and would only have evolved if there sixth digit actually served a purpose, in spain an isolated community had such and it was know as was great stature among the ruling elite of the ancient world along with larger head's, humans are not alone though as the scottish wild cat about the size of a domesticated moggy and nearly extinct has 6 claw's but this does not mean alien in the inter steller sense but can be also down to genetic isolation and even interdimensional fluctuations such as two parallel reality's merging.

Now I have no evidence or supporting system but believe that the human species may once have lost a terrible war or been attacked by a far superior force, wether various human strains migrated or were brought to earth or back to earth from other colonies or homeworld's it happened a long time ago and they left technology for us which other's wether they be alien or domestic have stolen or destroyed in the form of a large intersteller fleet originally located on a sea bed somewhere on this earth, they were few in numbers having be virtually exterminated and the strains forked off into various groups or different origin colonies, some hid in the caves so terrified of what lay above that they feared building though they being dependant on technology were now left as savages with no adaptation other then there brains, over successive generations there life turned them into trogledytes whom were stoop backed and short lived, there short lives and hard life meant that they never adapted beyond that and in time were displaces to extinction but otherse survived in rich eco systems of the jungles before eventually having adapted and integrated into the eco system, neither of these survivor types or there many varient's fully integrated and many things which the fauna tollerate they still can not having to chemically alter the unsuitable food by heating it to kill the dangerous native bacteria which there gut's can not tollerate.
Over time memory became legend and legend became forgotten but the second predominant strain multiplied and grubbed at the earth eventually building rudimentary civilization (a feint and poor echo of the trillion's whom once lived out there) and even today there descendant's look up in ignorance of there true and once glorious history or how they had once been nearly totally destroyed, they are now primitive and self destructive but one can only wonder if they ever get out there and find remnant's of there ancient colonies what they will make of it and will they assume the bulk of native dna from viral transferrance is proof that they are not the same human species whose dessicated corspes they will find in those wrecks in deep drift.


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