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Horror movie review for The Quiet One's

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posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 04:40 PM
So I think I have an interest in doing a horror movie blog. I have never been into bloging/ But I think I am in to scary movies so much that Inow the good ones form the bad ones. So I want to be the offical Ats expert on Horror movies. so any scary movie that comes out I am going to do a review for it. Even if its bad and this movie is bad.

The quiet ones centers on a College professors supposed experiment to try and disprove the supernatural. the only two actors in the movie who are any good are the main star the Camera man "Brian" and the blonde woman who is an assittant.

Lets get to the good. The director knows how to scare with loud noises and thats the only scare's in this one.

There is no big bad demon in this or nothing really that your supposed to be afriad of really. The College professor makes you laugh and gives science a bad name when he just makes up terms to explain the supernatural events. The concept of his experiment doesn;t even really make sense.

They have a couple of instances where they build up to a potential scary moment but they dont capitalize on it. they just let the moment pass. again relying on loud spontaneous noises to do the job for the scary moments.

I hate to say this but Oculus is a better movie then the quiet one's.

It looks like Deliver us From Evil could be the best Horror movie of the year will have to wait unitl July to find out

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 05:01 PM
Just my two cents as a professional proofreader if you are going to think about trying to start a serious blog of your own and build a readership. You will need to develop an eye for doing some proofing on your own or get someone who can proof for you. Understand, that I suggest getting someone else to go over your work because the very hardest work to proof is always your own. Your brain knows what you intended to say and tends to "see" it, not what may really be there.

Also, don't spoil the movie without warning!

Telling me there's no monster is pretty major, especially if it's partially that expectation that there might be a monster that is supposed to help with the tension a la The Blair Witch Project/i].


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