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I got Married on the 13 Dec a friday In the year 2013 ,,,Update on tempting FATE WTF????????????????

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 09:37 PM
Ok if u didnt catch my original thread It was just a whymmsyical Thought My Better Half and I had 2 b Wed after 19 years together an our hirst anniversery would be our 1st and 20th or our 21st
And as we Live In Portsmouth birthplace of Charles Dickens and Friday Has always been lucky for us .

It seemed doubley apropriate 13th Dec meant 12 Days to Chrismas my true love said to me .

All very soppy and Romantic at the time,,, ,,,,,,,

I dont even know how to write this in anyway that makes sense ,

Every thing I say and at times due to mine an mine Betterhalfs pain In the membrain even remebering or thinking of painfull events In both our Child hoods . So I will infer with enough inferance to leave much room for straying far from my infare.

Of that makes sense all I will write an infer 2 an alude 2 when particullary crude an rude .....An painfull ...I swear its all true;

We didnt know each other as Children but our upbringing an experinces almost mirrored each others un cannnily so.

Its as If life were pre pareing us for eventuall bonding as not only our child hoods but adolecance early adult hood both made similar life style choices..

We met When I was 35 and She 39 ...........................................................................................................

As I said our lifes were simmilar so much so that at time of meeting we were both estranged from Certain Member of Our Familys.

Me my Parents had passed on an I had to Sisters In Australia I had lost contact with or never even new to be honest as I was the Baby of my Family .

And I was 5 th actually 7th surviveing child to of my preceadinf sibblings a Sister and Brother I never met died of what was termed Cot Deaths or S I D S

Before I was born 1959 .

Hence the Gap of 9 years betwix me and Minein Nearest Brother my Abuser.....

Never Sexuall just evil plain an simle one sick puppy whom In his eagerness to remain Baby Boy more than likelt smothered my two prior sibblings.

He tries to Kill me more times than I care to remeber shoved me oour three storey window onto concrete .Water an attempted drowning was his main thing ,

Pushed me into canals water sewage treatment plant a river .And then My Mother asked him to take me to the nearest swimming pool as I was nearly drowning so often.

Him she assigned to teach moi how to swim armed with a pair of water wings,

Im Three years old at this time B T Y .

His method was to take me to the deep end ..DUMB ..If he had done it in the shalow end I wouldnt be typeing this.

Place the water wings round my ankles and you geussed yet?

Thats right he puched me in the deep end an as per useall left the scene of his crime.

Let me tell you when your three and cant swim probably even if I could swim .Someone puts floats round your anlmles .Your upside down an no one way can you reach the surface.

Your feet and toes can though.

An one of those Guys with a whistle In a high Chair spotted me or at least mine feet. An saved me HURRAH.

HURRAH for the Kid that fished me out the canal
An the maintinace man whom happened to be fixing a leaking pipe and heard a splash when I was thrown In the sewage pool,

My Big Br was Foiled again.

I cant be to explicit In minein Betterhalfs abuse but It also involved an older Bro it also was bad and due to the intelligene of readers I know you can work it out.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 10:00 PM
a reply to: ecossiepossie

So because of issues at home both inflicted on us un be knowst to our Parents.....And that meant anyone .

When # like that happens you cant even talk to your freinds about it .There was no child line or help availab;e.

Besides you feel shame and want to fit in with freinds whom have a normal life.

We both know what it was like to act out and the over whelming desire to escape your tormentor no matter what no matter how.

We both Ran away from Home ended up In Care homes Mine Better Half was Fostered and geuse what ditto the similar ocourance repeated its self this time the foster Carer / Careser/was the Abussee.

Run away trouble Aproved School ,,,,M e was simmilar although never fostered I entered the System as an Unrull Beyond Parentall Controll aged Ten.

Assesment Centres Absconded for Mnths Caught Aproved School wich for me was a Blessing from 12 ti 16 The Approved School was a stable enviroment an with a Strict but fair regime.

Mine Better Half was not so Lucky//

Any how Skip foward we meet we talk we discover that not only have we walked a mile In each others shoes.

We have worn out pair after pairs of shoes treading In each others foot steps.

We even lived In Reading a Smallish Town In the exact same area at the exact same time 1977 and may have walked pass each other.

Its one thing to relate a story or anetdote from your past.......

To a Freind but unlless they have experienced a simmilar event in there lifes they have no real idea.

Besides there are certain things you cann not disscuss unless you are comfartable and know your on the same wave length.

We were and with In weeks became Inseprable and Its been that way ever since..TOUCH WOOD .....



So we got Married last Year And I posted that thread .

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 10:05 PM
a reply to: ecossiepossie

2 Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Continued.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 10:13 PM
a reply to: ecossiepossie


Just some info about the number 13, although I don't necessarily agree with everything written in that webpage (uncertain is better said) I do honestly believe 13 is a good number.

I have it tattooed under my left armpit. It's my lucky number.

More on topic.
Your past is that, the past. I wish you and your wife a beautiful future and be redeemed in one another from your past. I don't believe your tempting fate with the date on which you wed, in fact I feel contrary on the date... I think it is a lovely day to marry, I had an amazing day that day and I'm sure you did too. Confide in your love as I'm sure she has with you and maybe, just maybe you will look back on the 13th of the 12th 2013 as the best day of your life and possibly see 13 as one of the best numbers in your life.

PS ~ Friday the 13th is only unlucky due to the events on Friday 13th 1307.
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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: ecossiepossie

I was married 7-7- 07
was an amazing day with rain and rainbows

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 11:07 PM
I was born on Friday the 13th.
For me it has never been unlucky.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 08:46 PM
a reply to: seuban

Like I said moi ossie thats Franch for me also and my Better Half.....

So we Married on the 13th for a myriad of reasons Portsmouth birth place of Charles Dickens..

His former home Is a Muesem an available for Marriges at 5 grand to hire????

We of course tied the knot at home...

Apart from onsetts of severe pain my Wife suffers and I sufffer when She suffers not phycicall just helplessness the pain madication She received was cut in half when GPS WERE put in charge of there own budgets but thats an entire differnt thread .

About hycopricy an a willingness to see people suffer to save money..

Anyhoo we cope and we are happy one of my Betterhalfs favourate days Is her birthday March 29th.....Beware the eyddes of March..

Cant if its ur Birthday....

I collect the Mail She is Giddy as on the / of Midnight I gave her a Gift a sAMSUNG ANDROID ..

Up half the night playing with It

So give her the maill looks like theres 3 or 4 B Cards and some official looking type envelope,

I go to the kitchen to brew some tea but still chatting as our wee hoose is tiny and I see Her through a hole in the wall laughingly called a breakfast bar

Suddenly She starts to tremmble and tears rolling down her face She Is reading a B Card.

I ask whats wrong?

No answer She hands me the card an starts to open the official looking letter as I look at the card She has handed me ,The one thats made her tremble an cry.

Its reads.....Dear Little Sis....

Hope you are happy Ive found you on your birthday and also your going to hear some WONDERFULL NEWS.

And its signed by the Brother that made her child hood a liveing nightmare a brother She has never received a card from in her life..

A brother that could only have tracked Her adress through voteing regisart ect certainly we never gave it to him Ive never mat the freak.

As Im takeing this in My Betterhalfs sobs turn into a Shreik of agonised pain at what she is reading on this offficial document.

Again unable to speak she hands it to me to read.

Its from Qauntock Heriditery Inheritence hunters'soliciters type people.

Informing her that someone in her Family has Died In State or something without a will bacilally and her Father was one of the benificires.

And as he was Deaceased 18mnths prior his share would be split amongst his remaining Children Mine Better Half the molestingbeast and and the Child of the deasesed Brother her younger Brother.

So that was the WONDERFULL #ING NEWS.

My Betterhalf found out via a solisiters Letter on her Favourate Day of the year ,

That her Father had Died and her Younger Brother......And received this solisiters letter informing her of this inheritence with the kinds assistance of your brother....Molester.

So for whatever twisted agenda this prick gas heard about the inheritence realises they need to trace his wwe Sis .

Done there job for them
Micro Managed it so all this info lands on her door step on her Birthday.

What away to re unite yourself with a long lost relitive!

Now this Is Strange Her Father was the 13th of 14 Sibblings...................................

Now I cant realy print let alone memorialise on my pc harddrive llet alone blog what thoughts rolled through me napper.


As they may be used in evidence against me at a later date .

But like my Better Half I WAS speechless.

Now bear In Mind this Prick hasnt seen or heard from my Wife in nearly thirty years.And has no idea of her circumstances .Where abouts.....untiil he aquired them...Health State of mind NADA.

Certainly has no knowlage of Moi or the fact we have been soulmates for 20 years.......

Now theres a whole lot more that happrned because get this!

Not only did he have the arrogance to send a #ing birthday card woderfull news a comeing you next letters not a birth card but a death letter.......................................

Is this prick an evil sociapathic genious or an idiot evil savant?

He even left his phone number inside the card

And that also requires a whole new chapter but skip a head for some more weirdness.

Just last week the cheqe arrived this inheritence was for .

Wait for it..


Yup 8 5 pounds as remember he was one of 14 Aan this inheritence was split agizzilion ways a slight egsageration there.

A major exsageration would be a GRAHAM ways but what the hey 85 bucks comes in handy when your skint.

And 8 plus 5 =13

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