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Moschino...Okay, whats going on here.

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 04:38 AM
I never heared of it until today. During my daily websmurf I bumbed onto this picture.

My first thouhgt was ..."oh, macdonald is going into fashion". But then it came to mind that companies like macdonalds are very serious when it comes to the accuracy of their logos and symbols. As a hardened and dedicated ATS member I had to investigate a little further.

And to my surprise the big "M" belongs to a Italian luxury fashion house. I collected a few more pictures so you can have an idea what they are into... WIKI moschino company info

Even celebs are flowing where the wind goes...

But if the coloring and the design is not enough for a law suit I did see these pictures...

Either macdonalds is the new owner of Moschino or some one does like a good spanking in a court of law.

What is going on here...?

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 05:08 AM
Well,I would hardly call that fashionable. Too easy to confuse the logo,and wearing a big "M" should only be for clowns. Just sayin'.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 06:15 AM
Well, having formerly worked in the fashion industry through the 80s and majority of the 90s...Moschino used to be a "household name". I suspect they want to be sued for recognition and resurgence in the market place. Alternatively the Mickey D's Private equity group (if there is one) perhaps bought failing Moschino and is doing this to fabricate a "lawsuit" scenario in order to generate a big buzz, either way the blatant attempt at press is obvious wouldn't you say?

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 08:29 AM

originally posted by: zatara

Moschino aside....I'd take her to McDonald's any day of the week.

Any day.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 12:38 PM
Moschino is a well known brand. But those tops are stinking awful. I bet Ronald Mcdonald is ready for war over this one..
..That's if he's not to busy

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:06 PM
To get us all in the fashion moodista I bring this following vid ...

J.Crew on Film: "Color Crazy"

And now down to business ...

Moschino's McDonald’s Fashion Is Selling Out

Some might howl about the absurdity of incorporating fast food into runway fashion—the socially conscious accuse the high-end fashion house of mocking low-wage fast-food workers who could never afford these clothes. (For those earning an average $7.72 an hour, that dress is worth about 120 hours of work.) But the runway show was “a crowd-pleaser,” according to Designer Jeremy Scott’s “embrace of consumer culture in the name of Moschino was bright, brash, and ingenious.” And it has attracted a lot of attention for the brand.

'There's nothing fashionable about working at McDonald's': Fast food employees accuse Moschino of 'mocking' minimum wage earners with new $1,000 a dress collection

I guess it's all about money in the fashion world,' contended Miss Brusendorff.
McDonald's confirmed that it was unaware of Moschino's collection until the company was approached by MailOnline for comment, however it has refused to reveal whether legal action will be taken against Mr Scott’s Golden Arches-inspired interpretation of Moschino’s iconic love heart.

Did Moschino Dilute McDonald’s Trademark?

Under the law, a trademark identifies the source of goods and services, and differentiates them from others in the marketplace. For example, the Golden Arches identify McDonald’s as the source of its prepared meals and restaurants. The existence of marks similar to the Golden Arches, regardless of how those marks are used, would dilute the ability of the Golden Arches to identify McDonald’s as the a single source of its goods and services. Thus, the legal concept of “dilution” protects the owner of a famous trademark from the decrease in strength and value of this mark by preventing the coexistence of similar marks. This mechanism is critical to the protection of brands like McDonald’s, ranked seventh on Interbrand’s 2013 list of top global brands and valued at $42 billion.

On the other hand, McDonald’s could argue that Moschino uses the heart-shaped motif in fashion designs to draw an unflattering comparison between fast food and fast fashion. Naming the capsule collection “Fast Fashion — Next Day After The Runway” and retailing it on the day following the show both skewers the high street chains creating fast fashion and beats them at their own game, but at the expense of McDonald’s Golden Arches.

It’s likely that Moschino chose not to seek permission because the company believes that it can rely on the defense of parody, something which has artistic merit and critical function, and is covered by law. Indeed, the law does provide that a parody is an exception to dilution, but only if the defendant does not use the parody as a designation of source for its own goods and services. In other words, the exception does not apply when a parody is used as a trademark, and this is exactly what Moschino has done.

So Moschino didn't ask and did something that was probably illegal whilst being tasteless in a poor attempt at glamorizing somebody e!ses trademark and also insulting low wage income Macdonalds employees who could never really afford such high priced fashion items, all for their own financial and egotistical benefit!

Color me neon flamingo ... but I find that revolting, garish and of the lowest order! Boooooo and Disgusting on so many levels!

Somebody, the designers boss, needs to be rolled in 100 yards of fine linen and stuck in the Dye-Master5000 for a cycle to get some contrast and get it beaten into their fashionista heads that reheated rehashed browns, because that is what color this turd is, only works well if one is STARVING!

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: DietJoke

Thanks for clearing this up. Now I am curious how this 'inspiration' game will play out. It did surprise me that Katy Perry is wearing that macdonlald outfit, I Always did think that she has taste for fashion. Maybe her taste for green got the upper hand...

Anyways, thanks DietJokaCola for clearing this up with your cool and cristal clear post.

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