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The Christmas question...

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posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 10:55 PM
Okay, so many people have asked me what I want for Christmas so far. But it's the constant "tell me what you want or you won't get anything" deal that keeps getting on my nerves. I'm a 20-year old college student, so what I want for Christmas is for y'all to pay off my college debt. That's what I really want. Also, I would like for my best friend (and possible future wife) to not be transferring to a school that is 2,000 miles away. I want 6:00am baseball practices to be over so I can "sleep in" until my 8:00am class one day next week. That's the kind of stuff that I want for Christmas. But they can't give me that... thus far I have asked for a set of poker chips (or 3 sets, since I would like to play with some friends and not mix my chips with theirs because I'm anal when it comes to wanting to have ALL of my things match...instead of having three different shades of blue chips)

...also, I have mentioned that I would like a pair of those hideous Crocs, because although I admittedly made fun of them at first, I have found that they are remarkably comfortable. Plus I have this complex where I do not like to wear shoes, so they would easily come of my feet once I enter the classroom (people look down upon a barefoot man on campus). However, I have to go to the store and find out my exact size, otherwise getting them for their comfortability factor would be useless. Then I need to pick out a color, or I would be stuck with Carolina Blue Crocs, which would go great with my red flannel jacket (which is my favorite jacket)...

...I got horse riding boots last Christmas, so that is pretty much wrapped up because that was all I was really needing for this past year. I'm not big on clothes, because I wear T-shirts, sweatpants, and my aforementioned red flannel jacket to class. I have no sense of style, even though I could use some nice black slacks and some dress shoes for Church since I've been wearing my tennis shoes the past couple of weeks (beings that my horse riding boots are covered in cow manure).

...perhaps I should ask for an engagement ring fund, just so I can start saving up for when I finally do "pop the question" a few years from now.

...I also got Lord of the Rings Monopoly last Christmas, which I have played a total of 2 times since I got the game (on 12-25-2003 and again on 11-25-2004), which is just sad. Exactly 11 months in between games. And this past time there were 3 of us playing. what should I ask for? I have three cats and a retired racing greyhound that I wanted. I have a car that I bought with my own money when I graduated high school (and I put in the money to fix it up and put a system in it and all). I think that I've reached the point where I want my best friend to become my best friend and move on with my life. Am I really at the point where I start getting lawn mowers and power tools for Christmas? I already received a tool set last year, so what can I get now. I'm in a wierd stage wherein I am too old to receive petty gifts from people, but I am too young (at least in my opinion) to be receiving grown man clothes. I'm still living with my parents, and it will stay that way until I graduate from college, mainly because I'm too poor to get an apartment, but at least I have perfect credit., what else should I ask to get for Christmas (other than the poker chips and Crocs). I've thought about the fourth Lord of the Rings video game for Xbox just to take up another gift, but they can wait until the price goes down because I still haven't beaten the second game yet. I haven't even open the third one that I got for Christmas last year. I really wish Jenna wasn't transferring, Christmas is her favorite holiday...2,000 miles away next semester, at least we'll only be 6 hours away during Christmas and Summer breaks though...silver lining...

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 11:04 PM
Just ask for cash, cash is the best gift cuz you can buy what you want, and not waste THERE money on a crappy gift.

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 11:25 PM
Yes, to ask for cash compensations would be a nice idea...

...but what about the girl?...that one I will have to wait on...I don't want to go through 2 1/2 years of waiting and wondering whether she is the right one until we finish school, but I will..., what color of Crocs?

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 01:42 AM
Dont ask for anything and grateful for anything you get.

[Edited on 29-11-2004 by instar]

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 03:44 PM
that's what I was planning on, but then people get all upset when you don't tell them anything...but I will definately be grateful for what I get...

...actually, all I want for Christmas is to be able to go home with Jenna after our exams are over, then I would be happy...

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