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Honestly Honesty is True and False simultaniously

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posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 09:33 PM

Im begining to believe 100% in the THEORY
that everyone is an idiot
including myself

Every single arguement i see is bias
Everyone hides certain facts to support their cause
It all depends on which side they choose
Its all quite foolish in fact

I would Hope, there is at least SOMEONE intelligent
like a "mastermind who created all this pointless arguement to divide and distract the entire public as to their true masterplan"
It would make me feel good to know at LEAST ONE GUY actually knows what the "Truth" is

Isnt it amazing that the UNIVERSE is soooo diverse and full of differances and relative perspectives

That no MATTER what anyone says; it can be truth in one instance and also False at the Exact same time

Thats how complex this Universe seems to be
That everything you can Say or Think is limited to your current perspective at the current time

Its a Full Fledged Paradox
Its true and false and Neutral ALL at the SAME TIME!!!!

Everyone is Wrong Right and inbetween all at the same time.

Try eating that Theory for breakfast next time someone argues about some rediculous crap.

Everyone (especially non americans) can easily argue about America and how they KNOW whats "REALLY GOING ON!"
but if you investigate further

How could anyone not in America know whats "really going on"
Even our leaders and our mad scientists dont have a CLUE whats "Really Going ON"
No one does

Its all speculation and banter in essence...
No one Knows crap at this particular point
not even the Govt *they govt may know 'more' but they certainly dont understand what the hecks going on either

Basically we are all Fools whom speak our crap
Because the Human Mind's design
We feel "Good" and "Slightly Fufilled" when we say our opinion
and we feel even BETTER when we claim our opinion is a fact

I mean; Look at me!
Im trying to be "Neutral" yet i am just 100% fufilling the statements i made above

Its IMPOSSIBLE to establish a coherant thought in regards to "state of world" or "politics"
Even being neutral creates paradoxical and philisophical implications that border on an infinity of contradictory conclusions

Basically, all im trying to say is
After reading a massive plethora of human ideas in all areas of Earth Life
i have begun to discover that No One has a Clue about Anything

Humans are idiots
It isnt a new theory
In fact its as old as "history" goes back

Plato even "The only thing i know is that i dont know"

In pure simple terms
We are idiots
Me you all of us
Pure Rediculous Ignorance
its in our blood

*probably for survival reasons*
An animal that thinks must narrow their ideas into a specific spectrum in order to make quick decisions in order to retain survival of the species
This created our "bias" views perhaps

However in terms of the Entire Universe
our bias views *which are for survival purposes*
are entirely narrow perspective induced obscuritys

they have no real weight in regaurds to anything throughout the vastness of the universe
i can understand when humans think certain things due to survival purposes like "i should pay my bills"
but i cannot understand how humans can possibly entertain the notion that their ideas are "real" or "true in all instances"

because its obvious
we dont have a clue about what is Really GOing on
Human Brain is not diverse enough to comprehend the near infinity of complexitys encountered in the Universe

im redundant ? probably but it doesnt matter lol


What do you guys think? lol

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
What do you guys think? lol

You've achieved nihilism.

You are now officially one cup of coffee from existentialism, two from phenomonology and three from where you started in rationalism.

As long as we're in "Political Ideology" let's make this relevant.

It's my belief that the defining element of conservatism is that it convinces itself it is unquestionably right, and therefore can't be. Liberalism, by definition is less black and white, more open and self exploratory. Being less sure of itself then (and willing to change), it's invariably more right...though never perfect. If it were already perfect it wouldn't be progressive would it? Liberalism then is the acknowledgement of failings and willingness to improve. Conservatism is the denial or glorification of failings, and unwillingness to change. Ever.

Conservatism can't win in the long run. And it's existence seems to feed on that very notion. It's an angry stand against the inevitable. How noble, yet doomed. Pity those that know everything. They're but clueless footnotes of future history.


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