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Pitun, Greatest Dodo of ALL-time

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posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 04:02 AM
Pitun, King of ALL-Dodos

A cold and wet spring had followed a long and a hard winter when Pitun was born in Dodoland. The crops fouled in the grounds before they had a chance to break through the crusty, poisoned soil, the young shoots eager to show the world their vivid beauty, died on starving brown branches.
Pitun was the straggler of his generation, when he finally made it out of his egg, his brothers and sisters were already undertaking their first steps to explore the world around them. As he managed to move his first almost straight line, the other Dodos had already discovered a whole in the ground with seeds the cold hadn’t killed, yet. He felt his belly aching as if the seeds were calling him. He stumbled and almost fell over his own feet as he excitedly followed this first calling of live. The other younglings pressed their butts closer to each other, no matter where or how he tried to reach the whole. And the worst part was: They weren’t even looking at him as they did!
Pitun grew desperate as the seducing smell of the fresh seeds made his belly roar. He took a few steps back and crashed with full forces into his siblings. Nothing but this calling smell seemed to exist anymore. From this very day onwards his siblings tortured him and made fun of him every given opportunity, his only ray of light in this cold and dark spring in Dodoland, was his mother.
“Mommy, why do they all hate me?”
“They don’t hate you my little one.”
“But no one ever wants to play with me. If they find something, they never share with me, and when they go out on their enterprises, they never ask me to join!”
“Don’t worry my sweet Pitun, one day you’ll be the greatest Dodo of all time.”
“Do you really believe that?” His mother smiled as she watched him drawing meaningless, but pretty lines in the sand.
“Of course I do.”
This was the one thing he kept in his heart as a hot summer burnt away the pity remains of life in Dodoland. The whole Dodo-community was falling apart, there even had been rumors of cannibalism, but that is something Dodos don’t have a word for, they just felt highly uncomfortable around those who had done it; something else the Dodos didn’t have a word for: fear.
Pitun saw his chance coming, he had been waiting for this moment all of his life. “My fellow Dodos, the solution is obvious: We have to fly!”
“But we can’t fly, we are just Dodos!”
“That is through, but now you got the greatest Dodo of all time, to guide you. Follow my lead and I shall bring you a glorious new Dodoland!”
The Dodos cheered and Pitun felt a certain rush as he jumped off the cliff with all his Dodos following him blindly.
The End,
And as always: in the deepest admiration for Douglas Adams the biggest, best and most inspired writer, pioneer and earth-lover of all times!

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