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Lost forum functionality

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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 04:43 AM
I doubt I'm the only person that seriously dislikes the new board design. The windows to quote/reply to threads are awful, they make multiquoting a massive pain and if you want to reply to two responses on the same page it's virtually impossible as you have to quote one, copy the text elsewhere, refresh the page, find where you were, then quote the other and copy the text back in.

Another board I read has recently gone to the same forum layout, and frankly I can't figure out what either board is thinking as the only thing it does is incentiveize people to not post. Atleast the other board has a multiquote button.

The other problem is with the links on the sides of the page. With the new layout this problem is even worse because a random click can take you to a new page where your post is wiped out (this just happened to me, I'm done in that thread now). I get that you want to announce Jesse but is it seriously necessary to make half the screen in a 1920x1080 resolution to link to an announcement thread for it? It's bad enough that from now on I'm going to have to browse the site on my netbook exclusively simply because the resolution is too narrow to have the sidebars.

I think every thread I have read today, has resulted in atleast one stray click taking me to the hello ATS video, resulting in me having to go back and find my place again.

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