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Our Land, Our Life BLM Land and Livestock grab 1979

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posted on Apr, 20 2014 @ 09:43 PM
This is a sad story the BLM nullified a treaty because of encroachment basically the BLM took their land out right stole it.

Bundy is getting off easy

Treaty of Ruby Valley (1863)

In the early 1860s some of the Western Shoshone people were conducting raids against settlers who were travelling along the Humboldt River and the Overland Trail. The Federal government established Fort Ruby to provide security for the settlers against the Indians, and started to negotiate treaties with the Shoshone and other peoples of the Great Basin. On 1 October 1863 Governor James W. Nye of Nevada Territory and Governor James Duane Doty of the Utah Territory signed the Treaty of Ruby Valley. Twelve chiefs signed for the "Western Bands of the Shoshonee Nation of Indians".[1] All but one made a mark in place of a signature. The document was witnessed by J. B. Moore, lieutenant-colonel Third Infantry California Volunteers, Jacob T. Lockhart, Indian agent, Nevada Territory and Henry Butterfield, interpreter.[2] The signatories agreed to cease hostilities.

The Western Shoshone have been engaged in legal battles with the federal government over rights to their land since the erroneous filing of a claim in 1951 for land presumed to have been taken. Most western states comprising the Great Basin were created by federal statutes that referenced that "no part of Indian country will be included into the boundaries or jurisdiction of any state or territory

In the ytube it discusses how the Carrie and Mary Dann old grand maws and were considered trespassing on a century old home stead generations have lived in. The BLM took land one excuse over grazing . Rounded up hundreds of horses and cattle penned the up with little food many starved to death.

Right after they found gold. Then began a huge strip mining operation.

If you watch it I highly recommend you do it sounds strangely like how they swooped in on Bundy. He was not the first this is how they operate .

posted on Apr, 20 2014 @ 11:16 PM
Thank you for sharing.

Many here are tired of hearing about this issue and it is a shame that none has commented here yet. This is a heartbreaking story of the struggle of the Shoshone people and the loss of their land to corporate greed. For those interested this is an unarguable example of how the BLM is nothing more than a tool for corporations. They are the paperwork and lies for big business that needs to clear americans away from the land that they want to harvest.

At around 14:30 the grandmother really puts it all in place. Such a beautiful story about a beautiful people and their struggle.


posted on Apr, 20 2014 @ 11:36 PM
a reply to: Quauhtli

I am past 1/2 a century seen alot of things, this breaks my heart. I took this one to heart . It infuriates me on how bureaucrats can do this to people. One grandpa of European decent the other native both sides close to the land. I can picture them in the grandmas shoes. It hits too close to home.


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