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Unable to See Mobile Posts Unless Logged In

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posted on Apr, 18 2014 @ 07:27 PM
Hi. I've been a daily visitor of ATS for 4 years now, albeit almost never logged in. I'll never forget stumbling on this site during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill MSM obfuscation. When the transition to the newer ATS look happened over the past year (around the time of the heated new emotion debate/changes), there was a solid few months when I was unable to peruse the site on my iPhone 4S unless logged in, for the right half of the post text was chopped off, and there was no ability to scroll to the right. It seemed as if short session settings required me to re-log in every hour or so to get the properly formatted forum view, which is good for security reasons and to keep the especially paranoid happy, but it led to a massive decline in my viewership, to the point of taking weeks off at a time.

For what it's worth to the web programmers, the following behavior refers to when I'm on an iPhone 4S NOT logged in. When this first happened months ago (6 or 7? I don't recall exactly), it coincided with the rollout of the brand new black/white background option along with everything else that came then. AS SOON as this option was available, my screen would default to white, instead of the black I've grown to love. If I logged in, it would turn black. During that 2 or so day period when the rollout was redacted, everything worked great, and as soon as the change was permanent, this marked my temporary decline in use, as everyone's thoughts were chopped off to the right, making for a harsh and tired game of decoding enthymemes and context. Months later, I visited the site and the non-logged in view issue was fixed. I slept well...

...Until two days ago. I had pre-loaded pages, which have been white ever since the site update happened. As stated before, the site would never remember my preference for black, and I wasn't going to get in the habit of pressing the color button and double load web pages every day. When I refreshed some pages that I had loaded, they came back with a BLACK background, and the text was chopped off. Unlike many months ago, scrolling to the right does show the rest of the text, but I don't have the time or patience to do this throughout my day (like almost anyone). An attempt to pinch the screen out (which isn't normally necessary) yields no better results. This problem has persisted since hump day to this very minute, and I'm praying on this Good Friday that amidst the rising tensions globally, this issue gets resolved expediently. I'm a huge fan of this site. As creepy as this sounds, I know the personalities of a great many on here quite well and consider you all family, even though I've almost never actively participated myself.

God bless, and thank you all for your contributions to our grand quest for Truth.
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