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posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 03:08 AM
I was sitting with my daughter today going through some old songs/poems of mine. This one kind of struck a nerve with was meant to be part of a "trilogy" type thing I was writing. Kind of telling a story.The names I used were generic,to get the reader to relate to it.this part of it is called The House On the Hill. Just wanted to share it and encourage people to share whatever they may be writing

Mary stayed at home
John worked in the mill
One day they knew
They'd live in the house on the hill

He tried the best he could
To walk that line
Always had a smile on his face
Always said I'm doing fine

In 65 James was born
Things were looking good
Mary stayed home
John did what he could

But times got tough
And money was tight
Mary stayed home
John drank all night

One night he went out
And the air was still
Took a long walk
And stared at the house on the hill

Dropped to his knees
And looked up to the sky
And as he began to speak
A tear ran from his eye

He said Mary forgive me
I've had my fill
And I hope one day
you live in the house on the hill

posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 03:14 AM

posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 04:41 AM
Awesome poetry thread, hasn't been one in months.. when was the last Valentine's Day?
Ok so here goes.

Complete in himself but lacking in all
A gentle giant sits and ponders
His greatness surely did fall
Why, oh why he wonders

And what came across
so little and blue
a small little smurf
and then there came two

they carried the giant
back to their lair
but he wasn't great
he did not even care

what he found at their camp
amazed his big eyes
he was shocked he was against he was surprised
for when he looked down
his eyesight did fall
and this is what he saw:
Content Removed by US Govt.
5 US Code S. 552a.51
Content: Record of Alien Life

It's a work in progress
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posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 10:38 AM
loves me some poetry, here's one of mine from a couple years ago.

convex watch glass

imprint the vision and keep searching
each ear open in hopes of hearing something
this great barrier reef in-between
bending the light stretching to this shipwrecked dream
listening to the connecting cable with anticipation
twisting together the copper wires exposed and fraying
shaving off the layers of discolored oxidation
awaiting some form of recognizable communication
Morse code or audible words
cyphered messages or just thoughts unencrypted
letters strung to form a sentence
equal far too much for those who possess no interest
tragedy eventually leads to search parties roaming and combing streets
concerned at the static unbroken for weeks
and knowing the abyssal depths that stretch so deep
knowing the feeling of lack of oxygen
knowing the weight of respiratory depression
knowing the needle sting and rush of adrenaline
knowing the hallucinatory dreams from lack of sleep
knowing the grave that lays so deep
knowing the ocean that plays for keeps
knowing the waves that have no memory
the whale swallowed jonah and it shall me
if i ever drift again too far out to sea

death leaves no unsightly scars
brushed by its touch more than once
each encounter counted but not enough
under cloudy stretched parafilm
under convexly curved watch glass
the moments settle and precipitate
sitting agitation free the memories crystalize in me
but still they're safely out of reach from desire prying
to piece and place the puzzle pieces back again
to pace about and pull hair, teeth and limb
to toss and turn, stir and endure sleep deprivation
to exhaust and explore the host of possible options

while the current carries closure closer
the moons draws the water higher
and floating on top the funeral pyre
the fire stoked by only one desire
drifts endlessly in the sea
drawn almost magnetically
the wreckage sunk and fell too deep
quenching every last light flickering
and on this land that grips your feet
theres no more reason not to leave
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posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 10:45 AM
A poem I wrote many years ago about love,although I don't remember the exacts,
so this is kind of off the top of my head.

Love is darkness filled with light.
It is wrong,
yet love is oh so right.
Love can make or break you,
It can destroy or rebuild,
Over love many have been born,
and yet many have been killed.

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posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 03:46 AM
This one came out of nowhere

Your mother I am,
And I'm here to reveal
The truth of all life amongst Earth's men of steel
Amongst hatred I sow seeds of
Up through Hades I bring forth
The Flower
Into the Earth's shattering core

Of Love...

Of Love . . .

Of Love . . .

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