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this is a better example of using hard data for poetry

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posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 08:07 PM
There was no love ever since I had the keys
I messed around with gods hope up to the pristine
You don't know the truth that stays hidden within
words that you aint used in different ways given a pen
I tried to teach in my younger days
stretched my hope in the hunger games
could of died in my prime with my rhymes in a closed grave
Do you see the hate forming within all of the hearts
Gods love is forever shill like promethazine on sharp darts
All I've been through was sadistic
In all ways of the words I've been wishin
Put in a mission where gold minds reach heights just to topple the children
I could pause and see the light still hatred will come
Runnin from some but the rest materialize from heaven above
Could god see me but the question is what being is he
Why does he condone evil that chains men so frivolously
From the beats I've heard
to forgetting the losses of dice games on the curb
I've seen meat roasted for each
but war mongers fighting like they asking for peace
The world has no true love
so how else could I move up
while the gov shows temps like crude suns
I ask myself If I'm ready for the hard times
All the money in the world won't save me from all crimes
Since I , can't move right without the development of my soul
My arch right meaning to me cost more than can be shown
Its more than gold

^^This should be a better example. If you want more I'll write more. Took me about 20 to 25 minutes to write it.

All you have to do is "inquire of your feelings word to word". Don't use "run-on's" when writing and within about 3 days to about a week you'll get good at it. Just keep practicing.
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