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Oculus - Perception is Reality

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posted on Apr, 13 2014 @ 11:13 PM
Where do I begin...

First, this is a MUST-SEE, 2 thumbs up film about facing your demons, both figuratively and literally. It's also a movie that truly demonstrates the truth in the saying "Perception is Reality".

I really won't even say much more on the film directly, as I DETEST telling the movie or having it told to people who have yet to see it.

However, the movie has MANY underlying themes, a few being psycho- emotional ones: facing childhood trauma, facing your "inner demons", longing for affection from an absent parent. Then it has its paranormal- physics type themes. Where most horror movies rely on blood,beasts, and gore, Oculus relies on your perception of reality.

Think about this for example: Have you ever stared into a mirror at yourself, only to wonder if it was YOU that you were looking at or a different version of you (maybe a YOU from an alternate reality)? What I'm saying is, lets say that you were staring, being extremely still, and all of a sudden, the mirror-You moves on his or her own??

Pretty Creepy!!

Well, anyway, this movie begs for group discussion.


posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 12:51 PM
It was a decent movie, up until the ending. The ending is basically box office suicide, and leaves the audience feeling like they didn't get a payoff for the time invested. Good jump scenes, and good overall creepiness, but the ending just undoes ALL of it...mostly because it isn't an "ending" at all...and that is really the problem.

They do still screen movies, right? Because it seems they didn't with this one...or they would have seen the audience reaction and changed it......

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