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Value Of Tarot Without Readings?

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posted on Apr, 12 2014 @ 06:53 PM

Please give me some advice and leave it at that. Most want to know about money, love or if they should change this or that. Waste of time if you ask me!

The "Please" is like asking what I need to know, do, now. We have eyes yet we see nothing. It brings out the nothing hidden for you to see. Basicly about yourself and whats in your head!

I usually ask my cards in a similar way, like "what do I need to know today?". I never ask about the future. I ask to be shown the perspective I need to enter the future with. Same thing goes for reading for others, which I don't often do anymore because of the nature of most people's questions.

Posting from my phone and keeping it short. Just wanted to concur on that advice.

posted on Apr, 12 2014 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by eMachine

Why Thank You! being an empath has had its toll on my being. Until now, never really knew myself being bombarded by others feilds of energy! I never knew my own from the others so gets me into trouble.

I do not read anymore, just myself and sometimes when I hear I need too for someone I will. Ends up going south since it was the truth! See it in their eyes, feel them and actually feel and Hate Me for it!

Never go looking for the truth if ones not ready to hear it! I hear it everyday and I even get upset! Only I'm Looking for it, seeking it out and need to know why. After reading OP post, I for the Love of God, can not find my Deck!

Found it! Same deck for 28 yrs, Aleister Crowley THOTH. Even remember buying it while the man was trying to not sell it to me! Said it has its Own Being! Plays with you, most people do not like it!

Best deck I know Of! Still could not read a plain old deck of cards though! That goes way back!


posted on Apr, 12 2014 @ 11:14 PM
Not exactly the topic of the OP, but since people with knowledge of the thoth deck have been posting here anyways, and there has been some discussion...

Also, for those of you whose tarot interest involve the thoth deck and crowley-esque teachings involving the tree of life. One thing that had seemed to me to be an incongruity, which I just chose to not think about too much, was this. The sefiroth are the numbers. Yet gematria is also the 'science of numbers,' involving the hebrew letters. The hebrew letters have a numerical value, and correspond to the tarot cards. Yet the paths are different from the sephiroth, and they don't just match up in this way. Also, how aleph is 1, yet is the fool, who is 0, bet is 1, yet has a value of 2, etc. throughout the alphabet. Thus there are in a way 3 levels of incongruity.

Yet it has also occurred to me there may be meaning in the correspondences between these alternate numerical values and alternate meanings of the numbers. I had always just assumed that they didn't match up, for some reason. But I decided to think about it a bit. Aleph, the Fool, is 1, which is Kether. Well that makes sense. The Magician, bet, is 2, which is chokmah. Well both the magician and chokmah represent the creative power. Makes sense. Gimel, the priestess, is 3, which is binah. Both are like the spiritual soul, and the goddess. Lines up. Anyways, I worked through these, and they basically make sense all the way through the deck. Every card was making sense to such a degree that I thought that it had to be intentional, like that was a part of it. Just an interesting thing, not sure if anyone has any thoughts.
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posted on Apr, 13 2014 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by TheJourney

Well the Op wanted to know if dealing out a deck was just a luck of the draw so we went about a different way of explain it.

Like you taking the time to actually learn what the cards actually mean. Like the Fool, Been there! Yet just because you went to the smartest school on Earth does not mean anything on the outside world!

Then you meet the Majic-man, or wise old soul that starts to break down the schooling for you to continue! Then it off to see the King and Qween, receiving blessings you know, and so the Fool continues down his path of understanding till he gets back to being the Fool again! Thats why the Fool can be either at the start or ending card of Trumps!

All of the Suits being what they are reflect different aspects of mans ideas. Money, Love, war and strife! Each has its redeming values and short comings. Trumps on the other Hand do have what AC called Laws!

Most people do not understand the word Law. Like it was some man made up crap like it is today, courts, po po and jail. Rules to follow, you know the drill! Yet we forgotten the real issues, AC was downplayed being said using the dark side. No!

That Man had some ?alls and told it like it was! Remembering Laws Man did leave behind or could care less about them. Where the Evil in that?



posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 11:02 PM
a reply to: TheJourney

I've always found the Tarot to be valuable psychologically on a personal level. A standard deck of cards (Fool-World + 4 elemental suits) encompasses the physical and mental archetypes found in the world's mythology, and the individual's psychology. When I study the cards for myself, I don't treat them as a form of prophecy, but as a mirror to my own mind, one that often times pushes me to admit things that I am, otherwise, unwilling to.

For example, I'm prone to drawing the Hierophant/Pope card for myself (I'm sure there's some subtle, subconscious shuffling trigger I'm unaware of). When this first started happening I assumed that the card was reflective of my spiritual counseling for others, as the Pope/Hierophant is the leader of a congregation/faith. My early instincts were to pay attention to those moments where others came to me seeking advice, and to reflect on myself after each meeting. This helped me understand my own beliefs and thoughts about life, meaning, and the inevitable "after-life" journey.

The card kept showing up though, so I started to ask myself: why? I've seen this card, and I know what it is referencing in my life. So why does it keep getting dealt? It was at this point that I began to study the mythological personas that qualified as a Hierophant or Pope. This lead me to ancient kings, like Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and wisdom-, craftsman-, and magician-gods (that always seem to be tied together), like Enki in Mesopotamian mythology. I started reading about these figures: learning their respective mythologies, what they stood for and represented in their societies, and the messages they delivered to their people (spiritually-speaking of course).

Doing this revealed another facet of the Hierophant. More than just a "wise man on the mountain", the Hierophant is also an architect, shaping reality for those who his wisdom touches. I slowly came to realize that I was stuck in a rut of "telling" but not "showing". Where the Hierophant/Pope also participates in the changes and lessons he teaches, I was not. I was only observing from the outside, without really getting involved. I decided to change that, and began taking a more active role in the lives of the people I cared about, and who looked to me for understanding and a stable foundation. Instead of just speaking, I began acting, helping, setting in motion the things that I believed would most benefit them.

Since doing that I've noticed a two-fold change. First, I'm much more content, and have found a kind of inward peace myself. I no longer fret and worry over whether or not my helping hand will have done something, because I am beginning to be the hand, rather than just speaking with it. Second, the people I was working with have stopped coming around as frequently. Not because they're seeking help elsewhere, but because together we've been building each other up, making more complete versions of ourselves, and neither myself, nor they, are making the same mistakes anymore.

And the card? Virtually absent since I looked deeper into it. There may not be anything mystical too that either, mind you. I don't necessarily believe in the "power of the cards", so much as I believe in the power of the human mind to find patterns and analyse them in accordance with its own environment and experiences. The cards help me do that. One day I won't need them, but until then, I let them serve as an honest reflection of myself, because personal human bias often prevents us from honestly assessing ourselves without something to help.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 02:07 PM

posted on May, 6 2014 @ 09:41 AM


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