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Pro-Kremlin movement planning demonstrations in Estonia

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posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 05:04 AM

A Russian newspaper says that Russian activists will hold two demonstrations in Tallinn in April to express solidarity with the Crimea and southeastern regions in Ukraine and "support the possibility" of holding a separatist referendum in northeastern Estonia.

"The first is planned in front of the Russian Embassy on April 12, and the second demonstration will take place on April 20 in front of Parliament," the paper said in an unclearly attributed passage. "At this one, the organizers want to point to the fact that most Estonian cities were founded by Russians or have been part of Russia. This concerns Tartu (Yuryev), Narva, Tallinn (Revel). It is also planned to raise the question of the option of holding a referendum on self-determination."

The Estonian national security agency said the individuals who organised the demonstrations are known to them as provocateurs. Office director Andres Kahar told Delfi: "We have nothing more to say but that two Russian extremists - (Dmitri) Linter and (Juri) Zhuravlyov - are trying to ratchet up tensions, using fictitious organizations and movements as window dressing."

Linter played a part in the April 2007 riots, although he was not convicted of any wrongdoing. But the other, Zhuravlyov was involved in looting - such as in the Westman shop on a main commercial street - and received probation after being convicted for stealing a half case of beer, reported.

Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Marko Mihkelson told Postimees that the "pro-Kremlin" demonstrations in Tallinn are attempts to sow tension and should be disregarded by the public, saying it was no surprise that special services in Russia would include Estonia in their destabilization attempts.

Generally, so far these demonstrations have been dismissed in the media. Despite the large Russian population here (25%), majority of them are reasonable (normal) people, understanding that they are not living in Russia and respecting the sovereignty of the nation and the laws here . Most of the largest Russian political groups as well have given negative responses towards the demonstrations and clearly stated they do not support it.

Yet, to be honest, personally this makes me slighly worried. When I look back at the 2007 Bronze Soldier riots (where some Kremlin-ties were also suspected), out of the relocation of an old war monument and graves under it (from noisy central city to peaceful cemetary with proper ceremonial services), serious riots managed to break out. A small group of provocateurs as well as false information from Russian media (lots of Russian elder people do not speak Estonian and rely on Russian media channels) was enough to create this. I sincerely do hope it will not go that far this time.

Considering the reasons of protests, I do disagree with these. Estonians are a very different nation from Russia, culturally, linguistically, in near to every way. Although this a small nation and historically become the target of many "big" neighbours, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany etc, although in the most recent history (after 1700s) Russia has been the main intruder - 200 years of slavery with addition to 50 year-old Soviet occupation, both against the will of the nation. This territory has never truly (legally) been part of Russia as the residents have not wanted it. Even lots of the current Russians living here have not been here for more than a few of generations. During the Soviet occupation, as part of the russianisation process, Soviet Union relocated lots of russians to outer territories, where the Russian population was not that large. Before the Soviet occupation the Russian population was at 9%, after it 25%.

As this is a conspiracy forum, I would add a few suspicous points. The mayor of the capital has recently gotten very strong criticism, even from his own party, due to his pro-Russian comments on the Ukrainian situation. A few weeks ago he also visited Moscow and now the city gave permission for these demonstrations to be held. Just strange coincidences in my eyes. The guy was known to be pro-Russian minded, ex-commie, but this was something that truly ruined his reputation in front of the locals and I truly doubt he would do well in next elections.

I personally do not have anything against the russians living here. Generally, most are very reasonable, normal people in every way, but there are still some ignorant ones, who either long back for the USSR or are just generally ignorant towards this not being Russia. I sincerely do hope, things will go well and these demonstrations will not turn into some riots, where Kremlin "protection" is requested.
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posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 06:29 AM

I sincerely do hope, things will go well and these demonstrations will not turn into some riots, where Kremlin "protection" is requested.
reply to post by Cabin

I sincerely hope so as well. It's interesting to say the least and not really something I expected to hear of. I would think that with Estonia (along with it's southern neighbors Latvia and Lithuania) being NATO members, any interference from Russia would not be welcomed at all and would be risky for Russia.

I would think that any 'referendum' that happens (if it happens at all) would have to be under vastly different conditions than we saw in Crimea simply because of the NATO connection. A hastily arranged affair simply would not be tolerated, I would not think. But then again I am looking at this from an American point of view which could be totally off the mark.

Thanks for letting us know about this and by all means, keep us posted on any other developments.

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 04:02 PM
Regardless of whether the people in Estonia want to come under Russian rule or not, Putin will send in his destabilising party as soon as they're done in Ukraine...

Keep use posted on future developments

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