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Jesse Ventura AMA question conspiracy theory show

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posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 12:09 PM

i actually felt let down by his AMA. For someone who supposedly found things out, all of his answers were very vague, or non-existent.

He skipped over questions he didn't want to answer.

I guess i was just hoping that he would answer questions like Nick Pope did in his AMA. Giving precise answers to the questions, and not just vague, general information.

I was disappointed in it as well. Most of the questions I thought were great got skipped over. I said it on other threads, but he actually seemed to focus on the amount of stars received to decide which questions to answer. The ones he DID answer were more like pre-made answers to the typical questions one receives in situations like this.

I cant say he said anything that surprised me, or that I learned anything new. I was hoping to get my preconceived notions in the general subject torn down, but the exact opposite happened.

I dunno, I dont get the whole celebrity worship thing either, so maybe its just not my thing. He just seemed to be pandering to an ever-growing crowd of disgruntled people eager to latch onto *anything* that is the lesser of two evils (so to speak). Its a dangerous precedent, and one I am sure that will be used in the future.
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posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by smurfy

Yep...About "scripted tv"....When my mother was alive, she would watch this one show every night and complain they said the same things over and over every night and had the same guest (Tony Danza I think). She wondered why they dont have different guests and why they keep saying the same things.

I laughed to myself and said "Mom? That isnt a show...its called an info-mercial!"

Scripted tv to fool the least my mom. Reality tv is really...un-reality tv. Anything to sell products.

posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by tinner07

So our best guy is a liar. He led us to believe the conspiracy theory show was real. He admitted here on ATS it was scripted and fake.

I just wonder,if any of those things are real? and if he ever really investigated them? I would wonder if he would answer if his show was any more real than any sit com

The impression I got from his answer was that he was providing information about certain topics and it was up to the viewer as to how they wanted to perceive it
Yes, it was about the money but it also allowed us, the viewers, to see what his crew had found out and whether or not it was credible

In other words, he didn't claim all facts to be true but merely showed what they did or did not uncover

For me, it led me to research more on certain subjects of interest such as the DIA, which is still a mystery to enigma to be sure
And if it wasn't for his show, I would have never heard about all the bizarre stuff there

I never took his show as 'pure truth' merely speculations/theories that was thrown out there

Ventura is an entertainer but he also seems pretty down to earth, a no BS type of guy
Hope he does another AMA thread

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