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wormhole and off-world travel

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posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 03:26 PM
does any1 know how 2 create an artificial wormhole 2 another planet like in Stargate SG-1? I belive in the Asgard and Goa'uld. It would explain cave-paintings, ancient egyptian hyrogliphics ( hope me spelling is correct) and iron-age pieces of decoratives

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 03:33 PM
I'm not sure about atificial worm holes, naturally occuring ones can be captured and harnessed.

They can be stretched.

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 04:25 PM
Google for the montauk project its all about time travel and wormholes and suchlike

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 04:54 PM
No one knows how to create a wormhole. It is not even known if they can be created.

No mathematics have been found that can accomplish this task

Webmonkey. Could you send me the proofs on capturing and harnessing a wormhole?

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 05:27 PM
You should read Daeniken's Books.
Stargate is just Science Fiction. He is at least a bit scientific.

If there were Asgard, they would not call themselves Asgard because Asgard is a place(like midgard) and not a people.

As for Wormholes: We do not even know IF they exists. They CAN exists in our current system of Physics. Unless someone actually saw one or found evidence for it, you can do practically nothing to them but you could do something.

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 07:57 PM
Publicly the tech. to crate an artificial worm-hole doesnt exist, though the government probably has the tech. to do it, I believe that the greay aliens exist, and that they are peaceful and more advanced but I doubt they are called Asgard, as for a parisitic species like the go'uld existing, well I'll get to you on that.

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 08:41 PM
How about if you fold space (using bending thru energy concentration) and placed a short 'pipe' where the fold is. You then release the fold. To us, half of the pipe is now in location x and the other half in location y (in reality the pipe isn't 'in half' at all, just occupying two sets of space that are far apart. In the 'space' the pipe has been stretched it does not exist, so the whole pipe exists, complete, in our universe). Travelling from one side of the pipe to the other would be as simple as stepping into it.

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 09:48 PM
What if all linear time is illusory and you access various points of experience using the ERB (Einstein-Rosen Bridge) in your DNA?

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 03:54 AM
i'm just saying that some of the ancient egyptian hyrogliphics seem to "odd" to be off actual people and "naturally" occuring events. Also why would the egyptians spend many decades constructing pyramids for someone who could have died before they were even born? The idea of the ancient egyptian gods are actually aliens seems perfectly acceptable to me.

posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 12:26 AM
I disagree with the existance of wormholes or portals through blackholes etc.Reason being is that it clearly has not been proven,not even in a written way,e.g equations/drawings to support it.Another reason why a disagree with the existance of wormholes is that the whole thing started as sciencefiction.Wormholes only became known when books as early as ``the time machine``written by H.G Wells in the late 19th century came out.The story followed a machine that created a wormhole into time.Afew decades later ``wormholes that was often only found in scifi novels or movies was beginning to interest the science world and then people began writing about the possibility of it being real.Yet dispite alot of people claim it being real,i have not seen any scinetific possibility of it being real.I`v read about worholes and blackholes adozen times and so far basically all iv learned about wormholes is that their long tubular holes stretching to other ends of space,nothing more.

posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 09:07 AM
The idea of a wormhole is more than a tunnel through space... In essence, it's a tunnel through the space/time continuum. In otherwords, if one could travel in it, then the travel time between the two points (the openings of the tunnel) would be zero. It's a tear in the fabric of space/time.

So far, they are theoretical, and they also constantly are in movement (and thus unpredictable as to where/when you'd end up). Also, only energy is thought to be able to travel through them (due to size, etc.), so first you'd have to convert the mass to energy (by accellerating it to the speed of light, per Einstein), predict when/where the tube ends, and then reconvert the energy back to mass on the other side.

That's a pretty tall order, and one we're not even close to I'd wager....not even in the most super top secret above top secret world.

In series such as Star Trek, Stargate, etc., they portray man or ship-sized wormholes...the current theory does not allow for this, with the tunnel entrances/exits being on the microscopic level.

So in short, NO we have not learned how to do this, or even that it CAN be done if we had the tech to do so.

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