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POLITICS: Protesters Gear Up For Bush

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posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 08:48 AM
Can Canadians get it together? The plan is to "Yank the welcome mat from under George Bush President of the United States", when he arrives on Tuesday. Graffiti is scrawled across a walkway near Parliament hill that is telling Bush to stay away, the noon-hour event is expected to draw thousands of marchers anxious to vent their views on Mr. Bush's political decisions. Police plan on using the soft hat approach the forces will be RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police and Ottawa Regional Police said Staff Sgt. Moique Ackland. Police in riot gear will be on hand but kept out of view, Ackland said Police respect the public's right to demonstrate but will respond "professionally and appropriately" to any crime. Where ever Bush is going to be there will be mass convergence of people.
Protesters Gear Up For Bush
Canadian Press

Ottawa — Protesters are frantically organizing to yank the welcome mat out from under U.S. President George W. Bush when he arrives here Tuesday. Sporadic graffiti heralds what could be a nasty reception as he starts a two-day visit to Canada. The black scrawl spray painted across a walkway near Parliament Hill uses a familiar obscenity to tell Bush to stay away. A noon-hour rally Tuesday is expected to draw thousands of marchers anxious to vent their views on everything from the war in Iraq to plans for a U.S. anti-missile defense shield. Smaller events and candlelight vigils are planned in cities and towns across Canada. Organizers say they hope participants will be peaceful but warn they can't control individual troublemakers or the police.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I am really looking forward to these demonstrations it shows that the people of Canada
are in step with the rest of the free world in showing what we really think of the President.

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