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To the edge of death and back.( my trials )

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posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 08:35 AM
To adim This is a WARNING for medical proceders and story combo but here in this form it may help some avoid the trials i went through. so please consider carrefully befor putting this in the short storys form. Hi everone Glad to be back . I have been a memmber here for a short time and have grown to know a few of you and a few even may know me .
Not realy sure I generaly stay in the backround most of the time.
Anyway I have my two year medical complactions to tell and realy just wanted someone to tell it to .It may or may not mean anything to you so Take as you will and a word of thanks again to a wonder full web site and the Adim and members who have shown me much kindness in this short time I have been here.
Two years two months agaio almost to the day i had a Bad accedent .
A nife was jamed into my right eye messing up the eye very badly.
The docters stiched it up best they could at the time but two months later the eye developed a caderack and glocomia and i was rushed into surjery.
they put me under problem was after the opperation was over my vitels started going down and they couldent stop it . Finly after an hour and in a last attempt of desperation they call my wife into the opperating room.
(and belive me they NEVER do this unless they think your a dead person )
But as it was my Wifes Voice was able to do what there tecknolgie wasent and it brought me back.
and in the course of the next two months I learn that i am HIGHLY elergic to almost All typs of anisteseia and pain madactions i take moe the two pills in two days ill get Very ill and more than 5 in two days I end up in the emergency room . So now all the pain for the next year and a half (not quit over yet ) I have no choice but to live with . Belive me asprian and tylonial are no help with Massive pain.
so finly after three months after the oringial accedent I stablise no pain no problems . BUT it turns out the eye isent totaly destroyed and wile I can see more then a Big Multied colered Blurr I can see .the retena had survived intact. So in the next six months I go into viset the doc once or twice a month for check ups and in that time they try a few Tek tricks to see If they can help me see out of the eye . they rige up a spechial contact lense to replace the lens that i no longer have thats in everones eye . But alas the Cornia (clear part covering the color part) is just to damanged.
and wile I can now see people and what not I see six or eight of the same persion . (like a bug?lol)
so its a no go. Now about nine months have goin by and docs start talking about lense implants and cornia transplants.
so I ask docs What the best worst case that can happen will be. 100% success they say means I will see normialy (not even glasses) .Chances of this are 70% . 85% success it works but I need glasses to finishe it off .
chances of this out come aded to the other 85% . The other 15% is failed totaly rejection the cornia and occording to the docs ending up back where I am at the time (can see buy not good leagel blind). Nothing about extended pain or anything even Worse.(Yes it get MUCH worse im afraid.
So Im think whats to louse? local anstiesia not as much threat that ill not wake up. worst out come is ending up back were im at . For a total of 85% chance of succes tothe point ill see normaly even if I neeed glasses.
well im not much of a better but with these odds and the cost being a months worth of bad pain .( the only true loss i already know ill suffer rember I cannot take pain pills at all . try having and opperation and not using pain pills afterwords you understand the kind of pain I lived with.)
But still even know the High cost the odds are real good the end out come could mean seeing normaly for the rest of my life . and the only cost i know of is the two months of pain ill pay even in failed .
Well im tuff to me the pain doesent facter in unless it keeps up longer then the two months and I point this out manny times to the docs . and they assure me manny times the pain WILL go away just like the last time.
So I finly say lets do it.10 months opperation much pain .
open my eye a week after I can see NORMALY even read a book . MUCH JOY along with much pain still healing still have stiches in EYE its self .(very uncomterbile painfull) . BUT I can see I can see JOY. 11 months .
Chrash and Burn cornia rejected lense rejected (docs says HAAA?? rejecting lense ? but that has NEVER happened.
rejecting even the stiches . 12 months desperation PAIN much take out the stiches NOW to soon .NO choice risk it .
1 year one month no more stiches feal betterstill much pain .now for the next 13 months the eye slowly DISINAGRATES and yes you can see it happing very gross.
a little here a little there . Sometimes only small pain sometimes(weeks) massive pain.
6 weeks agaio . Finle stages of eye deteiration MASSIVE Disingration begins pain behond IMMANGATION . No choice the eye MUST be taken out now.
8 days agaio opperation (doc im sorry we MUST put you compleatly under todo this ) me please please god my wife and kids need me (6 boys 4 8 10 12 12 14 years old) please god let me wake up . warning docs GET wife right after . going under Blackness not knowing .
1 hour goes by LIGHT BLESSED LIGHT. wife standing there looking very worried .
today right this minet NO PAIN FINLY after a year no more Pain . Also no eye in jan ill get a fake to put in still healing but no PAIN .
my eye is goin but right at this minit i feal better then i have in a year already much stronger (want to run around the block manny times LOL.) but holding back after all am still healing and dont want to cause complacations.
so will sit here at my pc and fiddle around for a month untill I get the fake eye just to be sure its FINLY over.
and this my friends is MY story even if its not quite ended yet I feal it will finly end with me alive and having a fake eye .
I can live with that after all its only an eye I do have another and its working 100% so just need to be carefull with it .(the only left so Its much more valuebull. so if you learn anything from this the story has meaning .
Dont trust the docs FIND someone who has had the same opperation if possible and ask them what they went through.
Now I have meet manny people who have had eye surjery and most (succes or not) went through much more then the docs let on . and the complacations were much MORE then the docs teld me.

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