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Alternative news sites?

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posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 11:29 AM
As of late, I've been looking for alternative news sources, as opposed to the MSM, and was wondering if my fellow ATS'ers might be comfortable sharing their sources with me, and all of ATS. Obviously I use ATS for news, but it can get a bit cluttered at times, lol
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posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 12:12 PM
Well, I don't have any to share, but am looking forward to gaining a few when others share theirs

posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 12:13 PM
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Two other sources to try
Al Jazeera America

Both sources will give you diff take --- Al Jazeera often publishes stories your not likely to hear about in traditional news sources

posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 12:55 PM
my other sources are in Dutch

and they use sources from a variety of alternative media's which are in English! but i'm not gonna post them because sometimes the source is bs and i already feel the attacks coming

posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 01:10 PM
Ben Swann, who's has been a guest here.
Activist Post
Mox News

posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 02:28 PM

posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 09:57 PM
Thanks for all the sites so far guys, now keep em comin

posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 09:59 PM
Are you on Twitter at all?

To me that is the best place to get breaking news from multiple sources and depending on who you follow it could either be MSM or alternative sources.

posted on Apr, 2 2014 @ 12:26 PM
Nope, Not on twitter, or facebook, or any social network lol.

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