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Slovakia Cave Artifact could rewrite history as we know it

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posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 09:52 PM

41 years ago Ted Phillips was told a story
about a Cave in Slovakia.
Inside this cave a shaft was discovered.
This shaft was not made by our technoligy.
The cave was discovered in 1944 during the
retreat of the German Army as Tony Horack
and 2 companions were trying to stay alive.
All 3 were wounded and left for dead by the
Germans after Tony's company had been ambushed
and wiped out.

There has been 34 years of extensive research in this case. Bones were found of a cave bear inside the moon shaft. The cave bear have been extinct for atleast 10,000 years. Something inside also makes electronic equipment to stop working. More information at the link below....

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