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List your personal mysticial, or paranormal experiences here!

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posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 09:39 PM
Hi, I'm interested in reading others experience with the mystical traditions, the paranormal, UFO's, and anything outside of the norm. I'll start by writing some of mine.

During the day i fast and did a sweat lodge with a local indian tribe. That night i had the clearest, cleanest dream ever. In that dream an angel, a beautiful woman with wings, almost a fairy was there. She was smiling and looking at me angelically and it was almost as if she was singing but she wasn't. She opened her arms and in her hand was a lotus flower about to bloom. My focus changed to the flower and the was "floating" in a way and as it was floating it bloomed into a beautiful white lotus flower.


I have a recurring dream where a demon strangles me and attacks me. During this dream i get close to the point of death and in a panicked state i scream, "Jesus Christ" and the dream stops and i wake up. I am not a christian.


I was smashed between two cars during an accident on the freeway and walked away with a small cut on my face and sore.


I used to have out of body experiences as a child. During gym class i used to be really athletic, one day during kickball i went running to jump up and grab a ball that was flying way up in the air. While i was jumping i thought i had jumped like a super hero and i went ten fifteen feet up in the air and i was looking down at everyone below me and i was like holy #. When i hit the ground i got up and ran around to everyone i said, "did you see how hi i jumped?". No-one else knew what i was talking about.


Working outside i saw an ORB floating around. Translucent white light. It was glowing. It stopped in the air when i point it out to everyone and it stopped midflight and flew toward us at breakneck speed THROBBING! Then it stopped, waited a second and took off into space.


Theres a few stories to get the party started so lets see what everyone else whos hypersensitive to the ether world is experiencing.
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posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 10:04 PM
I'll share, only like my third time doing so...

As a kid I remember seeing their lights outside of my window. Before I even knew what they were. I must have been around six at the time and we lived in Harvey, IL. My bedroom was set up with a wall length closet with sliding doors right next to the door. My Bunk bed with toy area underneath (because my only sibling was a infant) was right in-front of the door.

One night they came. I remember it vividly its black piercing eyes as it climbed up the ladder. I was able to move but no sound left my voice. As it crawled and got close to my face ( i have the chills right now) I began to whimper.

I don't remember much after this but seeing the lights outside my window.

I let this slip into memory, until this year when i asked my little sister if she ever had a experience of sleep paralysis. ( since that's what I was told happened to me). She recalled the exact same situation but in our new house happened at the same age. I have experienced sleep paralysis often but never have i seen a figure, I'm just unable to move and usually say Jesus and I'm free.

Thanks for reading.

I know it wasn't sleep paralysis, what they wanted with me i feel I'll find out soon. If they were who they appeared to be...

posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by YoComrade

Ive odd things like that happen too.

How about this..

I have a recurring dream where i wake up in panick with a spider in front of my face. When i fully come to reality i am usually standing in a fight stance ready to go, covered in sweat.

posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by onequestion

I tend to have mystical experiences when I'm contemplating the sublime from time to time. But by far the time when I had the most mystical experiences was when I was a kid.

One time I went to the beach with my step-father, I was in the ocean, and he was on the shore. At one point I went underwater when a wave hit. I kid you not when I say that it felt like I was underwater for a lifetime. It literally seemed like time all around me stopped, but my own personal time kept going. After getting bored of that, I decided to snap out of it, and go to the shoreline to meet my step-dad there. I told him about my experience, but I'm not sure if he believed me.

Another mystical experience was a true mystical experience. I was at my house watching a children's movie. While watching the movie I felt like I dissolved into the universe and beyond. I felt as large as the universe and as tiny as an atom. I felt like pure evil, and yet felt like absolute purity. I have since been in this state of mind the most when I meditate.

posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 11:19 PM
That would be here


posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 02:50 AM
I'm a 35 year old student of Esoterics. I've had a wild ride through Belief Systems of all kinds, like many of us here. I'm back to a planned, lifelong continuing study of Esoterics and Life--Knowledge and Art; especially after the year I'm having.

Last Spring, I came off a few month long heavy drug addiction, where I would do nothing but work, come home, get stoned, sleep, wake up, stoned again, go to work, repeat. When I came off the drug, I started to have the beginnings of what I call a 'religious psychosis', where it began with praying all the time, for everything and everyone. One day, I felt drained of all life force while working at my delivery driver job, but I just trudged along. On a long drive back to my warehouse near the end of my shift, I started breathing very deeply, for no reason. I felt like something was about to happen. I started to pray very loud (I had lost my voice from the praying in the previous week, but it was back at this point). I remember thinking that the Holy Spirit or Christ was falling upon me, I prayed a very strange prayer, in a very strange mindset. Something weird happened.

I used to feel 'energy' during prayer, in a cool, chilling comforting way. But this day, while praying and driving, I started to feel a heat in my body, and a strong vibration throughout, but mostly in my arms and hands, like my skin cells were going to fly off; like something was trying to burst out. The vibrations lasted for about 5 minutes during the intense prayer, then subsided leaving me more drained than before this event.

Immediately after I was done praying, I opened this bottle of soda pop that had been sitting in the cup holder for about 45 minutes after I had bought from my last stop. I hadn't opened it, or dropped it at any point in the 45 minutes it was in my possession. As soon as I was done praying, being parched from the expenditure, I picked it up from the cup holder, opened it, and the soda exploded as if I had just shaken it up. At the time, I felt it was connected to the energetic/vibration event I had just experienced. I felt it was a confirmation that something DID happen.

That alone was weird, but the weirder things were to come, and some immediately as I was driving down the interstate that day.

As soon as I was done praying and exploding soda pop all over the cab of the truck, weird things began to happen to and around me.

While driving down the interstate, still in weird drained shock, the cars on the highway began to act strange toward me.

Driving a straight-truck in the right lane of the highway, at a governed 60 mph, I'm used to the tailgaters I usually get. But suddenly cars were tailgating me, cutting me off, getting in front of me and slowing down below 60 mph. It seemed like 1 out every 8 or 10 cars had a negative attraction to me. I had never experienced anything like it in my 10 years of professional driving. I felt at the time, that it was some of those people's lower selves unconsciously acting against whatever energetic charge happened to me, that might have still been in the air.

When I got to my warehouse, I clocked out and had a good friend come and pick me up, as I had no energy left to drive even my personal car.

I somehow knew that I would be different the next day, and I was, after a long night's sleep.

The next day, my personality changed. Where I'm regularly a calm, considerate and quiet person, I woke up with a confident stubbornness towards some of the fake-ness of people and situations around me. I felt ALIVE again, with infinite energy and patience, but willing to tell people how foolish I thought their actions were when such was the case. Well it's hard to describe fully, but continuing for the next two weeks or so, things just got weirder and cooler too.

I noticed that I could speak Spanish at nearly a 90 percent fluidity, where I normally struggle to speak it even 50 percent without stumbling and stuttering (English being my first language). I spoke Spanish so well and with such a good accent that it was freaking out some of my family members. My voice had changed a little too, deepening with a slow confidence. My Spanish was so striking to one man that he commented that I speak Spanish "like a General."

The next strange thing was that I felt stronger, and exhibited more physical strength than I usually had. I worked delivering produce, and when I went back to work after a couple days off, I was moving pallets around in my truck that I would normally not have even been able to budge. At the warehouse and while making deliveries, a few people would remark to me about how strong I was. It was warranted, as my light-medium frame was performing beyond what it normally was able to do in my estimation which was confirmed to me by their comments.

On top of the physical strength, I also had added 'poise' or grace in my step. My body seem to make movements before I thought or considered the actions, like it was one step ahead of me, and doing a fine job without my conscious mental impulse. Actions felt automatic. Also, where I'm naturally a little ambi/pedi-dexterous, I was now almost fully so, performing many common tasks (outside of writing) with my left hand, and with ease and little thought (I'm right hand dominant).

At work, I was moving and shaking, making my deliveries with an un-rushed ease, and an added patience.

Basically, I knew I was experiencing something mystical, as it was somewhere similar to an experience I had had at the age of 21 years. I had just turned 35 last year at this new emergence. (I will not mention why I felt it was Spiritual and Mystical, cause that's a much longer story and very Esoterically interpretive.)

After about a week into this experience, I was riding on clouds, loving this state of Being. However, some family members around me were worried about the change that I could not then (or now) fully explain, since I didn't have a full knowledge or good enough reference points (nor did they or most people) to make sense of it. But on the Inside, I KNEW what was going on. It was ineffable.

At home, I was the peace keeper, and voice of reason to family and friends.

At work, I was a shinning star to my coworkers and clients. All smiles, unless I was preaching about something.

Family pets seem to respond me differently, in a better and obedient regard.

Every stranger I met seemed to want to be my best friend. I was fearless, and everyone seemed to know.

Odd telepathy would happen about me. Nothing I would consciously do, but I felt connected to an 'subconscious will' that would seem to affect the situations around me, causing dozens of synchronicities.

I also was able to remember ideas and facts about Spiritual Philosophies and metaphysics, that I would normally struggle to remember, if at all (that was during the times I got preachy or just 'deep'). It felt like my mind had expanded, or had become clear or more activated.

It all ramped to a point where it began to be too much though.

I was riding High for a couple of weeks now. One day I was moving on full automatic, lost in a higher world, and I would watch my body move while working, with no effort, just sorting out and delivering product with the most easy and calm in a normally high paced and stressed work environment; my consciousness in bliss, while my bodies worked automatically, emotions still, mind free. Everything was cool, but then the next day, I could no longer control the energy, and my mood flipped chaotic.

It got to a point where I almost brought a market worker to tears after calling him out on his dirty jokes and immaturity. I almost blew a huge sale for my company at the same time. I had lost control for a moment, and Life had corrected me through a synchronicty. I was coming down, and my inner voice said, "you need to get grounded, fast."

I called my boss, and told him I was having a psychotic episode, as I pretty much was at this point, not being able to fully control my charged emotions and mind anymore. I was relieved of work, and given a week off to rest and see a doctor.

The next few days, I couldn't control the preaching, and I began to get a bit deluded. Clarity and Bliss were replaced with chaotic thought and grandiose egocentric-ness. I was sleeping only 3 hours a night (but man, I would wake up feeling so good!).

I saw a psychiatrist (which I had already had an appointment with concerning the Dark Night I was having with depression and the drug addiction prior to this event), and soon began taking medicine. It was appropriate. I wasn't ready, and my Life not disciplined and planned right (not untangled yet), for to remain at wherever I had gone in those Consciousness Heights. It was once again just a taste, and a reorientation for me.

Since then, I've had a few more or less intense experiences, and some of the stars I saw in the Heights, I now have names for them. I've expanded my knowledge base, and I have better reference for what happened to me, then, and even now, throughout my entire life, this one.

I see a long path ahead of me, and I feel things still, think things, contemplate on things that I can not yet put into words. I have Aspirations, and no matter how daunting they are, I know that if I choose to, I can rest now in this Life, having a wavering, faint, but ever present connection to that SELF.

Well, this was long, and the details were more, and some more intense. Thanks for reading this. (I want to add that I understand that much of what I've been through could have many different explanations, yet I will interpret it personally and esoterically.)

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by onequestion

If you like reading paranormal stories, all mine, and over 230 pages of other members can be read in my thread.
Click on my right signature.

S&F on your thread.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by sled735

Oh nice. Be interesting to sift through thanks.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 12:45 PM
Has anyone had any mystical experiences brought on by ritual, or by any of the forms of magic or alchemy, or meditation they practice?

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 01:11 PM

Has anyone had any mystical experiences brought on by ritual, or by any of the forms of magic or alchemy, or meditation they practice?

Anything is a ritual.

As rituals would include ink bowl visions, tarot cards etc, certain mortals can be drawn into 3rd and 4th Generation Curses, especially when (from my experience) a child's mother forces their child to look into an ink bowl filled with black ink.

Sometimes the person can see (during an OOBE) their true sinful spirit (a wraith) as their body stands motionless whilst enduring a minor blackout without the need of meditation or rituals.

3rd and 4th Generation Curses often state that the victim is possessed by multiple entities.

Are you working for the NSA who are now tracking down on future spiritual leaders and guides as this world falls into chaos ?

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Rapha

Nah, i'm not afraid of the NSA and what they do does not control my actions.

Thats what they are afraid of the most.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Rapha

Nah, i'm not afraid of the NSA and what they do does not control my actions.

Thats what they are afraid of the most.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 01:22 PM
I believe that I was consciously aware of the hypnagogic state while meditating for around 40 minutes in the summer of 2010. Ever since I feel that it is one of (if not the primary) goals of meditation.

It was a startling experience that only lasted a moment. Sitting outside calms me faster than in quiet - all I remember was suddenly becoming aware of a spinning vortex of light. It was then that I realized I was aware of it but not aware of anything else (not my physical body or outside stimulation). It scared the piss out of me and I snapped out of the session with a gasp - like "Holy s/hit what the hell was that" gasp. Obviously my brain or body (or maybe just my ego) thought it was in danger and shook me awake immedietly. It was the last time I ever achieved that lol. As of now it's the freakiest thing that has ever happened to me - but I do believe it has a scientific explanation (hypnagogia).

It was crazy lol - all I could think of was the "tunnel of light" comments since antiquity that relate to near death or after death experience.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by onequestion

That reoccurring dream of yours sounds frightening!

Over the years I've had a few odd, paranormal and mystical experiences as well. In regards to the question you had about meditation, I practice daily (even if only for 10 minutes) and firmly believe this has helped bring about more OBExperiences.

I always knew I was going to die at 25 and would not be able to have children. As a kid I told my parents how I felt and they brushed it off as fears, but I felt it and knew it was true. I stopped talking about it because no one took it seriously and people thought it was a little off, so I shut up about it.

At 25 I almost died, well I did and was resuscitated. The hospital called my parents and told them to get to the hospital ASAP because there was a high possibility I wouldn't make it. When they arrived I let them know the doctors told me I could not have children and reminded them what I used to tell them about me dying, my mom said she always believed me. It was bizarre.
After the NDE I have tons of OBE/Astral experiences. It tends to happen in the afternoon versus at night, and it is not a dream.
My grandmother passed in January 2013 and was cremated. We were unable to have a funeral for her until June of that year due to financial constraints for family that had to travel. Around March the lights in my kitchen started turning on and off by themselves, light switch and all. This was witnessed by my husband and a few friends as well. I told them I feel it's my grandmother and she wants to be buried, they laughed. It happened when I was alone at home so I had a "talk" with her letting her know I loved her, missed her and so glad she was in a better place (she had Alzheimer's pretty bad) and that the family was getting together in a few months to celebrate her life. After that it stopped, it was her, I know it was.

After my uncle passed away I heard him calling my name, my dad said it was a dream and my mom said it was her brother.
Planning on traveling to Peru for an a##### retreat. That should be pretty mystical and has been a dream of mine for years.

Cool thread, enjoying reading about other ATSers experiences.

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posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 08:39 PM
The other day i put on my cloak and was standing still and a vision came to me as a memory of being a boy in ancient isreal. From the boy's perspective i was just standing on the street and he came up to ask directions to the portal out of that timeline. I could not hear or see him and he was begining to think i was being rude. His mother quickly came and took him in the right direction. The boy was part of me and my cloak was only partially resonating at the frequency of ancient isreal because of my diet was not proper for realm travel.

posted on Mar, 24 2014 @ 11:32 AM

Has anyone had any mystical experiences brought on by ritual, or by any of the forms of magic or alchemy, or meditation they practice?

Was about to post about this. I think I shared my experiences on here long ago but it seems my old profile got deleted. Anyway.

I'll try to make this clear and concise, but since we are talking about ineffable experiences it's no always easy to communicate correctly:

Basically I've always been curious about the esoteric, philosophies and religions. Growing up in a rational environment, doing scientific studies, I always had a fascination with the irrational because it's the only magic left in a world that we know a bit more each day. But that irrational reality is also so vast and rich it provides enough to study and research for many lives. So since I was 16 until around 29 I searched the net, ordered old books, and made personal experiences on anything related in a way or another to the supernatural. On the other hand I always remained extremely skeptical as wishful thinking and self-deception is always in step away when you deal with these topics.

So I read about chamanism, UFOs, magic, esoterism, religions, psychology, etc... At first all these topics seemed very disjointed but I would later discover they are more related than they first seem. So around 29, after 13 years of various researches, readings and experimentation, none of which bearing any start of proof of the supernatural, I dabbled in magic. I started a magical journal to record my findings and I made a ritual asking for some kind of assistance in my quest for truth, whatever that could mean.

Then a series of extremely strange events took place, most of which would probably mean nothing to an external observer as they were mostly synchronicities related to my own conscious and subconscious mind. At this point, what happened to me is extremely similar to a spiritual/psychotic crisis and to this day, I still believe both these things are not very different from true magical and mystical experiences, the main difference being how you deal with them. I believe both psychotic episodes and mystical experiences can be experienced when we get too close to the transcendental reality that exists beyond our senses.

Basically, without showing any prior sign of mental imbalance, I started to see signs all around me. Now I know that meaning is a human construct and I was the one person calling these coincidences "signs", but the fact remained that they started to happen way to frequently and precisely for my own rational liking. I would hear messages addressed to me on the TV or radio, see or read signs seemingly directed at me all around me, all the time, 24/7. At that time it felt like my life was put on some tracks to make me go through certain events, meet certain people or read certain information. It all culminated with a profound mystical experience where my ego was dissolved, where a simulacrum of my own death took place and where I would get a glimpse of the Divine and it's nature.

There is no denying the transforming quality of this experience because since then, all anxiety has left me, as I'm no longer afraid to die. So even if it was all a psychosis, it was a very useful one and it strangely reflected the desire I expressed beforehand during the ritual, without even believing in it in the first place.

To this day I'm still not sure how to label this (magic, mysticism, psychology, psychosis) because all labels show one facet of this single reality, and all contain interesting explanation regarding such experiences. I'll just say that:

- "Magic" seems to work up to a certain extent to influence your own self/psyche (but not to make the rain fall or stuff like that). Magic is basically the pre-modern psychology but it is extremely powerful because it works on the subconscious and use symbols, which can be very powerful triggers to change yourself. I know for example of someone who was able to "reprogram" himself as a Christian fundamentalist for weeks. Think self-hypnosis.

- There's definitely a transcending reality that we can access since I got information I shouldn't have during that experience, actually achieving prescience. To me it could still be a coincidence, but again, it was just way too many coincidences in such a short time, not something you would expect based on normal probabilities.

- The notion of "divine" that we can come in contact with in a mystical experience exists in that transcending reality, but its nature is extremely complex and not quite the common representation of a deity most human have (separate and personal deity).

- While most people can experience such life-transforming journeys, the more they try to direct its course, the more they are actually changing it, projecting and fooling themselves. The only correct course of actions in such cases is total surrender. As soon as someone thinks he can direct these things like he would possess mystical or magical powers, he will start to delude himself and allow thoughts like delusions of grandeur or others to come in, transforming the experience from a potential mystical journey to a full-blown psychosis, because as said before, these two things overlap and what matters is how you approach them (it should be with extreme humility and without projections of any kind). This experience is always subjective, and the more someone will try to push it on others or to prove it, the more it will be perverted and skewed from it's original purpose, rendering it debilitating. That's why you almost never see mystical people trying to prove anything, because it makes no sense since it must be experienced personally. At worse such people become self-absorbed gurus who end up giving spiritual advice while living a materialistic life.

I went through these traps as well, it doesn't go without danger for the mind to be subjected 24/7 to "messages" and signs directed at you, especially when you have no past history of psychological imbalance to begin with. All I can say is that today, after 3 years of integrating that experience, I can say I understand it a bit better but that it still remains a mystery. On the other hand it helped me, giving me guidance to read all texts that would seem obscure or hermetic to me. Today, if I read religious texts, mystical tomes, magical grimoires or philosophical teachings under the new light of my experience, they ALL make sense now and I can reconcile their teachings. The biggest problem with these is usually our own preconception of most things like "reality" or "the divine" that we hold dear and that we aren't prone to re-examine again and again. And yet, as of today, if I base my reading and interpretation on the transcending reality I experienced, all mystical and religious texts now make sense, giving me the feeling that this time I found at least a valid interpretation since nothing so far seems to contradict it, even when comparing texts from different cultures.

Going back to the initial question, it does feel like the whole experience was somehow predetermined and triggered by specific events and encounters that took place right after the ritual. So did the ritual trigger this? Was I always supposed to go through this and the ritual is just a coincidence and everything is written in advance? Am I simply deluded and it was nothing more than hallucinations from a schizoid brain?

Probably a bit of both.
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posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 08:01 AM
Wow guys these are really awesome posts thank you for sharing! This confirms my own beliefs as well. There is something to religion, we cant just discredit it when there is so much out there in every culture. I like to look at it all as pieces to a bigger puzzle.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 01:01 PM
List a mystical event eh? I had one. Actually it was several but here's the important one. It occurred in Oct. of 2001.

I went looking on 9-11 for a possible biblical reference to the 9-11 attacks. And I had quite a reaction when I found it. After thinking it over for awhile I realized I was onto a mystery. Or a puzzle. So I decided to figure it all out. So here's what I did.

I first went to the library and checked out 6 or 8 books on the end times. And read through all of them. And came to the conclusion I was looking at a dual prophecy. One with multiple fulfillments. So then I did this. I took the prophecy which was Daniel 11 BTW and put a copy of it into Wordpad. It was 2001 and WinMe that I was using. Then I went through the prophecy line by line and put a modern interpretation to the verses of the prophecy. Then after a couple of weeks it was mid Oct. And I was through the prophecy except for verse 4. The tough nut that was hard to crack. And after thinking on it for awhile I figured out how to crack it.

Reading chapter 10 and 12 I realized that Daniel was describing a vision. So I realized I had to convert the words back into a picture in order to understand it. And got quite the weird picture. But at the time I wasn't familiar with that idea. So I got another book on the subject and thought about it for a week.

And then I was back at the prophecy ready to finish it. And then did something stupid. I said the meaning aloud. And apparently I was close enough. Because then all holy hell broke loose. Harry Potter would have been proud at the fuss I caused. So here's what happened.

First off I heard a ding in my ears. Like a hearing test tone. Then my vision blanked out leaving me looking at a dark gray background. Then suddenly I wasn't in Kansas anymore. It was like my spirit had been yanked out of my body and I was being propelled upwards at a high rate of speed. And there were streaks of light and oddly enough numbers were passing by. The number 2 to be exact. Like I had been dropped into a Windows screensaver with 2's.

Then the picture changed. I was now floating in space. Looking at the stars. But it was a strange space and some very strange stars. So here's what I saw. Glowing faintly against the background of space was the words of the Daniel 11 prophecy. And scattered among those words were the stars. But they weren't really stars. They were little 2's. Showing the points of duality in the prophecy.

So after a few seconds of this though it seemed longer the direction of the vision changed. I was suddenly back in my body with this really bright picture of the starfield in my head. And it seemed to be expanding. Like a size 12 foot was being pushed into my size 10 head. Then it was over. Leaving me with a strange headache for the rest of the day.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by Floydshayvious

I had a similar experience however I was sitting down sewing a hole in a jumper I was sitting crossed legged on the floor the television was on at around 8,30am bewitched was on the television I looked up and I was pulled at great force I was not where I was supposed to bei saw galaxys and vortexs stars I kept going past our solar system it seemed like forever when suddenly everything stopped I was suspended in air darkness all around no stars or planets left I looked around and behind me was amazing from where I came from stars galaxys .... when I tried to float forwards it was like an invisible wall concaved and this is wha appeared before met I saw a room had 4 concaved the best way I can describe is that of the cross which the queen wears with concaved corners in the middle there was a what I can only describe as a pure whiter than white colum bench next thing im in the room the northern part of this concaved cross which I am now in seemed further than the rest the next thing I saw was like smoke but not smoke the place was filling up I couldn't see anything it was like I had no body just eyes I began to feel fear and that's when what I thought were two red dots suddenly appeared out of the corner of my eyes like when you turn your head because you think you saw something and turn again but nothing is there only in this case something huge and getting bigger I could feel was peering back at me, now bearing in mind that I can hear oddly the tv still and bewitched had finished and that programme I love genie had begun this I thought was odd anyway these eyes which were a red which id never seen a shade like it undescribeable became larger this is what I heard telepathically hmm interesting your not supposed to be here I was so fearful time and myself froze I was paralyzed an entity that was white smoke it was there but at the sametime nothing was there those eyes if they were eyes as they got bigger so did the sence of power and fear it came from the north and if you ask a mason whats the furthest point of the north he should give you an encoded answer.... I it was like whatever was saying stay if you dare or leave now when I heard leave everything played in reverse like I had been taken back to the point from when I got there suddenly I was dragged at a speed back into my body yet I can say that my daughter said that I had a complete conversation with her while all this was happening before she went to school and that I can recall everything from where I went to her conversation to putting the dog out into the garden ect...

If anyone has experienced similar I would be pleased to connect I have had other incidences as a child when I would dream allways with a lion that I used to ride its back to an extraordinary aura which never changes had three so far and no change purple with a silver semi circle around head , as I got older the faceless people around my bed as a child at night praying I assume who knows there is more but the oddest thing anybody said was that I could probably go anywhere your djinn like !
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posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by krystl

Holy wall of text, batman! We need a punctuationizer-3000 in here STAT!

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