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A160 army MOA

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posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 09:44 AM
I have been reading up on current UAV and UCAV vehicles in production, and would appreciate anyones opinion on range and tactical usage of the Unnmaned helicopter I found on the DARPA website, also any pics of this vehicle in action would be much appreciated.
any further information on development of weapons systems or payload would be much appreciated.
with a range of 2000n/m this is a very advanced helo.

Also as a personal question.....whith the development of the X-45C and the X-47A, is there really still a need for heli-based air combat vehicles?

The A160 Hummingbird Warrior program will exploit a hingeless, rigid rotor concept operating at the optimum rotational speed to produce a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air vehicle (UAV) with low disk loading and rotor tip speeds resulting in an efficient low power loiter and high endurance system. This unique concept offers the potential for significant increases in VTOL UAV range (more than 2,000 nm) and/or endurance (24-48 hours). Detailed design, fabrication and testing of this vehicle is being conducted to establish its performance, reliability, and maintainability. The A160 concept is being evaluated for surveillance and targeting, communications and data relay, lethal and non-lethal weapons delivery, assured crew recovery, resupply of forces in the field, and special operations missions in support of Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and other Agency needs. It is being developed as a component of the DARPA/Army Future Combat Systems (FCS) Program. In addition, this program will evaluate application of the optimum speed rotor concept to other systems including heavy lift and tilt rotor capabilities. The program will also conduct development tests of heavy fuel engine technology and coordinate with other DARPA programs developing highly efficient heavy fuel engine technologies to further advance current range and endurance projections as well as improve operational reliability and logistics compatibility.

Program Plans
Fabricate and test low vibration rotor modifications.
Continue ground and flight test of A160 vehicles.
Develop concept design of an unmanned ground vehicle deployment system for A160 vehicle.
Perform conceptual design and trade studies of A160 variants for a variety of mission roles, including study of technology risk reduction, architecture, survivability, and command and control.
Flight test low vibration four-blade rotor modifications.
Conduct tests of advanced engines and coordinate with development of high-efficiency heavy fuel engine technologies.

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