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silenced inventors!

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posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 05:56 AM

In 1712 Johann Bessler (aka ORFFYREUS) exhibited a machine which he claimed, drew its energy from gravity. Despite nearly twenty years of the most stringent tests, examinations and public trials, not the slightest sign of deception was ever found. Bessler died 33 years later, in poverty, still maintaining that his machine was genuine and there was no convincing evidence to the contrary.

Over the years ive heard a few stories of "Perpetual Motion" machines,most have been proven to be fake and the ones that have arroused public intrest tend to suddenly dissapear from view?

Am i right in thinking that it is still unproven that perpetual motion exsists?

I remember hearing a story of a scottish inventor that proclaimed to a mainstream london newspaper that he had achieved the creation of perpetual motion through the use of gyroscopes,he then suddenley vanished without trace and his family openly voiced their concerns for his well being......does any one remember this? (it was some time mid 80's)
He was never heard of again and neither was his invention.

The point im raising is this:-

Did he sell his invention privatley to the highest bidder,take his cash and run?

Was he silenced by a private party ie goverment or corporation?

I cant find anything about this story on the web so we wont ever know but i can imagine there would be seriously concerned partys in goverment and industry all over the world should a working perpetual motion machine surface,especially if its inventor(s) decided not sell it privatley and offer its sales to the masses!

Does any one know of similar storys or links to this topic?

here is a link to the above story of the perpetual motion machine at the top of the page.


posted on May, 22 2012 @ 11:52 PM

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 12:47 AM
curious how the volume of PM threads is increasing of late ... perhaps to draw out ideas?

The Holy Grail of science it has been called yet according to most - if not all, the concept is going nowhere.


I myself have put forth a theory almost a couple of decades ago and while I still haven't given up on the idea I realized that the world isn't ready for it even though from an energy standpoint it is. (Also consider hurling even a pebble at near light speed and all technology is developed on a weapons first basis)

The why of it is simple enough, my theory is viable but it is like Pandora's box and once opened the world will have to change and you know that isn't going to happen peacefully. ... I can show you just how easy it is though and you can all tinker with the idea and if you develop it as far as I had in my mind then good on ya!

... but understand that with free-e and perpetual motion comes levitation, interstellar travel, and where my theory led me, worm-hole theory. I had posted it here many years ago and was banned for not fully disclosing a "theory" which was all mine to divulge or not but the contention was that I said I would and while I gave the basics (where I started) everyone wanted me to give blueprints that would have given it all to them and that was something I couldn't do for a simple reason if you think about it... had someone used my model and hurt themselves through poor construction or even device disintegration due to the tremendous forces generated I would have been liable not to mention that back then the terms of this forum were that anything said here became ATS property (unless there was a liability issue) and i am not even sure policy had changed any here.

So I can tell you what I already said here way back then and see for yourselves, perpetual motion should be a reality since the viability of the design doesn't break any known laws and is as easy as spinning a triangle over-top of a square.

It has a natural overunity with a 4/3 ratio but the truly amazing aspect is that as the triangle spins the square/triangle design wants to pickup its own sympathetic spin (acting like second gear) and the faster it goes the faster it wants to go since the uniqueness of this design is that as the triangle spins clock-wise, contact on the square goes counter-clockwise.

Think about that for a second, as it is pushed in one direction it also pulls from the opposite direction at the same time.

Someday I will build it but not today nor likely anytime in the near future since it paints the radar so brightly and with levitation and no fueling needs how can borders be patrolled?

Levitation is easy "/I\"

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