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Possible suicide bomber in Estonia

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posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 02:54 AM
It seems that the wave of such idiocy has also reached us.
Since there is no use posting a link here (the text is in Estonian) I'll bring out the facts only.

For those interested in the links:
and some amateur pictures of the site:

Today morning at 3.22 am (+2 GMT) a female cop was killed in an explosion that injured another three. The explosion took place in a police vehicle in Tallinn. The vehicle was taken hostage by a man who had explosives wrapped around him.

The police were informed of a man roaming around with explosives. When they located him and tried to surround him he fled into the police vehicle grabbing the female police offices hostage.

There are no more details about the course of events, the Chief of Police suspects that the man could have been a suicide bomber who was planning to detonate himself in a bus or supermarket in the morning.

The defence police is investigating the background of the man, at the moment the only detail they have released is that he spoke Russian.

Other police sources note that no evidence indicates that an act of terrorism had been planned.


The last such case here was a couple of years ago a university student attempted to blow himself up in a supermarket but ended just setting himself on fire because of faulty assembly.

I truly hope that this isn't the first in a line of many ... for some peculiar reason Estonia has also sent its military (few in numbers, but fierce and merciless fighters, as a US officer recently put) to Iraq.


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